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Another Video Game Character throws his hat into the ring. Check out Jensen from Deus Ex and why he would be a great addition to the reality house!

Alex Sigsworth

Happy Friday Players! GamersUnitedGG will be launching our 2nd Community Event on October 1st. We are starting a Video Game Reality House and the interview process for the characters to be accepted is brutal. You can help us narrow down the characters that will be admitted into Season 1. To participate, post a blog […]

via GamersUnitedGG Community Event: Video Game Reality House! — GamersUnitedGG Blog

Luna at GamersUnitedGG has opened submissions for contestants in what can only be described as a Big Brother role play series with video game characters. The fact that Channel 5 has today announced the end of Big Brother makes it either completely appropriate or completely ironic that my submission for this contest should also be published today. I don’t care, though. If I wanted to watch a group of people living in a house together, I’d just play The Sims. Which I do, sometimes…

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