NaNoWriMo Finale: Did I Finish?

Happy Thursday Novas! This is the final post for the NaNoWriMo challenge and I know that you’ve been wondering, did she finish? Was I able to slay the literary dragon of 50,000 words in one month?  Let’s check my official word count and find out!

November 21st –0

November 22nd –2324

November 23rd –0

November 24th –1832

November 25th –0

November 26th –4387

November 27th – 2596

November 28th – 693

November 29th –2873


Drumroll Please….


Total 14705 – Overall 50,083


I did it! I’ve completed the NaNoWriMo challenged and wrote a novel in 30 days (really 29 days because I finished a day early!). It was really hard and as you can see from the numbers, I slowed down towards the end (Thanksgiving played a large role in the decline), but in the end, I’ve pushed through the days of laziness and the days where I’ve felt like i couldn’t write anything and it has paid off tremendously. Thank you to everyone who was rooting for me and everyone prticipating in the challenge.

With the other updates I have included an excerpt from the story, so I will include one final snippet from the book titled: A Dance With Destiny!

Blurb: A kingdom in turmoil, an heiress’ position being challenged, a forced betrothal. Can Princess Ariana carry on the family dynasty of the House of Tamlin with a 16 year old secret looking to take everything away? Told through the eyes of household characters, a journal floats around the land. How will she cope? Will she survive? And will she ascend as the ruler of the kingdom? It is truly a dance with destiny!

The first time that I realized that I could rule was when the Dauphin of France studied at the same library as I. I was away from court for 8 months at this time and my scholars had me studying the philosophies of Galileo. The Dauphin, Francois was announced and he walked through with the arrogance of a king in waiting. Francois was 4 years older than me and ordered everyone around as if he were already ruling the country. I took it upon myself to test all of the skills I have learned over the years through observation and awareness. I introduced myself to the Dauphin and with the flirtatious techniques learned with my mother, I posed intelligent questions that I knew a prince would know the answer to. After flaunting my brilliance and catering to the Dauphin’s ego, I started making suggestions as to how the library could improve its processes. The Dauphin was so impressed that he began to think the ideas were his and after a week, the changes were made. I knew then I had a talent for ruling and a talent for persuasion and the Dauphin set me on a path, that I could not return from.

You may be wondering, why I think that I can be a better ruler. On all of my campaigns, I had to travel through cities that were forgotten. There’s been crime, murder and a disregard for the monarchy. If we are anointed by God, why does so many of our people despise us? It’s because of greed and envy. They want us to treat them as equals when they have not worked for it. Their allegiances are wavering to whomever benefits them at the time and they do not know true loyalty or respect. One of the philosophers that I have been reading says that the only way to truly rule is through fear. Being loved and respected is great, but love is fickle and waivers to the person that is providing the most benefits at the time. I aim to have both. To the outside world I will be loved, the only surviving heir. But behind the scenes, I will have my mercenaries bring law and order through an iron fist and a merciless rule.

This is not the final chapter for me or my work. I am L, I am the only person that can truly bring greatness to our country. Not by kindness and the education of our people, but by ruling with an iron fist. Fear is the only option for a people so proud and entitled. Until I am old enough, I must play the part of the hand that I was dealt. But my supporters are lying in wait for me to rally the nobles and commoners to my side. I will take the throne, even if I have to take it by force.

–       L

Check out the first excerpt by clicking here!

You can read The Update and Excerpt 2 by clicking here!

What I’ve learned?



Since this was my first experience with NaNoWriMo and actually completing a story, I’ve picked up some great tips that I want to share.

  • Plan in advance – Creating an outline before you take on a writing task is highly recommended. I am a pantser and I can sit and write quickly once I have an idea, but sometimes I lose my way. That’s where the outline comes in handy! On days that I did not feel inspired to write, I read through my outline and it helped me gather my thoughts so that I could write through the writer’s block!
  • Just Keep Writing – My co-worker Mrs. Michelle is a writer and she has been invaluable through this experience. Any time I have a doubt or I start to freak out because of the pressure, she would give me sound advice. The best thing she told me throughout the process was “Just Keep Writing! Right now you are just shoveling sand in the sandbox. During the editing process you will create the castle.” I don’t know why that saying stuck with me but It did and the analogy helped me succeed.
  • Define Your Characters – So I had a very basic outline that did not have enough information in it, especially relating to my characters. This made it difficult and I had to use standard names until I found better ones to use. Thank God there is a Ctrl + F shortcode that allows you to find and replace words. It saved me in the end. Next time, I will define my characters, their traits and motives before writing.
  • In the end, everything will tie together – I was worried that my story wouldn’t make sense when I was getting to the end. Again, I was saved by my literary Angel Mrs. Michelle, she told me to trust in the system. She said that I would be surprised how everything ties itself together in the end and she was right! I knew somewhat about the ending, but i didn’t know where the gaps would fill in and with which characters, in the end everything seemed to naturally fit together with my outline of What if statements.

I’ve had an excellent experience with NaNoWriMo and I will definitely participate again next year. Now that I have tackled this mountain of a challenge, I will be back to writing full time on the blog starting Monday (a short writing break to recharge lol ). Have you participated in this challenge and what was your progress? Are you currently working on any projects? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 🙂


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WWE SlamCrate Attitude Unboxing!

Happy Monday Novas! Last week I FINALLY received my WWE Slam Crate (that was supposed to arrive in October) and it was worth the wait! The WWE Slam Crates are for WWE fans and are distributed via Lootcrate. Let’s se what items came in the Attitude themed crate!


