Pokemon Go Week 3 Update!

Happy Friday Novas! This past Sunday was my first experience with the Community Events and we have been prepping for the evening all week. Catch up on week 2 by clicking here! Power up Players for this week’s update while playing Pokemon Go!

Community Event:

This month’s event allowed multiple Bulbasaurs to populate during a 3 hour window. For me on the East Coast that window was 2pm to 5pm on Sunday. Sadly it’s during my work hours so I was unable to take full advantage of event. I was able to play on my lunch break at 3 PM so I was walking around the parking lot catching Bulbasaurs. The event provided the Frenzy Plant move to a Venusaur that was evolved during that 3 hour window. I was unfortunately I didn’t collect enough candy to evolve into a Venusaur, BUT…. I CAUGHT A SHINY BULBASAUR!!!!!! It was a great moment as I was reviewing my Pokemon and noticed that 1 Bulba had 3 stars next to its name. All was not lost. Screenshot_2018-03-26-20-44-37.png


Adventure: I really love playing with friends, it’s truly the best part of the game. Remember Emily from the Pokemon Battle and other posts? Yea, she’s the girl who would take 3 normal Eevee’s into a Pokemon battle (facepalm) lol. Well she is starting to play with us and when I was telling her to select a buddy Pokemon so that she can receive candy from them, she surprised me by already having one set. It wouldn’t be Emily if it wasn’t another facepalm moment. When I asked Emily who was her buddy she smiled and screamed that is was an Oddish names Curry!

  • When driving from a Wal-Mart that was stacked with Pokemon, one of my friends screamed out “THERE’S A SNORLAX AROUND, PULL OVER!!!” I’m dyingggg lol
  • We ran into some more people playing Pokemon Go on Wednesday at Cranes Roost. We did 3 laps on the lake, stocked up our bags and I personally hatched 9 Pokemon with the 2 KM event going on.

    Cranes Roost is a hotspot for Poke Stops!

New Pokemon: Because of our Adventure mode and the community event, I was able to add many Pokemon to my collection this week.


Hatched- During the Event I was able to hatch an Igglybuff, Pichu and Mudkip. Aside from the Community Event on Sunday, Thursday started an event where you can hatch more rare Pokemon from 2KM and 5KM eggs. I have 6 incubators going and I’m walking everyday to hatch some great Pokemon!

    Evolved– I evolve Bulbasaur into Ivysaur and a shiny Bulba into a shiny Ivy.

Best Catch – This week it has to be the Shiny Bulbasaur who is now a beautiful Shiny Ivysaur with a gold bulb on his back ❤

  Strongest CP – Snorlax! I hatched a 1838 CP Snorlax on Wednesday!



Gym Progress – This week we took over 5 Gyms. 2 At Cranes Roost, 1 in Kissimmee, 1 at the library and 1 at the church on my street.


  • Shiny Pokemon- I’ve discovered that if you see the rare 3 stars next to your Pokemon, then they are shiny Pokemon.
  • Star Pieces – You can receive additional Stardust by activating a star piece that lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Niantic will be releasing story and research quests soon!


My goals last week were to participate and complete the Community Event. While I did participate, since it was during my work hours, I was unable to catch enough Bulbasaur to evolve in Venusaur and receive Frenzy Plant. My second goal was to evolve my Ralts which I did successfully.

My goal for next week is to evolve the Feebas!

This week was my most productive and fun week in Pokemon Go! I’m still walking to hatch all of the 2 KM eggs as the event ends April 2nd. How’s your progress going? Are you playing Pokemon Go? Who are your favorite Pokemon? Let’s talk Pokemon!

-Luna 🙂


Women’s History Month: Video Game Females at the Forefront!

Happy Monday Novas! Today we will provide another entry into Cupcakes and Machetes Women’s History Month Challenge! In honor of National Women’s History Month, bloggers are providing their own versions of posts dedicated to women in history! You can join in and read other great posts for the month by clicking here!  Power up Players for some known and unknown female protagonists in video game history!

Mrs. Pacman- mrs pacman

One of the more recognizable women in video game history has to be Mrs. Pacman. Mrs. Pacman was developed back in 1981 as a counter to the Pacman arcade game in hopes of attracting little girls to the arcade. Pacman is one of the 1st female protagonists and she headline her own game in the Pacman Series. Mrs. Pacman was a great addition to arcade games and provided a character that girls could identify with.

