August Lootcrate Unboxing: Kingdoms!

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend Novas! I apologize for the lack of posts this week but I was exhausted and slept most of my days off lol. So today you all will receive 2 posts! The first is the surprise lootcrate unboxing that I’ve received. Why a surprise you may ask? Well because I cancelled the subscription but the generous people at lootcrate still sent me August’s crate! The theme this month was Kingdoms so let’s get to it!

All lootcrates will include a booklet that describes each of the items in your crate. This month we have a cool introduction to the creative behind the theme of Kingdoms!


Welcome To Your Kingdom!

Each month you receive an exclusive lootcrate shirt. Since we are in the month of Kingdoms, the shirt included represents Link and the kingdom of Hyrule!


8-bit Legend of Zelda!

You will also receive at least 1 collectible figure in the crate. We’re now in the well know realm of Adventure Time and the Land of the Ooo’s with the Ice King! This figure is really cute with the penguins and the Ice King. I’m not the biggest fan of Adventure Time but I have seen it and appreciate this figure!


All hail the Ice King!

My favoritre item in this crate has to be the Lord of the Rings Color Changing Glass! It’s really cool and beautiful!


Fav Item!

Another great item was the artwork of Isengard. I have the LoTRTrilogy on DVD and it’s one of my favorite movies. Personally, I prefer The Two Towers! This piece of art is perfect to hang on my wall.


2nd Fav Item!

Something that I haven’t mentioned was that you also receive free webcomics as a part of your subscription. This month’s web comic looks to be a parody with princesses, warriors and bards! I’ll probably read and write up a quick review.


Looks awesome!

The box is one of the cooler things about lootcrate that sets them apart from other subscritpion services to me. This month’s box turns into a nifty Shield with a handle to help you protect your Kingdom, wherever it is! I have al of my lootcrate boxes still because they’re just so cool and don’t forget the loot pin! 20170829_212546[1]

What did you think of this month’s theme and items? Do you subscribe to lootcrate or any other subscription services? Let’s talk Lootcrate and Subscriptions! Want to try out Lootcrate? Be on the lookout for my WWE Slamcrate Unboxing next week! Use my promo link below to save $5!

Click Here To Save $5

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂


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