The shirts for the WWE Slam Crates are often released in advance so we knew that the Goddess of the WWE Alexa Bliss was going to be the featured shirt! I was super excited as now I have the Alexa Bliss shirt to go with my Alexa Bliss Blissfit cuff! Alexa is easily one of my favorite Women in the WWE at the moment!


In the last crate, we seen a preview of the silhouette for this month’s pop! Since the crate was themed “Attitude” and the last 3 figures were Stone Cold Steve Austin, triple H and the Undertaker, there was no mistaking the Great One being the last piece of our ring set. That’s right, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports entertainment, The Rock, was the final piece of the 4 ring set collection! 20171127_091358-1163206355.jpg


20171118_124853318314684.jpgEnzo Amore has been lighting up the Cruiserweight Division and giving them much needed exposure. Say what you want about his character being annoying, he is entertaining and allowing other great stars to shine on 205 live. Enzo had 2 appearances in this month’s crate. The first was the Cold Compress.


The second was the Lunch Bag! I’m going to be honest here, I don’t know what to do with this lunch bag lol.

Each lootcrate you will receive an exclusive pin. This month we received the smoking skull belt from Stone Cold Steve Austin. The pin matches my brother’s belt!


Also included in this month’s crate were the WWE Championship Coasters! My friend really enjoyed the coasters, more than anything. This may be a sign that she is getting old lol.

We also received a pamphlet with a poster of Bret the Hitman Hart!

The crate this month was pretty good, I’m only disappointed with the Lunch Bag, but if I ever have to pack a lunch, I ‘m definitely going to be a Certified G! We also received a preview for the collectible for next time which is going to be Sasha Banks! I’m hoping this means that the 4 collectibles will be the 4 horsewomen of NXT. Looks like they have me trapped in for at least 4 more shipments!

Do you receive any subscription services? Do you like the items received in lootcrates? What are some of your favorite items received in a mystery box subscription service? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

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Thanksgiving Picks

Happy Thanksgiving Novas!

It is Thanksgiving which means millions of Americans are anxiously awaiting to stuff their mouths with some home cooked Turkey and all of the fixings that come with it like sweet potato casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and everything else that can puts us in a food coma!


Now don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is also filled with family drama, football, the Macy’s Holiday parade, and everyone looking fly as hell walking around the house! It’s a big deal to most families and is widely celebrated around the country. Most of our Thanksgiving feasts serve some of the same things and Luna and I have come up with our Top 5 Thanksgiving Food Picks that we have to have on our plate!


  • 1. Turkey with Cranberry Sauce on Top 
    • Duhh. Unless you are Vegan or Vegetarian, neither one of these two should beturkey missing from your plate! I love to eat cranberry sauce with each bite of Turkey. The two of them together is heaven!
  • 2. Mashed Potatoes without Gravy
    • Yes, I know, it’s a crime to eat potatoes by themselves but my gawd I am not a big fan of gravy. Potatoes are one of my favorite foods in the entire world! They are so versatile and if your a fata** like me, you like to dip your bread in the potatoes like it’s butter….kirby
  • 3. Stuffing
    • Stuffing makes my taste buds sing and I like when they do that! My grandmother has a bomba** stuffing recipe that my mother makes and each bite is delicious! I can’t wait!
  • 4. Corn.
    • Don’t fight me on this. Yes, it’s a boring vegetable that you can have anytime of the year but my golly I can’t help myself. Plus, aren’t we supposed to have a bunch of colors on our plates??
  • 5. Pumpkin Pie with Whip Creamonepeice
    • This classic never goes out of style during the Holiday Season and always makes it onto my plate…a couple of times…..



  • 1. Stuffing
    • The homemade stuffing is one of my favorite dishes (other than Turkey of course). My family makes different stuffings each year from traditional, to cornbread to a cranberry pecan stuffing! Mmmm mmm bring it on, I love my great aunts and cousins trying to one up each others stuffings!untitled
  • 2. Corn Casserole
    • This is a new addition to our annual Thanksgiving. A few years ago, I was heavily invested in the cooking network. I watched Paula Deen one day and she made this corn casserole with sour cream, cheese, creamed corn and more and I’ve been hooked ever since!
  • 3. Greens!
    • My family has to have a giant pot of greens on the stove. It’s not Thanksgiving without the family greens with ham hocks or neck bones. I remember I used to hate greens growing up, but grandma always made me eat them. Now they are a staple on my plate and sometimes, I go back for seconds!
  • 4. Yellow Rice
    • Yellow rice is a great food to combine with my stuffing and cranberry sauce., I mix them together, put a piece of Turkey on a roll and have at it. anigif-enhanced-31422-1445455077-2
  • 5. Sweet Potato Pie
    • My favorite dessert is the homemade Sweet Potato Pie. My aunts will always have pie and another mystery dessert. While the mystery desserts are fun, the sweet potato pie always come home with me!


We hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving! Make sure to say what you are grateful for this year and to unbuckle your belt before you start eating!!!


NaNoWriMo Update & Excerpt #2

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yes, we are a day early but still, it’s a festive time of year. Today will be another update and excerpt from my first attempt at the NaNoWriMo challenge. To be honest, I feel really good and I know that I can make the goal (as long as I am not comatose from the meal tomorrow). Thank you for hanging with us! I know I haven’t been as active as previous months, but with everything going on in November it has been super busy. I promise to be back to normal next month! If anyone is participating in NaNoWriMo or working on any projects, let me know! I will be happy to check out your work.