Ninja Princess – 220px-Ninja_Princess

In 1985 on the Sega System, an arcade game named Sega Ninja was released. Princess Kurumi is not going to wait around for her prince to come save her, she takes to the streets using throwing stars and knives to defeat her enemies. You are playing as the Princess in the Edo Era of Japan and are fighting to end the tyranny of the villain Gyokuro. Ninja Princess is said to be the first female protagonist (and ninja) in an action game. It’s also one of the first instances, that a Princess is doing the saving!


Samus Aran – Samus

Probably one of the more popular video game females of the 90’s, Samus served as a breakthrough in the video game history. As a surprise to all players, Samus’ gender is not revealed until the end of the game, allowing for the character to not be sexualized as many female characters were and still are. The exoskeleton power suit that Samus wears protects her from harmful environments and she uses her arm cannon to blast her way through enemies.


Tobi Kissy Masuyo – Masuyo_Tobi_(Namco_x_Capcom)

In 1985 Namco released a side scrolling shooter game known as Baraduke. Similar to Metroid, you play as Kissy in a spacesuit and try and clear waves of enemies. An interesting fact that I have found out is that Kissy was once married to the character from Dig Dug! They even had kids! I love seeing characters from other series crossover and connect. So does that mean that Baraduke and Dig Dug are based in the same Universe?

Jill Valentine – 220px-Jill_Valentine_original_outfit

Jill Valentine is 1 of 2 playable characters in Resident Evil game that was released in 1996. Jill is a Special Tactics and Rescue Service (STARS) and she is the partner of Chris Redfield in the franchise. Jill is a great protagonist and is one of the first (if not the first) female protagonist in a survival horror game. Playing as Jill we see here bravery and loyalty as she is tasked with finding out what has happened in Raccoon City and eliminating the problem!

Lara Croft – tomb raider

So we couldn’t end this post without shining some light on another well known female protagonist. The Tomb Raider series of games brings in female and male gamers alike.  Lara Croft was born in 1996 for Sega Saturn and is one of the first action-adventure games with a female lead.  Lara is an English archaeologist that has to battle to find and keep her treasures. Think of Lara as the female Indiana Jones!


Those are some of the video game females in video game history that I wanted to feature in today’s post! Don’t forget to check out what other amazing women are being featured in the  What other female protagonists do you enjoy? What are their contributions to widening the video game industry and culture? Let’s talk video game females!


-Luna 🙂








Pacific Rim Uprising Spoiler Free Movie Review!

Happy Friday Novas and thank you for tuning into this week’s Spoiler Free Review of the new release movie Pacific Rim! I was fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the movie on Wednesday night and I’m posting the review today so that you can have a heads up on what to expect without spoiling the movie or major plots.

Story: We join Jake Pentecost, son of Major Pentecoste and brother to Mako from the first Pacific Rim movie, as he is living a life unlike his heroic families name would suggest. Jake is played by ( John Boyega ) who you can most recently remember as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Jake makes it clear from the beginning that he is NOT his father and we join him in a less than glorious life, 10 years after the last Kaiju uprising. During a typical day for Jake, he is bested by a unknown assailant who has been affected by the past Kaiju attacks and has a special place in their heart for the Jaegers used to protect and save the world. Film Title:  Pacific Rim UprisingRewind… Lesson Time if you haven’t watched the first Pacific Rim movie:

  1. Kaiju – The name given to the monsters attacking the world. Think Godzilla, Godzilla!
  2. Jaeger – Jaegers are the giant robots that are controlled by pilots. Think you and your friends wearing a VR headset and being able to control the “Gundam (rofl)” with your movements. You both have to be connected through your minds which is called “Drifting.”
  3. Drifting – Allows you to be compatible with your partner and the bot.


Ok got it? Now back to the story. Jake and his new recruit Amara’s fates are both now connected as both struggle with being pilots in the eventuality that the Kaiju return.

Visuals & Sounds: The soundtrack on the movie was hyped to be a great addition to the movie. While I didn’t notice anything groundbreaking, the soundtrack wasn’t bad at all. The sounds in the movie from the different actions and fight scenes was really well done. The movie is a bit brighter than the original but still has the dark elements of a Jaeger being built, maintained and operated. The cinematic quality is top notched and looks realistic. pc2


Characters: The characters in this movie are played really well. I especially like the performance of Amara. She plays her part very well and displays excellent emotion. Pacific Rim has more comedy in it than the original (which seems to be a trend with many action movies in the past few years). Jake is the source of the majority of the comedy and the actor also took on the role of co-directing the movie.

