The Man In The High Castle: An Introduction

Happy Friday night all! It’s Maria, and as promised by last night’s post, a review on another show that I’ve been watching lately and am now addicted to is here. To start off, the reason it was long in coming is because I was trying to figure out how to set it all up: if I wanted to write a review on the entire first season or do it episode by episode. Eventually I decided to do it episode by episode, as that would be more engaging and interesting rather than knock the entire first season all out in one single review. And to be honest about this review, this is more of an introduction to it rather than a review on Episode 1, as to understand the premise better. You’ll see my view on Episode 1 tomorrow.

At this point, you are probably wondering what show it is that I’ve decided to cover on this blog, from the first episode to the very last. You may or may not have heard of it, since it has gotten popular since it first came out, on Amazon. Not on Netflix, and definitely not on Hulu.

Everyone, let me formally introduce you to…


YES! If you thought I was talking about The Man In The High Castle, you would be completely right. I was introduced to this show by someone I work with, who warned others and I to start watching now since the third season is premiering this coming December. With that sound advice, I decided to renew my Amazon Prime membership (you can only watch this show if you have Amazon Prime, which is possibly the only downside) and start watching it myself. Well, let me tell you, from the first episode I was hooked…and binge watching the rest of the first season from there. (The best I could anyway, as I do work and study when I’m not working.)

In a nutshell, and for those not as familiar with the show, The Man In The High Castle focuses on an alternate history in which the Nazis and Imperial Japan have won World War II, and who have divvied up the former United States of America into the Greater Nazi Reich (basically all of the Midwest, southern states, and East Coast with some other states mixed in) and Japanese Pacific States (pretty much the states on the West Coast). A visual aid is below.


(Note: Contrary to what this map says, that giant gray area  is the Greater Nazi Reich.)

The show hosts a colorful cast of characters, which I will detail in Episode 1’s review. As stated previously in this post, tonight’s review is primarily an introduction to the series itself. In the meantime, I have included the trailer.


First image: Wikimedia


Trailer: YouTube

More Than Dicks

Hey all! It’s Maria, and I’m quite sorry about not posting on here in a while. Things have been a mix of work, GMAT studying, and also scouting out new and exciting things on Netflix!

With that being said, I’m here to introduce all of you to a very new show on Netflix itself, and one I was unexpectedly connected to last weekend (mostly because I really didn’t feel like watching Hawaii Five-0 or anything else). Everyone, please say hello to…


I’m going to be honest here: I was aware of American Vandal before I caught glimpse of it on Netflix, all because of Facebook. The leading actor in the show, Jimmy Tatro, has an official fan page on there, and that’s how I got wind of it. And if that name sounds familiar to some of you, it would be because he got big on YouTube (starting with Total Frat Move videos). That’s how I originally discovered him.

But anyway, onto the plot line of American Vandal. Oceanside High School senior Dylan Maxwell, who is the class clown of his graduating class, is accused of spray painting dicks (yes, dicks) on all of the cars in the faculty parking lot as a prank during one weekend. The show, in a nutshell, follows two sophomores, Peter Maldonado and  Sam Ecklund, as they launch and forge through an investigation to uncover if Dylan was really the one behind the crime, and if he wasn’t, who was really responsible for it in the first place. From episode to episode, I was strongly reminded of Riverdale and the nail-biting, intense investigation into who killed Jason Blossom, only here there was no Riverdale and Jason Blossom.

Not going to leave any spoilers here about who was responsible for drawing the dicks, but if you ever decide to watch the show, as a heads up you will be in for one crazy and wild ride because it is that crazy when it comes to finding out who did. Also, at the end of the season (first season is eight episodes long), you will be questioning life itself. I found myself getting angry and depressed because there really are people like Dylan who aren’t given chances to prove themselves because others won’t let them. Either way, you will not regret viewing this.

I give it a 5/5.

I will be back tomorrow with another review on another show…not saying what it is but you won’t be disappointed. I hope you liked this review, and I hope you all have a good night! 🙂

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Happy Thursday Novas! Today’s post will be an update unless I can get some of my other projects completed. I apologize for not uploading much this week, however, I was a bit under the weather so spent most of my time in bed and playing video games.   Sunday is when I normally post my Memoirs of A Villain post, however, that post will not go up until this Sunday. Long story short, I didn’t finish writing it as of yet. My gaming computer was put together Saturday and between that and leveling up on Destiny, I lost track of time lol. Instead of rushing something , I will just update you on life!

