GamersUnited Blogging Competition: Week 2!

Power up Players for week 2 of our Mystery Box Giveaway blogging competition! In honor of our anniversary, we will be giving away a mystery box filled with goodies (pops, comics, etc) for the winner of the blogging competition. We will have 3 winners, 1st place will receive the mystery box, 2nd place will receive a gift card and 3rd place will receive a gift card. We encourage everyone to participate (don’t worry if you’re not the best writer, try out the competition anyway)!

Game Guide:

  • Each week there will be a topic due that you will write about ( I will display the 3 topics for each week so that everyone has time to write their post).
  • On the designated due date all posts must be posted (you can post anytime before the due date)
  • Make sure to link back to the prompt post (This Post) each week and you can place a link to your post in the comment so that the judges can read your post.
  • Each week the top 3 posts will receive 10, 7 or 5 points. All other participants will receive 3 points. The winner at the end of the 3 weeks will be determined by whoever has the most points.
  • If you missed a week, no worry. You can submit the post to receive the 3 points at any time during the competition.


Week 2: January 15th – January 22ndA great video game would be nothing without a compelling villain, who is this villain and what is their goal?

There wasn’t much participation last week so I urge anyone interested to participate. You don’t have to write a novel and you can have fun with building a character.



The Participants and the points awarded will go up on Wednesday! You can still submit week 1 by then! Happy Monday!

-Luna ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hiya! My name is Luna and I am the owner of I am currently working in social media and will use my experience to help gamers, bloggers and creative individuals. I write, dabble in editing, enjoy video games, WWE, anime, pop collecting and anything aesthetically beautiful! Always looking for content writers for the website contact me for any inquiries.

18 thoughts on “GamersUnited Blogging Competition: Week 2!”

    1. Ohhh I like this villain. Reminds me of the villains in like King Arthur or a Medieval period! Week 1 standings are up if you want to read about what I though of your character and see your current placing! Thanks for participating!

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      1. Question: Is the way I submitted the second ok, or would you rather see the villains split out and defined?

        I tried to tie the blog submission to the actual world itself, but I worry it may have made it a little heady.

        Liked by 1 person

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