November 12th – 1822

November 13th – 1277

November 14th – 2099

November 15th – 1398

November 16th -1593

November 17th – 1888

November 18th – 1339

November 19th – 1364

November 20th – 2711

Total = 15491  Overall total =35378

Writing is going pretty well at the moment. With all of my updates, I will include an excerpt from the story. This time we are introduced to a new character in the mix, Roheysia.

My Chambers, February 4th, 1524.

So this is where all of the royal secrets are being kept. I have to admit, I thought there would be a little more spice in a royal journal. No matter. My name is Roheysia Thorngold and  I am the head lady in waiting to our soon to be queen, Princess Ariana. Ari and I have been friends since we were 5, we’re 15 now. She’s such a great person and I have no doubt in my mind that she will usher in a new Golden Age for our kingdom. She has always been the loyal daughter in the eye of the court, but behind the doors of her personal court, there’s an entirely different game being played. I was 12 when I learned how to kiss. Ari and I would watch the queen’s ladies make their rounds at court. We figured they were gathering information because they were only being courted by court officials, high ranking nobles and diplomats.

Ari and I followed one of the most beautiful ladies I had ever seen. Her name was Ysmay. Her hair was auburn and her skin was as smooth as cocoa. Her hips were curved and her lips were lush. We would follow her and mimic her movements when we were alone. Ari has always been fascinated with women and the art of love. During feasts and gatherings we would watch the different dance styles from over the world shuffle into our court and across our tiled floors. Ari has always been fascinated with dance so she would ask questions to all of the musicians playing their foreign music.

You are probably wondering how I got my hands on the journal. I picked up a few tips from Ysmay and wanted to gather some information on my mistresses fiance. So I flirted with him and his advisor Sterling. Sterling always had a disapproving look at me and the prince when I would drop by to lighten his load. There was a lingering stare that Sterling would give me that gave me the idea of seducing him as well. When the prince and Sterling returned from their campaign in Mythonia, his grace sent for me to accompany him after his travel. I showed up in the finest silks that I could fine. The seamstress detailed the gown to accentuate my bust and peach shaped bottom. The gown was so tight that I felt as if I had nothing on at all. I followed the prince to his chamber that was connected to Sterling’s office and as the door shut I peered over my shoulder to see the advisor still admiring my assets.

After my visit with the prince, Sterling was staring at my bust and I noticed that he had this journal hidden underneath the papers on his desk. I engaged him in frivolous conversation and using the techniques that I had learned, enticed him to walk me back to my room. I planted a kiss on his cheek and he invited me to a picnic the next afternoon. My charms have never failed me, the nervous Sterling cleared his throat and walked off. Before the picnic the next day, I went back into the study and grabbed the journal. My Lord Sterling was predictably heading to the kitchen, I’m assuming he was checking on the dishes that he had prepared for our picnic. And now we are here!

Anyway, the journal entries from Lord Gabriel and Sterling are from outsiders looking in. I’m here to tell you the behind the scenes action only someone close to the princess would know. Great, Prince Adrian has called us all to the hall for an announcement. I will update the journal soon.


Have a great weekend! What are you currently working on? Any plans for the holiday? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

The Joys of Moving–Part 2


Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday!

It has been a week since I have moved and I am so close to being completely unpacked!ecard This past week has been a whirlwind of craziness with getting everything moved from the old place, unpacked, and sorted out. I can’t count the amount of times I opened up a box, stared inside of it for a few seconds and then closed it and pushed it aside saying “I’ll deal with it later…”

Unpacking for me, started in my bathroom. I did buy new towels, a trash can, shower curtain, soap dispenser, and all those kind of things from Walmart beforehand so I think that’s why I started there. I couldn’t help myself. I was too excited to have new things to open and put out! excitement

A bonus to unpacking is that you basically have a fresh, clean slate to start from. You can arrange everything in a new way or put it together just like you had before at your old place, but what’s the fun in that? I always vote to change it up as change is always good!chnage

After the first few boxes, unpacking tends to get tedious. Boxes start to get in the way or pile up into a leaning tower of cardboard; ripping open boxes steals all of your strength and also dulls your scissors or car keys, and walking up and down the stairs with boxes is ANNOYING. I almost fell down the stairs a couple of times!

I have come to the conclusion that moving is draining, causes crankiness and sleep deprivation, and also brings out your inner child as you mope around with a trash bag in hand cleaning all the crap out from underneath your bed wondering why you have more water bottles then there are states in the country. missing (By the way, there are 50 states in the USA.  You would be surprised at the amount of people who do not know this….)

All I know is that I don’t want to move for another few years and if we do have to move, I am hiring a team of movers! I will just sit back and relax…or worry about if they are being careful enough or breaking any of my valuables!

So far, I really love my new place and the area that we are now in! We have all of the necessities right down the street like Publix, Walgreens, McDonalds, Taco Bell (Great, now I want a Gordita Crunch!), Zaxbys, Michaels, PetSmart to name a few. We are minutes from one of the newest shopping areas, a movie theatre, and one of my favorite Farmer’s Markets!