Well as I mentioned, I was super ecstatic to finally have my gaming PC. I picked it up around 10pm and have been playing all night and week. I only have a few games at the moment but I plan to buy PUBG, Divinity 2  and H1Z1 Survival soon.  south  I don’t know much about PC’s but so far I definitely have my money’s worth! I haven’t had any issues with the games that I have played and the mouse is awesome and comfortable.

Work has been going great and I’m currently on a new temporary schedule which has blessed me with Saturdays off!!!! I haven’t had a Saturday off schedule for about 2 years so I’m loving the schedule at the moment. Plus, I can now play during the day with my gaming friends instead of seeing them late at night like a forbidden relationaship lol.

So aside from gaming, TV has been a great distraction.  spong The fall lineup is starting and there’s plenty of shows to watch from The Challenge, to The Voice, To Survivor! I’m waiting on Bob’s Burgers and Riverdale early next month to start as well. My DVR is about to be full again lol. I’ve also been recommended 2 new anime shows. the first is an American Made anime on Netflix called Neo Yokio. It’s ok so far but you can tell it’s American made if that makes sense. I will probably do a review on the show when I complete the series. The 2nd is a darker anime mystery called Baccano. I plan to watch this one as well.

That’s my update, thank you for 350+ followers as well! I will resume my normal posts on Sunday starting with the Memoirs of A Villan post featuring Billy The Pupet! You Know the puppet from the Saw movies!  Until then, I will try and reblog some interesting posts that I come across. Have a great week and weekend Novas and we will see you soon!

-Luna 🙂



WWE No Mercy Results!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the first PPV event since Summerslam and boy was it one of the most exciting nights in Sports Entertainment! I can say that while I am always happy for WWE events, I was not particularly knees weak bursting with excitement for No Mercy. I will preference the results post to say that personally, this was one of the most put together, exciting nights in WWE! Let’s get to the results.

Intercontinental Title- First up was the Intercontinental Title Macth between defending champion The Miz and the challenger Jason Jordan! This match originated from the Miz’s disrespect and comments for Kurt Angle, Jason’s father. I can say that I didn’t watch all of this match because I wasn’t that interested in it, however, the parts I did view were pretty good. I’m not sure why Jason’s transition to a solo performer didn’t bring his fans from American Alpha, but as I’ve mentioned before, There’s just something about his character that doesn’t connect with me.  jj  Results: The Miztourage comes through and the Miz retains his title!

Finn vs Bray- The Man versus an match was a challenge issued by Bray Wyatt after losing at Summerslam to the Demon Finn Balor. Bray states that Finn can’t beat him, only a demon can so he wanted to face our hero without the makeup. My grievance again with this match is that Bray considers himself a “god” so why issue a Man vs Man challenge. It’s stupid for his image as the Eater of Worlds. Bray as expected attacked Finn before the match rendering him helpless. This match was pretty good as Finn didn’t leave and fought as best he could with high energy kicks and moves.  finn   Results: Finn Balor won!

Raw Tag Team Championship- Defending champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose takes on the Bar Sheamus and Cesaro. This is the rematch between the 2 powerhouse teams with Sheamus and Cesaro trying to stir the pot. For many reasons, this was one of my favorite matches. Aside from my mild obssession with Seth Rollins, this match was everything you would want from the high energy moves to the power and domination that you would expect. The 3rd match issued in the first “This is Awesome” chants from the WWE Universe and it was chanting a few times during the match. Each time these 2 teams fight, there are new moves displayed and it’s a treat for the fans. Results: My husband retains his tag team title! Seth and Dean win, while sending Cesaro to the dentist lol! cesaro

Raw Women’s Championship Match- The fatal 5 way match surprised me just absed off of the sheer skill and performance of the women. 5 star rating for the match alone! Champion Alexa Bliss took on Sasha Banks, Bayley, Emma and Nia Jax. The WWE Universe was pretty loud for this match becasue the women really did a fantastic job! The moves displayed especially by Nia Jax had the crowd off of their feet and screaming!   20170924_No_Mercy_post_womens--70b3e0fe55d42275bd6127df0af1b0e6  Results: Alexa Bliss retains!