Action: There’s a fair amount of action right from the jump of the movie. The fighting sequences with the Jaegers are well done. I love that there are different types of Jaegers each with their own unique abilities and drifting pilots needed. My favorite Jaeger is Saber Athena and of course Scrapper. When you see those 2, you will likely understand why lol. str2_dapacrim2_jaegers_MAIN_da-1170x480

Final Thoughts: The new additions to the Pacific Rim franchise seems to cater to a new generation. You don’t need to have watched the first Pacific Rim as there are flashbacks and a very good explanation on what is going on in the movie. I have to admit that I was only going to see this movie because I knew my brother Kenny really wanted to see it, however, I was really happy with it and wouldn’t have mind paying for the tickets if I didn’t get the perk!


  • A great sci-fi action movie with a hint of comedy
  • A well thought out story that’s intriguing and easy to understand
  • Brilliant acting and believable


  • You do not enjoy action movies
  • If you didn’t really enjoy the first movie (although this one is hands down better, I was one of those “not really impressed” movie goers)

That’s my review of Pacific Rim! Have you watched the first movie? Are you planning on seeing this movie? What are you expecting to see from Pacific Rim? Let’s talk Pacific Rim!

-Luna 🙂

Pokemon Go Update: Week 2 and Community Events!

Happy Thursday and Power Up Players for week 2’s Pokemon Go update! In week 1 we stumbled upon the world of Pokemon Go once again, but this time, we’re invested in actually playing the game! I was able to visit a few Poke Spots and catch many Pokemon that had eluded me when Pokemon Go first become a thing. This week I’m going back in to new Poke Spots and discovering new Pokemon and Tips! Let’s see how the week began (you can check out last week’s post by clicking here).

Week 1:

  • Received 4 Gym Badges
  • Controlled 3 Gyms
  • 8 Eggs to Hatch (4 incubating)
  • 192 Pokemon

My Goals for this week are to: Catch a Dratini and evolve my Chikorita into a Bayleef!

New Pokemon:

  1. It’s Sunday and on my first break I hatched a Pidgey and…. DRATINI!!!!!!
  2. Slugam was caught in the Millenia Mall
  3. Electrike was caught in CityWalk at Universal!
  4. Heracross was caught at Publix!


I hatched a Ralts!


Best Catch: Sudowoodo ( he took 18 great balls smh, but he’s worth it!)

Strongest CP: Heracross


  1. Buddy Pokemon – This week I’ve discovered that you can walk with a Pokemon of your choice, known as your Buddy Pokemon. Once you have walked the distance needed, your Buddy will provide you with a candy. This is a great way to get candy to evolve that Pokemon.
  2. Pinap Berry – Pinap Berries can be thrown before you catch a Pokemon to make them drop extra candy. This is useful when catching rare Pokemon and needing candy to evolve them.
  3. Hidden Stats- You can find out which Pokemon are best by using the appraisal system. Since you can power up the CP on any Pokemon, having one with an appraisal status of “Strong” or “Awesome/Amazing” means that they are the best in their class. This made transferring Pokemon back to Professor Oak extremely easy!
  4. Transferring Pokemon – You can get rid of duplicate Pokemon and save space by transferring Pokemon back to Professor Oak. Each transfer is final and you will receive 1 candy for your trade.
  5. Community Events – There are community events that allow you to gain extra xp, better Pokemon and more. This weekend starting today, the 2 KM eggs will hatch rarer Pokemon! Make sure to start hitting your Pokestops and hatch those 2 KM eggs. Also on Sunday the 25th, it’s a rare Bulbasaur day. Bulbasaur will appear more frequently, but only for 3 hours in your region! The hours are 11am PST and 2pm EST until 2pm PST and 5pm EST. With this event you will also receive the “Frenzy Plant” move by evolving a Bulbasaur to an Ivysaur or to a Venusaur during the 3 hour window!


Gym Progress:

  • I took over 1 gym at Turkey Lake Park with Roselia… It’s now being held by Rhyhorn (see Adventure Updates lol).
  • I took over 3 more gyms during the week: 1 at the library, 1 at Publix and 1 at a park.