The only negative aspect of the move so far, has been a written complaint from one of my neighbors! Let me give you the short version! letmetellyou


On the first day we moved in, we brought over our fur babies, Bluford and JD!kit dogObviously, they figured out that we are now in a completely new area and were a bit freaked out. Who could blame them?? Apparently, my new neighbor, the Stay at Home Mom.  (This is the only thing I have to go by so that is what I am going to refer to her by!)

So we left the fur babies in the house by themselves for about three hours in the early evening to grab a few more things from our old house. When we got back, we found a letter taped to the door, written in ALL CAPITAL letters.

For anyone who writes or reads, reading all capital letters is annoying, passive-aggressive, and is super irritating. I don’t understand what is so hard with writing with correct grammar and punctuation! (Oh man, let me stop this tangent before I get too distracted!)

The note basically said that Bluford was barking the entire time we were gone and it annoyed her because she is a Stay at Home Mom. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that some families have to have someone stay home to watch the kids and that being a Stay at Home parent is an actual job but at the same time, I JUST MOVED IN!!! Blu was probably scared and frightened from us being gone and heard a lot of different sounds!

As angry as the note made me, I wanted to speak with the Stay at Home mom to apologize and word out a solution but there was no name, unit number, or any info on the person who left the note for me to go talk to. I decided to ignore the note that night only to find another one the next day after getting off from work! So now were two for two with the notes…howrude.gif

This note in short said that the barking was off and on throughout the day and that if the problem was not taken care of ASAP, that she was going to resolve it herself….I instantly became infuriated. I mean c’mon, we have only been there two days and already having neighbor issues! Jeez!

I instantly jumped into my car and drove to the front office of the complex and spoke with the manager. She was unbelievably understandable and apologized for the notes. I explained everything that happened and also explained that he’s barking at the people who are slamming their doors, playing loud music, or the other DOGS BARKING AROUND US! We have never had a complaint about Blu’s barking before so this was frustrating for us. She sympathized with me and said “So he’s basically just being a dog. She needs to calm down. You just moved in and are still getting accustomed to everything. If she doesn’t want to hear dogs barking, she shouldn’t live in a pet friendly complex.”preach

I relaxed when I heard this and felt 100 times better. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a complaint from the apartment office or your neighbors!! Other than that, everything else is great and I am excited for what this change has to bring for me!! Thank you guys for letting me rant on for a bit! I love sharing my stories and experiences with you all! If you have had any experiences like mine when moving or in general, let me know in the comments below!




WWE Survivor Series Recap!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the annual Survivor Series Payperview event where Smackdown Live takes on Monday night Raw to battle for the best brand! It has been another fantastic week of wrestling from Raw to Smackdown, to NXT to my WWE SlamCrate finally arriving (unboxing post coming this week) and now to the Survivor Series Event! I was really impressed with the event. So are you Team Raw or Team Smackdown Live? Let’s find out who took the night!

The Shield Versus The New Day – Survivor Series started out with a bang when the factions of The Shield took on the New Day. This match was really good with the New Day using their relax antics… well that is until they are hit hard by Roman Reigns. The crowd was mostly on the side of the Shield as expected, but the New Day started to focus and put up a great fight in the end.  177_SUR_11192017hm_1058--22e138cb4f6e3014f0cf5990f91d1eb7  This outcome wasn’t surprising to anyone. The New Day put up a great fight using their unorthodox style of wrestling. There was one move where Xavier Woods lifted Big E on his shoulders and Kofi Kingston jumped off of the top rope, over E and Woods onto Dean Ambrose, followed by a Splash from E onto Dean. It was a sick combination.


Results: The Shield reign supreme. Pinfall by triple powerbomb from the second rope. Yikes, Kofi, Yikes! Raw strikes first on the scoreboard with 1 win to Smackdown Live’s 0 wins.

Women’s 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series Match- The fatal 5 way was up next that put Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch, Natayla, Tamina, Naomi and Carmella ) against Team Raw ( Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka and Nia Jax). 186_SUR_11192017bb_0713--b1201e8428f961e32d101ff29cc18336 The women’s match was entertaining and the pep talk by Stephanie Mcmahon before the match definitely brought intensity to the Raw brand.


Results: Asuka is propelled forward as the victor by taking out both Natalya and Tamina. I think this dominance  is going to automatically put Asuka in the Women’s Championship picture. This win pouts Raw up 2 wins to Smackdown Live’s 0 wins.


United States Champion versus Intercontinental Champion– I didn’t pay too much attention to this match so we will get into the results.


Results: Baron Corbin wins by hitting Miz with the End of Days! This puts Smackdown Live on the board and the score is not Raw 2 wins, Smackdown Live 1 win.


Smackdown Tag Team Champions versus Raw Tag Team Championship – Champions Cesaro and Sheamus take on The Usos in a battle for tag team supremacy. The Bar were unsuspecting opponents as they used the distraction by the New Day to take the tag team titles from Dean and Seth. The Usos were the heavy favorites and they entered the ring talking about the different “Bars” that Sheamus and Cesaro represent.  256_SUR_11192017jg_2598--517c9a307653042be611f1c6d2675698 The Bar countered the Usos sly talking abilities with hard hitting moves and  dominated the beginning of the match. The Usos eventually found their sea legs and put up an equally impressive fight.


Results: The Usos win with a nice ending combination and tie up the score 2 Wins for Smackdown Live and 2 Wins for Raw!