Cena vs Roman Reigns- comparison recap between 2 icons. You both suck chants lol.But the WWE Universe was chanting the loudest for this match. We’re not on the mic now John, you’ve got to fight. The matches between John Cena are never something to take lightly. There’s a reason he called out Roman Reigns and tonight we found out why. Cena and Reigns had a  highly entertaining match. From a very personal buildup with some great puns being thrown out , Cena’s a better talker than Enzo! Watch this match, highly recommended!   151_NM_09242017hm_2339--c4d15c8571ec27aefa52866359d0e108  Results: Roman Reigns! Roman beat John Cena!  Did Cena just retire? He stayed in the ring and took a bow before leaving in a dramatic way.

WWE Cruiserwight Championship Match- Neville is set to defend his title versus new cruiserweight Enzo Amore! This match was ok, to be honest I didn’t pay that much attention.   171_NM_09242017rf_4627--9df54e317fdec1d05639b7403283d156  Results: Enzo wins! The new Cruiserweight champion and his first title!

WWE Universal Championship Match- The Champion Brock Lesner sets to battle Braun Strowman. This feud waswhat the WWE Universe wanted to see since Braun first challenged the Beast after Wrestlemania. I was excited that the match wasn’t 2 minutes like Goldberg and Brock’s matches. As expeted, this was the most physical match of the night and it was truly awesome.   191_NM_09242017rf_5200--b985d4891e164b2ba869292a1be516d7  Results: Brock Lesner Retains????? I’m really upset. Honestly, WWE I have no words.



  • The outfits were really nice for this PPV. Sasha Banks always have new flashy outfits but Finn Balor’s colors were a cute Blue and Gray. Also, did anyone notice that Sehamus and Cesaro matched their wrestling attire as well as their cover ups? I quite like The Bar on their backsides lol
  • Excellent Execution of matches all night. The moves weren’t botched and everything just looked real put together in the matches. Of course there are a few slips here and there, but for the most part the performers were convincingly landing their moves!
  • Opening Packages– Part of the appeal of a PPV event is that you do not have to watch all of the episodes leading into the event. This is because the opening packages do a fantastic job of hitting on key points and lining up the match ahead. With the PPV being titled No Mercy, there was a great buildup of animosity in each match. The opening packages further amplified the match at hand.
  • Women’s Division Resurgence- I’ve expressed my love for the Women’s Division match earlier in the post. Honestly, if Smackdown has been killing the game in one area, it’s their Women’s Division. Raw has had a pretty stale division and the crazy this is that they have some of the top women in the game. This match proved that Women of Raw are stepping up their game, possibly in preparation for one of the greatest women in sports entertainment: Asuka!
  • WWE 2K18 Commercial- Listen, Snoop Dogg did a great job on promoting the WWE 2K18 match. I can’t even formulate words, take a look below!

Alright, that’s the recap of No Mercy! What do you think will happen on RAW tonight? Did any of the results surprise you? Why does Brock still have the title? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

WWE No Mercy Preview and Predictions!

Happy Saturday Novas! It’s been about a month since we have had a WWE prediction post and that’s because after Summerslam there was a break in between PPV’s just like what happens after Wrestlemania. Tomorrow Monday night RAWs finest are taking the stage! Let’s see what matches are scheduled and I will provide my opinions on who will win.

Raw Tag Team Championship match- 20170901_No_Mercy_tag--6306237aa98adfae93416fc2910d6080 Defending champions and my husband Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are re-watching Sheamus and Cesaro for the titles. These 2 teams, with the mix of the Club Anderson and Gallows, have been fighting each other since Summerslam. The matches have been going back and forth with Sheamus and Cesaro playing true heels and doing questionable deeds during the matches. My prediction is extremely bias and expected: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will retain!

Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 5 way match- 20170918_No_Mercy_WomansMatch--ff75c91d4020451334d2e0a437c6acdf What? Didn’t catch Raw the past 2 weeks? You read the tile right, the Boss Sasha Banks take on Goddess Alexa Bliss for her rematch at the belt. Then why does it say fatal 5 way you may think? Well last week bliss and banks were in a tag team match on the same team. If they lost, Kurt Angle said that the 2 women they fought would be inserted in the match. They lost to Nia Jax and Emma. But wait, there’s more! The 5th entrant was the returning Bayley from injury! My prediction: I was going to go with Nia until Monday. Now I think Bayley will be champion!