Adventure Updates:

  1. This weekend I participated in The Great Inflatable Race 5K at Bill Frederick’s Park At Turkey Lake (Turkey Lake Park for us locals lol) and in between the obstacles, I was playing Pokemon Go. I was able to take over one of the gym’s there and I placed a 933 Roselia (caught in my room the night before) in the gym. Not even 30 minutes later Roselia returned to me!!!!! So I went back to the park after my friends and I ate breakfast and I retook the gym, this time placing in my Rhyhorn.
  2. One night my friend and I had to leave the house for a few minutes at night. We drove to Publix down the street and took over the gym, then drove around to a few Pokestops. When we were driving back home, the Publix had been taken over!!!! There was a white truck that pulled up when we were there and we laughed saying they were playing Pokemon. Apparently we were right because the gym was overrun by Team Instinct (Team Yellow). No worries, we retook the gym and held it for the remainder of the night collecting 50 Poke Coins each.
  3. I was able to complete both goals and I hatched a Dratini and evolved my Chikorita into a Bayleef! Screenshot_2018-03-21-18-09-03.png


Unusual Sightings/ Misc:

  • Universal Studios is a great place to catch Pokemon and rack up on Pokestops. (right hand side)
  • Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte is another great area to rack up on Pokestops, but the gyms there are super strong. You need a party to overtake and hold them. (left hand side)

Goals for Next Week:

My Goals for next week are to participate in the Community Event and Evolve my Bulbasaur to receive the Frenzy Plant move. I also want to evolve my Ralts so I’m hoping to hatch once in a 2 KM egg to receive more candy.

That’s my update for Pokemon Go this week! What are you currently playing? Are you working towards any Pokemon Go goals? Are you going to participate in the community events? What are some tips that you have learned? Let’s talk Pokemon!

-Luna 🙂

Memoirs Of A Villain: Team Rocket!

“To protect the World from devastation,”

“To Unite all people within our nation,”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love,”

“To extend our reach to the stars above,”



“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light,”

“Surrender Now or prepare to fight,”

“Meowth That’s Right!”


“Actually, that’s wrong! For years we have been persecuted and tried!”

“For working and providing for our families and lives!”

“We’ve traveled the world but our story is still untold”

“Giovanni makes it hard to break from his mold”



“Team Rocket’s Memoirs are finally coming out!”

“Sit back, relax and get those check books out!”

“Meowth, $25.99 is the amount!”  Meowth


Jesse: “Where to begin? Oh I know, from the beginning. I was a child star, Little Miss Gorgeous and my mother always dressed me in the best costumes for the Pageant.”


Meowth: “Ah, that explains our clever disguises. Jesse is Master of Disguise and Beauty!”


James: “Jesse, I didn’t know that you were a pageant queen.”


Jesse: “Yes, I was on top of my regional circuit until….”


*James and Meowth snack on popcorn*


Jesse: (In melody) “I once was a beauty queen, with the best hair and skin ever seen, the last time I accepted the crown…. WAS WHEN SOCIETY LET ME DOWN!”


James: “Meowth stop chewing with your mouth open, it’s getting good and I can’t hear.”


Jesse: “ No one paid attention to me, when I was giving my acceptance speech, everyone was to preoccupied, with the Eevee that wandered inside, she’s so cute, she’s so soft, the idiots said, the presenter didn’t even put the CROWN ON MY HEAD!!!!!”


James: Disgusting!


Meowth: Yeah, truly despicable!

Jesse: “Alas, the light! I saw a job posting while walking in the rain, Giovanni is looking for recruits, I finally see what I can do to feel strong, and I joined the Team Rocket Crew!”


James and Meowth: “Whoop, Whoop, Go Team Rocket!”


Jesse: “Pokemon are disgusting things and now we’ll find them a home, Giovanni’s making all types of bread and we get paid to steal em, bag em and ship them off!”


Meowth: “That didn’t rhyme.”


Jesse: Shut Up! What’s your story James!


James: My Name is James and I…”


Meowth: “Wait! We already covered this before!”


Jesse and James: “We Have?”


Meowth: Yes! Remember that crazy Jessibelle that kept chasing James around when we found out he was loaded? jessiebelle


Jesse: Oh yeah! The “Holy Matrimony” episode.


James: With that method, that means we have heard your story before too Meowth! How you were abandoned and learned to speak English.


Meowth: Yea! So Jesse is the only one without an origins story.


Jesse: It’s because the world is ugly and cruel. No one appreciates a raw gem of beauty anymore.