Smackdown Women’s Champion versus Raw Women’s Champion – Alexa Bliss was set to take on Natalya until Charlotte won the Smackdown Women’s Championship match last Tuesday. This threw a wrench in the Goddess’ plan, but she came out ready to fight. 288_SUR_11192017hm_3175--5fd6317fbe3d1be71bfad546f84613cf Charlotte showed her technique and it was like watching David versus Goliath at one moment. Alexa Bliss held her own and she brought the intensity and mean streak that we are used to seeing.


Results: Charlotte wins by submission. Alex taps out to the figure 8. Smackdown takes the lead in the night for the first time and go up 3 wins to Raw’s 2 wins.


Universal Champion versus WWE Champion – Brock Lesner took on Aj Sytyles for the battle of the number 1 title in the WWE. Off rip Brock asserted his dominance and was literally tossing Styles around the ring. At one point, he grabbed AJ’s haig and dragged him to a corner.  After about 5 minutes of beating Aj Styles to a pulp, the daze started to wear off and Aj was able to counter with hard hitting moves of his own. 334_SUR_11192017hm_3778--bb70ba306e4d42e6e1e9a9c09e279250 I have to give credit to the WWE Universe as they stayed behind AJ the whole time!


Results: Brock catches AJ and hits him with the F5 to win by pinfall.


Men’s 5 on 5 Traditional  Survivor Series Match-  344_SUR_11192017hm_4114--f3913d40b9143d2190cb8ae756f2db0f The men’s 5 on 5 match saw Team Raw (Kurt Angle, Braun Stroman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Triple H) take on Team Smackdown (Shane Mcmahon, Randy Orton, Nakamura, Bobby Roode and John Cena). Braun started the match and immediately showed that he was not messing around when he tossed Shane across the ring. Of course the pompous Shane quickly tagged himself out because, well he didn’t want that fight. Raw struck first with Nakamura going on a spree of knee strikes before running into a brick wall and being the first eliminated. This match seen awesome match-ups like Triple H & Bobby Roode  349_SUR_11192017jg_4665--139a6a7a068ac23c91c916b8bd1d6286 and the always fun Finn Balor and Nakamura!

The match was riddled with controversy from Samoa Joe tagging himself in and riling up his teammates, to Kevin Owens and Sami Zane coming out to attack Shane. The Game Triple H even got involved and helped Shane eliminate Kurt Angle.


Results: Team Raw wins with Triple H pedigreeing Shane after a controversial move. Team Raw takes the Survivor Series count 4 wins to Smackdown Live’s 3 wins. This year wasn’t a complete blowout like last year’s 6 wins to 1, but Raw still got it done.

Those are the results from last Night’s Survivor Series event! Did any of the match outcomes surprise you? Were you Team Raw or Team Smackdown? What do you think will happen on the respective shows’ fallout tonight and tomorrow? Are you seeing any potential rivalries starting? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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NXT Wargames Recap!

Happy Sunday Novas! Last night was the NXT Wargames event in Houston Texas. This is my first NXT Match that I have watched in awhile and it was so worth it. Some names ring a bell but there’s a lot of new talent going into the event. War Games is a match where teams battle between 2 rings inside of a steel cage. This type of match has not been seen for 20 years so the WWE Universe was ready to rumble. Nxt has grown as a brand from a developmental area to a legitimate show. If you haven’t watched the event yet, stop reading now! This is your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!**

Khassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan– 2 giants collide in the opening match of the event. Ohno showing off the athleticism for his size while Lars is showing his speed and power. This match had me saying “Oh Snap” a few times. The cyclone kick of Khassius Ohno takes the giant decimator of Lars SUllivan to the ground. It wasn’t enough, Lars Sullivan hits his finisher the Freak Accident on Ohno to end things.


Results: Sullivan wins by pinfall.

Aleister Black versus Velveteen Dream – Aleister black enters the match on an undefeated streak. Velveteen Dream aims to have black “Say his Name” and acknowledge him as a legitimate competitor. The match starts with a great entrance b black, rising from the shadows. It’s a battle of polar opposites where the darkness meets the vibrant light of Velveteen Dream. This match was the battle of the mind games where you have back and forth combinations and one ups from both sides.  012_NXT_11182017ej_2096--ce0c6569c62a2bdcd458fde3e4fdc59c What makes NXT so refreshing is that these athletes are raising the bar and bringing out move rooms. This match was highly entertaining from the trolls to the devastating moves and execution. I;ve seen some great moves like the Death Valley Driver and the Roll the Dice. The crowd doesn’t lie and they were letting the performers know how awesome the match was.


Results: Aleister Black retains his undefeated Streak, but Velveteen Dream gave him a run for his money.
NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way – After Asuka vacated her championship for her ascent to the main roster of raw, there was a series of matches to determine which women would compete for the title. The winner of the Mae Young Classi, Pirate Princess Kairi Sane, Iconic Peyton Royce, Ember Moon and the crazed Nikki Cross are the women stepping into the ring. One is guaranteed to leave with the title and become the face of the NXT Women’s Division. All 4 women had different strengths: Peyton is the flexible technician, Kairi is the entertaining hot head, Ember is the strong high flyer and Nikky is the unhinged x factor.  019_NXT_11182017ej_2714--f5b533f4319f18b372c3de20318048b7  This women’s match was fantastic and had everything that you would ask for. My heart was pounding as each woman covered one another looking for the 3 count. One of my favorite matches of the night because of the high skill level of the competitors.


Results: Ember moon wins by the eclipse stunner on Nikki Cross and Peyton Royce! The new NXT Women’s Champion!