Universal Championship Match- 20170905_No_Mercy_TOTT_feed--6091fb6a7014d2b23e9dfbf6eb8ea9a1 Challenger Braun Strowman meets the Beast Brock Lesner for the title on Sunday. Last time these 2 met, Braun destroyed him in a fatal 5 way but didn’t pick up the W. Now it’s a straight 1 on 1 match and it’s going to be good (in th3 voice of Booker T). My prediction: if Strowman doesn’t win, I riot!!!! Strowman is ready, he’s dominant and he can convincingly beat Brock! My prediction: Braun Strowman is the new Universal Champion!

Intercontinental Title match- 20170918_No_Mercy_MizJordan--82779d0857db4f1c8aac33f2b7abbded The Miz meets the winner of the 6 pack challenge Jason Jordan for the title. OK I’m a little upset. I loved me some Jason Jordan when he was a part of American Alpha, but this new thing with his dad being Kurt Angle and him being put in all types of high profile matches is annoying. I agree with Miz, it’s like he’s being shoved down my throat. Is this how people feel about Roman Reigns? My prediction: Ughh I hope the Miz retains. But I’m thinking that Jordan will win.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt- 20170901_No_Mercy_finnbray--b186328f1c99ad1cce2ff3aba2661515 We will also have the Man to Man Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt match. This is re-match from Summerslam when the Demon King Finn Balor decimated an unprepared Bray Wyatt. Now Bray seeks to fight Finn Man to Man to prove his dominance? The problem with this match for me is that if Bray is a so called “god or eater of worlds,” why would it matter what form Finn is in? You’re “ALL POWERFUL” right? This match is annoying just on premise alone. My prediction: Finn Balor wins again and hopefully gets a title shot soon.

Face vs Face? Match lol- 20170821_No_Mercy_RomanCena--6cff6b3907e8151579ca0d6e0a0b4c97 John Cena Challenged the big dog Roman Reigns after Summerslam. The match at No Mercy will be 2 Face and polarizing characters versus each other. John Cena has been winning the battle of the mic but we all know that Cena is a talker and Roman is not so that was not surprising. I can’t wait for this match personally just to see who the crowd boos more or if we get the “You Both Suck” chant again lol. My prediction: Roman Reigns should win this match.

Crusierweight Championship Match- 20170901_No_Mercy_nevilleenzo--fd275966fac9d731aa795be010060f0c The Cruiserweight match will be between current champion Neville and new cruiserweight Enzo Amore. What’s funny is that since so many people like Enzo and hated what Cass did, I thought that WWE was trying to bump up viewership on the 205 Live show each Tuesday. But then something funny happened, when Braun interrupted Enzo and stopped his spiel, the WWE Universe chanted “Thank you Strowman!” Now I’m not sure if giving Enzo the belt will do anything for the Cruiserweight division. My prediction: Neville will retain.

Those are my predictions for the No Mercy PPV! What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my picks? Do you think anything special will happen? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


Top Moments of The Week

Happy Friday Novas! Thank you for tuning into the Top Moments of the Week post by myself and my friend Nagems! This post will go up each Friday or Saturday and will detail the funniest, weirdest, most out of control moments in our lives each week.

WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT???—So we work for Universal Orlando at a call center and we have been receiving an influx of new hires because it’s a busy season for us. This one representative said something that made me cringe. I’m guessing that she could hear the guest’s children in the background and she decided to make a joke saying something like.. “Oh it sounds like your kids are wild, Hahaha…”  Immediately I face-palmed because I knew she was about to get chewed out by the guest.

Why, just Why?

Long story short, she immediately started apologizing saying that it’s a joke because she has kids.

You have to keep it G bro!!! – We had our Team Member preview for the annual Halloween Horror Nights event. When going through the Scarecrow: the Reaping house (which is fantastic by the way!!!!) there were these 2 guys behind my group. I was the person in the back on this house and boy was it funny. This dude kept jumping and screaming higher than my friend Selena who was terrified. At one point he grabbed me and was like, can I hang on to you? At the end of the house he laughed saying he doesn’t know how he will bring his girlfriend to the event.  I turned around and said, “bruh you gotta keep it G!”   stay cool

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid – The raid for Destiny 2 came out and everyone has been scrambling trying to complete it. Before I bought my copy this week, I was shareplaying wth my friend Decaying Senpai on PS4. They put together a group and 2 hours later did not complete the raid. One guy kept dying over and over and over. At one point he died before the round started. I had my mic muted laughing and then one of the members o the Fireteam finally said ” Listen, you gotta stop dying, it’s not that hard.” Called him out in front of everyone. To be fair the guy kept killing himself in the water, it was a little suspect.