James & Meowth: We appreciate you Jesse!


Meowth: You see, we’re not villains just victims of circumstance. We have to make a living, so we’re forced into the position of kidnapping Pokemon.


James: But that’s where you all can help!


Jesse: You can help us leave this life of crime and fulfill our dreams. You can restore my hope in humanity.


Meowth: All you have to do is purchase our Memoirs and we can collect enough money to go straight!

Jesse: Send your payments to 123 Villains St in Johto and make the checks payable to Team Rocket.


James: We humbly thank you for helping us!


Meowth: Oh yeah, it may take 2- 1 million business days for you to receive your copy of our book. All payments are final! Team Rocket is not responsible for lost, stolen or never sent books. There is a predetermined amount of money needed for us to go straight which can change at any time.


Team Rocket’s Blasting Off Againnnnnnn!


Fables The Deluxe Edition Book 1, Chapter 1 Comic Review!

Fables is a comic book series that was recommended to me by my co-worker Erick. You may remember him from the Pokemon Battledome post where he composed a team that was built to hit hard! To sum up the theme of Fables, if you have ever watched ABC’s Once Upon A Time Series, the premise is similar; Fairy Tale characters are dropped into the modern world. But instead of the quiet, town of Storybrooke which outsiders can neither see nor visit, the characters are living amongst real people in New York City! They take on new identities and try to make their way in the world while concealing their true identities. Sit back and enjoy this multi-series review (Spoiler Free of Course) of Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book One!

Title: Fables

Author: Bill Willingham

Artists: Lan Medina, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha and Craig Hamilton

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Vertigo

Number of Pages: 248

Published Date: July 2002

Once Upon A Time… Imagine that all the characters from the world’s most beloved storybooks were real – real, and living among us, withall of their powers intact. How would they cope with life in our mundane, un-magical reality?

The answer can be found in Fables, Bill willingham’s celebrated re-imagining of the venerable fairy tale canon. From Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf to Goldilocks and Little Boy Blue, the folk tales of old are reborn here as exiles living in the magically camouflaged New York City neighborhood of Fablestown.


Story# 1 – The Book One series consists of 10 stories that seem to all connect. The first story introduces us to a few characters that are assessing their problems. We join the detective B. Wolf on his investigation of a missing person’s report. Jack’s (from Jack and the Beanstalk) girlfriend is missing and he enlists the help of Detective Wolf. Along with the investigation, other members of the community show their cards and their assumed persona in this new world.


Graphics & Art: One of my biggest draws to the comic is the artwork. There are 4 different artists that contribute to drafting and creating the Fables world. The comic looks less like a comic and more like an art exhibit when you turn each page.



“But YOU try being married for almost a thousand years without a few ups and downs along the way.” -Belle

“Never Mention, The Dwarves!” – Little Boy Blue

“Nothing more to eat or drink miss. But we;ve shared such a nice flirtation this afternoon that I’m tempted to ask you for your phone number.” – Prince Charming


Final Thoughts: What I love is that each character has a job and a role in their community of fairy tale creatures. I feel like the Big Bad Wolf is an excellent detective with his primal instincts. Think about it. In interrogations he can use his instincts and intimidation to get confessions and he is a bloodhound so sniffing out clues would be super easy. We also meet Snow White, Belle and the Beast in this first story, each having their own problems and concerns. What has happened to Jack’s Girlfriend? Who is behind the mysterious disappearance (if anyone)? What can we expect from series 2?


  • An exciting comic on fairy tale characters
  • If you enjoyed the Once Upon A Time series
  • Easy to follow and a quick read


  • If you prefer the traditional personalities of the characters (altered and more modern)
  • If you like to have the backstory up front



Goodreads – 4.3 out of 5

Amazon – 4.7 out of 5

Barnes & Nobles – 4.6 out of 5

Since I am reviewing all 10 chapters, I will hold off my overall rating of the comic until the final chapter has been reviewed. Have you read the Fables collection? What comics are you currently reading? Let’s talk comics!

-Luna 🙂

Pokemon Go Is Still A Thing? Welp, I’m Hooked!

Happy Thursday Novas! Recently, I have downloaded Pokemon Go again to play with some friends and I find myself sucked back into the black hole that once took over my free time when the mobile game first released. Upon re-downloading the game, I have noticed updates and now I’m in Pokemon Fever! Power up Players for my weekly update post on the Pokemon game!