NXT Championship Match- The Men’s championship match was between champion Drew Mcintyre and Andrade Cien Almas.   025_NXT_11182017ej_4139--f6d460d9dbeefe44c7952bbf9918ccdb  With controversy and Zalina Vega interfering in the match, Drew had his back and his title against the wall.


Results: Andrade is the new NXT Champion. Wins by Pinfall.

War Games Match –  The Wargames match is a match where 2 rings are put together and a steel cage surrounds the competitors.  1 person from each team starts in the ring and every few minutes another team joins in from the outside cages, at random.  033_NXT_11182017ej_5253--29a445b7ab93fbacc45cafa934f52d2d  The great thing about this match was that it didn’t officially start until ALL 9 wrestlers were in the ring., which means that even though you were outnumbered, you didn’t have to worry about losing the match until all 3 teams were in the ring. At one point it was an advantage because Undisputed Authority was the first team together in the ring against, Roderick Strong and Eric Young. Next Authors of Pain were released to help Roderick and last Sanity made their way to the ring. This match was fantastic as Killian Dain of Sanity started through weapons like tables, chairs and trash bins into the ring before he got in and locked the gate.

The match was total anarchy with each team trying to destroy each other. There’s so many great moments that all I can say is GO AND WATCH! If you skip all other matches, the main event Wargames match is one that will be remembered. 20171118_NXT_P_MainEvent4--484a0beeef3d7051be65c0ff0e07a517

Results: Adam Coleeeee BayBay! Undisputed Era Wins by pinfall.

Final Thoughts: I have really enjoyed the War Games event and it makes me excited about the future talent to hit the main rosters in WWE. Some of the highlights for the night were:

  • The storylines and build up to the matches are really amazing. At the end of the Aleister Black match, as he traditionally sit in the middle of te ring, he uttered one phrase to the defeated Velveteen Dream… “Enjoy Infamy… Velveteen Dream!” The NXT roster are putting up quality selling of the moves and rivalries.
  • The characters that are created by the NXT stars are top notch. The commitment to their roles and profiles is definitely as good, if not better than most main roster superstars.

I feel really good about the Survivor Series match! If it is anything like the Wargames event, we are in for a great weekend of WWE!

Did you watch wargames? Which matches stuck out for you? Are you going to be watching Survivor Series tonight? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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WWE Survivor Series Predictions!

Happy SaturdayNovas! Tomorrow is the annual Survivor Series PayPerView event where Raw and Smackdown face off to battle for supremacy! Every Saturday I post a short preview and predictions for the match! Let’s see who will be fighting! This year the event took a different direction where it put the champions from each brand against each other along with the traditional 5 on 5 elimitaion matches! I’m rolling with Team Raw!

Women’s Championship Match –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_CharlotteBliss--02c2ed250989c2979364351cd6e93ccd  The Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss will face the new Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte in one on one competition. Alexa Bliss was the only womens champion to have held titles on each brand, now Charlotte joins her on that list. Alexa Bliss is small, ruthless and cunning while the technician Charlotte is one of the more athletic and versatile Women Superstars. This should be a great match but I do wonder how the height difference will play a role.

Predictions: Alexa Bliss will win! (Really I want her to win 🙂 )

International Champion versus United States Champion –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_MizCorbin--27115f0d7935335df33e3e389903e06e  The brands switch titles earlier this year with the Superstar Shake-up. This change sent the Intercontinental title to Raw and the United States Title to Smackdown Live. The match up will be the IC champion the Miz taking on the United States Champion Baron Corbin. The miz is smart in his matches and I’m sure that the Miztourage will be ringside. The feud was one on twitter where Miz calls out Corbin for squandering his opportunities (remember the Money In The Bank cash in lol)   and Corbin looks to silence the Miz.

Prediction: I think Baron Corbin will take the match.

Tag Team Champions –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_tagteam--b3c965f3872be71c3f15e542daa2dadb  The new Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro will take on the Smackdown Champions the Usos in a battle for the tag team division supremacy. I figured this match was ironed out with the reunion of the Shield. I mean Roman wouldn’t know who to root for if Seth and Dean were still champions because the Usos are his cousins. This set the “Bar” in prime position to battle for the pride of Raw. The Usos have been dominant since they defeated the New Day a few PayPerViews ago.

Predictions: Sheamus and Cesaro should win this one, but it will be entertaining.

Cruiserweight Championship –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_EnzoKalisto--f3b902cf2d6d9d4d62f5fcacdb81769d  Champion Enzo will take on Kalisto again for the Cruiserweight Championship. There have been feuds back and forth between Team Zo and Team Kalisto and the Cruiserweight divison is split down the middle. You have the face characters rallying behind Kalisto and the heels taking the Zo Train. Personally I’m happy with Enzo being more of a heel. It works with his personality.

Prediction: Enzo will probably retain.

Universal Champion versus WWE World Champion –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_BrockAJ--ed259170b5a98cf338fc61fa5fed0d83  This is one of the most anticipated matches of the night. Raw Universal Champion Brock Lesner will take on the new WWE Champion AJ Styles from Smackdown live. AJ Styles is probably one of the most loved  Superstars in the WWE. On Raw the crowd was chanting Suplex City and Aj Styles! The technician is fast and brave and I know he can give the ebats a run for his money… but can he win? Brock Lesner is undefeated since he won the title from Goldberg at Wrestlemania.

Predictions: I really, really want AJ Styles to win! This is probably my only vote against the red brand.