These people are OUT OF CONTROL!!! – Sooo we have some new contractors at work as IO mentioned earlier. It’s a bit crazy because one individual keeps walking into my supervisor’s desk and taking a bin to I guess place their feet on. Yesterday, they came to the desk as my supervisor was there and was told that they cannot take the bin because quite frankly they never asked. Fast forward to last night, the individual came back after my sup left and tried to take the bin again!!!! WE stopped them in their tracks and said that we overheard the conversation. These people are OUT OF CONTROL!!!!  out of control

Go Away Big Brother “check up on these new people who need it. Just saying lol.” One individual at work keeps getting called by our workforce team because they are always in after call “taking notes.” If you haven’t worked in a call center, you are supposed to notate while you are on the call to minimize after call work. This person got upset and started saying “Big Brother is at it again.” Noooo you are at it again, why are in your after call and you didn’t even pull up a reservation????

Nagems Top Moments of the Week!

Playing Spicy Uno- The other night, for my friends birthday, a group of us were playing Spicy Uno, you know the game where you lose all your friends… and instead of picking up a card from the deck to play, I asked if anyone could help me out. An array of hands popped into my view and i looked around the room to see who i could trust. I looked over at my best friend and her sly smile and then I see my boyfriend has his hand out as well. Right before I was about to make a decision, my boyfriend pulled his hand back and said ” I can’t do it”. everyone immediately was like “awwww” and started laughing. It was so sweet but funny. 

Yesterday Burns
Megan: *walks into room* Michael why are you sitting at my desk?
Michael: Oh you mean, your unassigned seat?
*everyone in room laughs*
Megan: Thats fine, i’ll just sit next to laquita and look at her beautiful face
Michael: thats good, looking at my face all day is torture
Megan: No, just dating you is…


Queen Petty: I should just quit, hand my Id in and leave..
Megan: Oh, 6 people just said hallejuah in their heads

Sasha: I’m going on break.
Megan: Aren’t you always on break?
Those are some of our top moments of the week? what’s been happening in your life and job? Has anything weird occurred this week? Let’s talk about our top moments!
-Luna & Nagems!

Throwback Thursday Party Hits!


Luna and I love music so we decided that this week would be perfect to pull together our Top 5 Throwback Thursday Party Hits!  Luna and I have a bit of a age gap and apparently party style so our Top 5 is completely different!

Nagems- Top 5

  1. For those of you who are 90’s babies, I’m pretty sure this is somewhere on your list too! I remember watching Britney Spears perform on TV and thinking… “OH MY God, I want to be her!” Not only was I, a super fan, but I even had the Backpack and Lunch box with her face on it….
    britney 1
    Oops!…I Did it Again-Britney Spears

    2. Not only was I obsessed with the Pop Princess but I also LOVED Barbie’s! From the age of 3-12, I carried my favorite Malibu Barbie with me everywhere….yeah you read that right, till the age of 12! Obviously it’s only fitting that this song would be on my Party list.

    Barbie Girl-Aqua

    3.  What party would be complete without your classic Girl Group?!? This song literally makes you want to jump on the couch with a hairbrush microphone screaming at the top of your lungs next to your best friends. Zigazig Ah!

    Wannabe-Spice Girls

    4. The Pop Princess returns to the list! I mean…is anyone really shocked?? Who doesn’t love the idea of dancing down the hall with pig-tail braids and a sexy school girl outfit?? I mean I have only done it in my dreams but still….!

    Baby One More Time-Britney Spears

    5.  Last but certainly not LEAST-my HOMEGIRL and DIVA QUEEN! Not only did I love to sing along to this every time it played on the radio, I dressed up as a Genie for Halloween that year! My friends and I would listen to this and make the hand gestures each time!

    Genie In a Bottle-Christina Aguilera

Wow great list Megan! While I can appreciate Genie in a Bottle, Spice Girls and Baby One More time, my interpretation of party hits took a left turn at Albequrque!