Where I left off: I was level 7 when I re-downloaded Pokemon Go and I’m not sure how many Pokemon I had in my possession. I have been playing for about a week and I have 192 Pokemon.

New Pokemon:


The Pokemon In My Bedroom lol


After a week of playing I have added a variety of Pokemon to my collection. 57 New types of Pokemon have been caught.


  Hatched- I hatched 3 eggs who turned out to be Meowth, Magmar and Bellsprout

Best Catch– Growlithe is my best catch of the week. I loveeee Growlithe and I was able to catch 2. Hopefully I can evolve one to Arcanine next week.

Strongest CP- My strongest CP catch was a Rhydon that I caught just before my Wednesday Night softball game. I caught Rhydon in the park where we play by the Activities Center (my brother Kenny and I placed lures on 2 side by side Pokestops and both pop incense to increase the number and frequency of wild Pokemon).


Since I didn’t really pay attention when I was playing Pokemon Go, I wasn’t aware of a few simple rules. I love that different locations and different conditions can affect the type of Pokemon you receive. For example, I live in a heavily populated area so I can catch Pokemon in my room and have 4 or 5 options. The weather, time of day and location will provide you with a variety of Pokemon options. CP is important but catching multiple Pokemon of the same type will give you candies needed to power up or evolve.

How to Battle Gyms– I fought in my first Gym Battle! This week I learned that you can team with other members of your color (Team Red for me) and attack a gym. If you win, everyone on your team can place 1 Pokemon to defend the gym.

Different Berries- The Nan Berry calms down aggressive Pokemon (Chikorita lol) and the Razz Berry makes the Pokemon easier to catch.


Gym Progress:


Roselia Is Holding Down The Fountain!


Defeated Gyms-3 out of 4 attempted Gyms

  Badges – 4 Badges Received

Pokemon Defending # & Type3 Pokemon Defending the Conquered Gyms, 2 Roselia and 1 Eggsecute.


Adventure Updates:

My friend and I have made a decision to go visit different Pokemon Spots like Parks and entertainment areas to evaluate what type of pokemon can be caught. We visited 2 spots this week and were able to rack up on the Pokemon and Poke Stops in the area.

Poke Spots Visited – 3 in total. Barnett Park, Millenia Mall and Artegon Mall.

Best Poke Spot & Why – The best spot this week was Artegon Mall because there are 6 Poke Stops, 1 Gym and 1 Raid within a 5 minute walk. I was able to fill my backpack on the Poke Stops and catch a few Pokemon in the interim.

Unusual Sightings – at the end of our adventure, there was a woman walking with her baby in jogger stroller and playing Pokemon Go! At first we were joking seeing her on her phone and walking, saying that it would be funny if she was playing Pokemon Go. Then she stopped and started rapidly swiping her screen, #Belluminati Confirmed! As we laughed, we couldn’t help but pull out our phones to see what she was trying to catch haha.

Current Eggs & Progress: 8 Eggs. Incubating 3 -10 Km and 1 -5 Km.


Goals for Next Week: My goals for next week is to find a Dratini and evolve my Chikorita into a Bayleef.

That’s all for this week’s post! Are you still playing Pokemon Go? What are some of the best Poke Spots that you have found? Have there been any unusual sightings on your Pokemon Journey? Which Pokemon are your favorite? Who are you looking to catch? Let’s Talk Pokemon Go!

-Luna 🙂


WWE Fastlane Predictions!

Happy Saturday SuperStars and welcome to the final pay per view event before Wrestlemania. Smackdown Live’s best will be featured in the Fastlane Event to solidify their spots going into Wrestlemania in New Orleans. The landscape for Raw has been set and now it’s Smackdown’s turn to make a move.

6 Pack Challenge –


The WWE World Championship title will be on the line in a 6 Pack challenge where Champ Aj Styles will take on John Cena, Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The winner of this match will face Nakamura for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania and each Superstar is ready to earn their way into the main event.

Prediction: Aj Styles will retain

Smackdown Tag Team Championship –


The Usos will take on the New Day for teh Smackodown Live Tag Team Titles. While I’m sure there was a match last year, maybe at Backlash where they agreed to have their final match, I’m not too upset with this showing. When the Usos and The New Day fight each other, the results are amazing. Both squads bring out the best in their opponents so I’m sure this will be a match full of highlights.