The Shield vs The New Day –  20171114_SurvivorSeries_ShieldNewDay--2e82f749d51cfaae12b37892dcc308b2  This is the match that I’m most excited for. I don’t care that the Shield was a thing for a long time, I didn’t get to experience it live. I want the Shield to decimate the New Day and assert their dominance. I want to see powerful moves from Roman, Insanity from Dean and high Flying moves from Seth! I want the Shield to come out guns blazing and solidify them as the best faction EVER! It’s no debate on who I want and believe will win this match.

Predictions: The Shield, The Shield, THE SHIELD!

Traditional 5 on 5 Women’s Elimination Match –  20171118_SurvivorSeries_WomensMatch_update--ad07b386fb609e332e418bc41b3d4121 The first Survivor Series match will be the women of Raw taking on Smackdown’s best. The lineups are Asuka, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, Bayley and Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya, Naomi and Tamina. I’m happy with this matchup because I want to finally see Tamina versus Nia (which I hope will happen). This is hard match to call as I don’t really give one team an edge over the other. All I know for sure is that the match should be amazing!

Predictions: I’m going to go with Raw winning the women’s Superstar.

Traditional 5 on 5 Men’s Elimination Match– 20171114_SurvivorSeries_MensMatch--df90f3fc4957b2de8f1e32caba8b2954  The main event will either be this match or the Universal and WWE Champions. Just like the Women’s elimination match, it will be 5 top RAW Superstars versus 5 Superstars from Smackdown. But wait, Shane Mcmahon couldn’t pass up an opportunity to insert himself into another match so yes, he is on the Smackdown team along with Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena and Randy Orton. This team is stacked! Their opponents will be Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and the game Triple H! You read that correctly, Triple H will be competing in the match.

Predictions: This one was a hard one to debate but I’m giving the slight edge to team Raw!

Those are my predictions for the Survivor Series Event! What are your predictions? Which matches are you looking forward to? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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The Rise of Online Gaming

Video Games have always served as a means of entertainment. The rapid growth of the video game industry has changed the way that we view the recreational hobby. Now video games can be used to teach lessons, talk about moral values and relieve stress or tension from the everyday world. One of the fastest avenues in video games is the rise of online gaming!

Video game developers are changing with the needs of the consumer. We, as players drive the trends that are hitting the market and the online gaming community is one of the largest in the world today. Posting on forums, reddit and also submitting feedback to the developers directly has helped to improve the gaming experience for all. Take for instance Betas.  for honor  Developers are more frequently releasing Betas of their games and it is predominantly for online multiplayer games. This way gamers can try the game and tell the developers what is missing? What should be changed? And most importantly, what they love about the game.

Mobile and Social games are on the rise as well. One of my friends recently told me that she didn’t think that mobile gaming was a true form of gaming. Yet, she had to apologize for her bias as now she sees the appeal and is hooked on a mobile game now. The great thing about mobile games is that they encourage you to make friends and play with others (mostly from your Facebook page). Mobile gaming allows you to share your scores and receive perks if you have friends that also play the game. The increase of this social aspect in mobile gaming can shows nontraditional gamers why online gaming is popular.  Recently, I myself have been impressed with the mobile games. You can have just as much fun gaming on your phone as on a console or PC.

Remember hearing that you cannot make a career out of gaming? Or hearing that you need to get up and find a job because video games will not pay the bills? Right now, video games are a multi-billion dollar industry with gamers really making a living off of doing what they love best; playing video games. You can go to school for game development, make your money via mobile apps or play in online tournaments to win prize money. Popular games like Dota, League of Legends and Call of Duty host multi-million-dollar tournaments throughout the year. imageedit_5_2082544926 Sponsors are getting in on the action by making products that appeal to gamers like equipment, gaming gear and snacks that you will need to keep playing. This is another source of advertising and revenue which benefits both the players and the companies. Sites like and allow players to buy into tournament ladders and play for a prize pool. You don’t always have to travel to make money in gaming.

The great thing is that Youtubers, Streamers and Professional Gamers are treating video games as a career. They are setting schedules, putting in the time and practice and staying true to their fans. Professional gamers are making real life decisions and choices to better their brand. Responsibility, working hard and sticking to a schedule is being taught to gamers who want to build an empire. Not everyone makes it, but it’s a skill set that is easily transferable to the real world.

Online gaming is now one of the aspects that developers focus on primarily. This is both a great thing and a not so great thing. Video games should come in all varieties and appeal to different sets of gamers. While I am one that looks for the online multiplayer part of a game, not all gamers are interested in running and gunning in Call of Duty. some really enjoy the story and campaign modes. So, while online gaming continues to skyrocket and explode the video game markets, let’s not forget about the single player, mobile and puzzle games that will keep you busy when you are not able to get online.

What do you think about the rise of online gaming? Are you a console, PC or mobile gamer? How do you feel about the professional gaming scene? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

WWE Raw Recap 11/13/17

Happy Tuesday Novas! Last night was the Raw before the Survivor Series PayPerView event where Team Raw will meet Team Smackdown for a battle of supremacy. The shows before the events are always some of the most entertaining and last night was no exception. Let’s get into the recap of the night and if you haven’t watched yet, this is your official **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!** Stop reading now or there will be spoilers. Let’s get to the highlights!