Prediction: I see the New Day taking the titles.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match –


Women’s Champion Charlotte will take on the leader of the Riot Squad Ruby Riot for the title. I’m not sure how this match came about as I don’t watch too much of Smackdown live, but I’m sure it has something to do with the Riott Squad jumping Superstars in the back. I’m not sure what to expect from this match at all.

Prediction: Wouldn’t it be great if Carmella cashes in here Money In The Back Contract? Yup, that’s what I’m going with in this match, Carmella leaving as champion.

Becky Lynch and Naomi vs Natalya and Carmella –


This match looks to be interesting with Becky and Naomi battling their heel adversaries Natalya and Carmella. I’m sure that this match will happen early in the evening, before the Women’s Championship Match because I’m betting that Carmella cashes in.

Predictions: I want Beckyand Naomi to win this match!

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev –


This is another match that I’m not sure about. I’m a Rusev fan, before the Rusev Day became a thing so I love see him being featured in top talent matches. Nakamura is riding on the momentum of winning the Royal Rumble this year.

Prediction: Nakamura wins by DQ. I see Aiden English interfering in the match.

US Championship –


Champion Bobby Roode will take on Randy Orton for the United States Title.

Prediction: Bobby Roode Retains.

That wraps up my predictions for the Fastlane event. What are your predictions? Who do you think will be victorious and headline Wrestlemania? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂




Netflix Series of the Week: The Crown Season 1!

Happy Friday Novas! Remember last year when I did the Netflix Series of the Week? Well I’m bringing that series back to blog every other week! To start things off, since it is Women’s History Month I thought the perfect series to review would be The Crown Season 1! Recognizing a strong, woman in history is what March’s Women’s History Month is all about so why not highlight one of the greatest and longest reigning women in history; Queen Elizabeth II.  Get your popcorn and sit back for this spoiler free review of the series!

It’s very clear by now that I am in love with Royalty, Medieval Adventures and most Period Dramas. For about a year my co-workers have been raving about The Crown and asking me to watch it. This could have easily been one of my “You Should Try…” posts  with the number of people asking me to watch this show. I’ve finally been in the mood to watch the show and I’m happy that I did, although we’ve had a rough go at the series in the beginning.

Story: The Crown is a series inspired by true events, of Britain’s Longest Reigning Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch is currently still in power today. She inherited the throne at a young age, and the Crown gives us a look into her life, her struggles and how she has dealt with the burden placed on her literal head. We get a look at what happens behind the cameras and tabloids and we are able to chronocial the Queen’s life by watching a few hours of the series (which I’m sure she oversaw and approved).

Season 1: I’m curently trying to finish up Season 2 of the Crown, but Season 1 is the beginning of Queen Elizabeth taking her place. She is getting used to making decisions and running the country with her Prime Minister, the great Winston Churchill. Elizabeth battles with the struggle of balancing her personal life with the demands of being the sovereign of England and it’s commonwealths. The season is not only viewed through the Queen’s eyes, we also take a journey with the other members of the family like her mother, a displaced queen, her sister a royal princess and her husband as consort to the queen. We also get a glimpse into The Prime Minster’s, Lead Secretary and other government officials tasks as the country transitions to Elizabeth’s rule.


Setting & Visuals The setting on the series is in the early 1900’s in the United Kingdom. You arrive on the scene just before Princess Elizabeth’s marriage to her long fond of mate, Philip.  crown wedding The costumes and decor of the palace immediately alerts the viewer that they are taken back in time. The Crown has wonderful stills and integrates footage from the actual events into the series. We travel around the world to different Commonwealth territories of the United Kingdom and each location has a specific weather and color scheme which really helps with the story.


Character & Portrayals One of my favorite characters in the Crown is Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister. Margaret is entirely opposite of Elizabeth and filled with a need to Shine or be accepted. Truth time… I tried to watch 3 episodes of the Crown before and I was not into it at all. It was kind of boring to me. But after finishing the Royal Pains book and reading about it’s final entrant, Princess Margaret, I had to continue watching just for her.  princess-margaret  Prince Philip MountBatten is a great character as well. You can see how being a spouse to a monarch can make someone feel trapped or useless. I really like the way that we are invited to share in the struggles of every member of the Royal Family, not just the star… the Queen. Each character has a completely different outlook and problem that they are facing. I found myself loving characters, pitying others and completely despising some. My array of emotions bodes well for the relatable characters and the series does a great job at making you feel some kind of way.


  • A great storyline on the history of Britain’s current Monarch
  • In depth and well portrayed characters


  • If you’re not into Period Dramas or Historical Pieces



Final Thoughts: I have to admit that for some reason I was not interested in The Crown when I first began watching. Somewhere along the way, I found interest in it and I am now propelling through Season 2 as if I was always invested in the show. The lead actress and supporting roles were played brilliantly and I find myself connecting with each character. I haven’t studied on the Royal Family so I’m not sure how accurate the series is in regards to the events that have occurred, but I would imagine that it is spot on with the events, but a little embellished on some of the character’s part.

I give The Crown 3.5 out of 5 Screens!



Thank you for reading today’s Netflix Series of the Week! Have you watched The Crown? Which shows are you currently binge watching? Let’s talk tv!

-Luna 🙂

Royal Pains A Rogues’ Gallery of Brats, Brutes and Bad Seeds – Book Review!

Royal Pains is a collection of stories that highlight some of the most rotten, evil and mischievous royals over the centuries. This anthology written by Leslie Carroll attempts to recount the reasons (whether valid or embellished) why these royals were considered royal pains to their blue booded families.

Title: Royal Pains: A Rogue’s Gallery of Brats, Brutes and Bad Seeds!

ISBN: 978-0-451-23221-2

Author: Leslie Carroll

Genre: Historical

Publisher: New American Library

Number of Pages: 383

Published Date: March 1st, 2011

“The bad seeds on the family trees of the most powerful royal houses of Europe often became the most rotten of apples: uber-violent autocrats Vlad the Impaler and Ivan the Terrible literally reigned in blood. Lettice Knollys strove to mimic the appearance of her cousin Elizabeth I and even stole her man. And Pauline Bonaparte scandalized her brother Napoleon by having a golden goblet fashioned in the shape of her breast.

Chock-full of shocking scenes, titillating tales, and wildly wicked nobles, Royal Pains is a rollicking compendium of the most infamous, capricious, and insatiable bluebloods of Europe.”


Royal Pains was bought for me by my friend Emily this past Christmas because she knows that I enjoy reading about Royals, Medieval times and Scandal! Upon reading the back of the book I was excited to read the synopsis behind names that I have heard in the past and be introduced to some that I have not heard of before. This book lived up to my expectations and provided me with an intriguing read, no matter how exaggerated some of the tales seemed.

Story: Royal Pains goes through stories in a chronological timeline from the earliest brutes to the more modern bratty, royals. At the beginning of the book I found myself taken out of the story because there were many foreign words that I needed to look up to have a full grasp of what was happening. I did notice that as time progressed and the stories entered more modern years, it became easier to read and comprehend. We visited new royals that I was not aware of as well as well known and storied legends in nobility.


Quotes From the Book:

“The inspiration for Stoker’s doomed romantic anti-hero was a fifteenth-century Romanian prince. But the real Vlad was far more of a monster than any Victorian gothic novelist could have imagined (Pg- 33).”

“In truth, Clarence as he is known, was a serial traitor, conspiring a whopping four times against their eldest sibling, Edward IV, to topple him from the throne and place the crown on his own head. (Pg-57)”

“In an age where her English counterparts were engaged in such ladylike pursuits as plying their needles or playing the virginals, Erzsebet Bathory was employing red-hot pincers and bathing in virginal blood. (Pg-161).”

“For decades, people have accepted the fact that Rudolf’s life ended in a brandy-infused double suicide pact… What was the truth? What kind of royal pain did Rudolf become, as he matured from angsty adolescent to agitated adult? Was he unhappy or unhinged? (Pg-258)”



  • A very interesting read on some of Europe’s famed royalty
  • A quick read



  • In previous Book Reviews, I have notices bloggers mentioning the “Ease of Reading.” This book is hard to read in some stories.
  • Imagery will display volatile scenes


Final Thoughts: I’ve really enjoyed the book and it was a quick read. It kept me hooked with the different stories being told and while many of the stories are opinion based, it gives another perspective on what could have happened.


Goodreads – 3.68 out of 5 Stars

Amazon – 4 out of 5 Stars

Google Books – 3.5 out of 5 Stars


Other works by Author:

  1. Notorious Royal Marriages
  2. Royal Affairs


Have you read Royal Pains? What books are you currently reading? Let’s talk books!

-Luna 🙂