Stephanie Mcmahon starts the show belittling Kurt Angle about Survivor Series. She brings up his choice of the final RAW Men’s spot going to his son Jason Jordan and how it is favoritism.  Before uttering the words, “You’re Fired” made famous by her dad, the Shield interrupts with Roman reigns returning as well. They back up Kurt and his role as GM since Wrestlemania. 010_RAW_11132017dg_0294--24dfedeb606d556060e701a8769e3a1e

The banter between Stephanie and Roman Reigns was fun with Stephanie asking Roman “Where the hell have you been?”And Roman replying “ I should be asking you. We haven’t seen you for 6 or 7 months. Why because you went through a table?” Putting Rollins on the spot. This triggered the reprise “Or should I say because your husband put you through a table.” I was dyingggg lol.As predicted the shield challenges the new day for a fight at survivor series and later through Twitter the New Day accepts.


There was a Triple threat match for last spot on women’s team between Dana Brooke, Mickie James and Bayley. The 4 current Women Superstars on the team watched at ringside while the trio battled it out for the last spot. Asuka, in an attempt to help Dana Brooke was hit by the superstar. This is probably setting up a feud of Asuka vs Dana after Survivor Series. Let’s be honest, Asuka shouldn’t be helping anyone. That’s interfering with the match.  015_RAW_10172017cm_0414--cc3427f6902294577d18e17bbdb3a1f5 Results: Bayley wins (which I wanted to happen) and now Raw Women’s team looks stacked to take on the Women of Smackdown!


Tozawa and Kalisto vs Drew Gulak and Enzo Amore was up next. It was the battle of the chants. Drew Gulak is on another campaign to take a stance. This time he’s behind the “No Chants” movement. If you remember or watched 205 live, Gulak was the captain of the “No Fly Zone” campaign as well. Well he’s in the wrong match for that as both Tozawa and Kalisto had the crowding chanting “Ha” and “Lucha” throughout the match.   034_RAW_11132017dg_0489--1655ec3aea0fbea05d3097dff85fd011 Results: Enzo and Gulak win off of the quick thinking of Enzo and the assist by Gulak.

I love that this is the opposite of Enzo’s career legacy. Normally, Enzo would lose matches due to sneaky moves, but now he is the one dealing out the L’s. Badaboom, Enzo and Gulak in the room… How You Doing?


As the talented blogger Deezango pointed out, WWE has been really pushing more backstage promos and action. Kurt was backstage setting up matches for the night with survivor series participants. He needs to make sure that the team is in tip top shape as his job is on the line. The matches set up were Joe & Balor in a tag team versus Gallows & Andersen to teach teamwork, Jason Jordan versus Eater of Worlds Bray Wyatt to show Stephanie that he is prepared and  when he gets to Braun, the Monster Among Men shuts up the GM demanding his match with Kane. There’s nothing Kurt could say about his request so the main event was set!


Jason Jordan versus a returning Bray Wyatt was a match set to show Jordan’s resilience. Jordan puts on a convincing display, but he injures himself midway through the match. The crowd starting chanting thank you Bray for the injury and the cheap shots at the end of the match. I want to like Jason Jordan so bad, but the character is super annoying. He really needs a revamp and soon.

Results: Jordan wins but Bray gest the last laugh.


Brock Lesner and Paul Heyman address the match now with AJ Styles. Heyman expressed his admiration and respect for AJ Styles, but of course he’s still backing the Beast Brock. Brock didn’t say much as usual and just sat there smiling and flexing.

The Shield versus Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro was up next. This match was the first time the shield fought in a match together in 3 years.  093_RAW_10172017cm_2538--17746670892301577b06b1a8c709188f  Remember, they were supposed to debut together in a sanctioned match at No Mercy, but Roman Reigns was out sick. The match was everything you would expect, entertainment, power moves and dirty tricks by both the shield and miz and friends. Even the assistance of the Miztourage could not help save the match for the Miz.

Results: The Shield takes the W and goes into Survivor Series with momentum to face the New Day.

Side Note: The crowd was not booing Roman as loudly as they normally have. Admit it people, you’re happy he’s back :p. shield--32e03c48badb905b1a8cc2404ccf4cf7

Kurt making the announcement of Jason Jordan not being about to compete because of injury. He steps out to name the 5th member and replacement. After a sob story from Jason, Kurt has a hard time announcing the replacement so… THE GAME Triple H comes out! Jason gets a pedigree “Oh It’s true, It’s Darn True!”

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe versus The Club Gallows & Andersen. The match starts with Joe being annoying and pushing Finn -_-.  After the tense start, the match went pretty smoothly for Finn and Joe. Joe protected Finn in the match a few times, although Finn assumed he was the target (I mean who wouldn’t?).

Results: Finn & Joe Win! But in true Joe spirit he didn’t wait to get his hand raised with Finn at the end.

The main event was between Braun Strowman and Kane. Strowman asked for the match after being attacked by the big red machine at No Mercy. It’s time for revenge! The match was pretty good. Both issuing hard blows to each other and setting the stakes higher each time. The match ended with Strowman performing a running powerslam and crashing through the ring. 20171113_RAW_S_Kane--88f401b159b84d54e6211ba8abb43532

Results: The show ended. Yikes!

That’s the recap of RAW! I will watch Smackdown tonight to see the final placings and matches that need to be decided (United States Championship & Women’s Championship). This Saturday my predictions for the Survivor Series match will go up! What are your thoughts? Are you Team Raw or Team Smackdown? What are your predictions or thoughts on WWE at the moment? Let’s talk WWE!


-Luna 🙂