My 5 party songs seem to be in a different era than that of Nagems. Keep in mind that she is 22 and I’m 31 so yea… there’s that lol. The songs on my list shouldn’t have been heard by her as she would have been crazy young. As I was going down my list, I noticed that my songs are from the same genre, oh well lol. My choices are based on songs that I know immediately have my friends going ohhhh this is my jam! 

Luna’s Top 5 Party Hits!

First up we have Hot In Here by Nelly! – This is a party classic. As soon as you start playing this song, all of the dance hit from the early 2000’s like the chicken hand and stanky leg are being shown on the dance floor.


hot in here
So Take Off… Wait a second!


Next we have Salt Shaker by Lil Jon and the Ying Yang Twins. This song and Get Low were southern classics at parties and clubs. This was when the down south its took over the radio like Nelly, Ludacris, T.I., etc. This never fails to get me up and dancing.


Trying to keep these gifs appropriate lol


The Thong Song by Sisqo. I don’t really count this as a party song but this song is hilarious and when you play it at a party, people are like, really??? Sisqo… OOOOHHHHH!

Where the party at? By Jagged Edge Featuring Nelly was always a great hit. Between the original version and the remix with everyone and their uncle in it, I loved hearing the drop of the beat at the beginning of the song!


I miss those songs when you just ACT A FOOL!


Back That Thang Up– this is really a classic party hit. It’s a little more on the rugged side of things but it never fails to get people up out of their seats to pop or twerk until the song ends lol.


Squid, you look good won’t you BACK THAT THANG UP!

Alright now it’s time for use to hear from you! What are your favorite Party Hits? Whose list did you like the best? Let’s talk party hits!

-Luna & Nagems!


Creative Writing Pt 4: The Revelation!

Happy Wednesday Novas! I have finally received the last picture in my 4 picture challenge that I started with a friend a few months ago. It’s time to find out what happens to Kyrie and why all of the creepy things were happening at Bancroft Manor! Want to catch up? Check out Creative Writing Pt.1, Creative Writing Pt.2 : The Curse and Creatiev Writing Pt. 3: The Discovery now!  Below is the picture for the remainder of the story.


Kyrie had uncovered the newspaper that was dated December 15th, 1915 sitting neatly on the dresser. The front page picture was of a women being murdered! She was found on a piano in Bancrof Manor and the killer was never caught. Police had questioned witnesses that seem to think the suspect vanished and disappeard out of thin air.  There was a police sketch of the last person seen with the woman and the face was that of Kyrie! Kyrie tries to catch his breath and grabs the papper to read more about the story. Witnesses say that the women

Witnesses say that the women was Sara Granville and a well known apothecry for the town. When you couldn’t find a cure at the doctor’s office, you would call Sara for her herbal remedies. The children all thought that she was a witch and the suspect named Kyrie Dayton was a new teenager in town. acquaintances of Dayton say that they dared him to go to Bancroft Manor and talk with the witch. That was the last time they saw him.

Kyrie overhears footsteps while he is reading the story. “What is wrong with you, no one’s here.” hey says and continues reading. Next he hears the creak of the door opening. When Kyrie looks towards the door it shuts rapidly causing more dust to fly up in the air. Kyrie sneezes. “Ouch” he says as he rubs his head, it’s still hurting from when he collapsed earlier. The air chills and the light on the candle blows out. Kyrie can hear foosteps approaching again until the knock on the door turns him pale.  The door blasts open and Kyrie sees the face of the old woman that he gave a sandwich to, the same face of teh woman who was dead on the piano and in this old Newspaper clipping. Yet, she was no longer human, she was a demon.

“Beware of strangers.” the snarling demon laughs. “You are the last time shifter left and you can’t escapeme this time.” she continues. All of Kyrie’s memories are returned. Yes, he did kill the old woman in 1915, he knew that she was praticing withcraft and planning to call demons up to the Earth. Kyrie found out because she poisoned him when he asked her for an herbal remedy to help his fever. Kyrie didn’t die, but he started exhibiting strange behaviors. He killed her and somehow ended up a century away.

“Are you going to kill me?” Kyrie asks. He feels himself losing control of his own thoughts.

The demon laughs. “Kill you? My dear, you’re already dead!” she responds.

Kyrie’s body is now immobile. He cannot move to get away from this hideous woman. Kyrie realizes why he is never afraid, why he welcomes death. He did die from the poison given to him all of those years ago. He died and came back with supernatural abilities. He realizes that he is now  trapped with the demon and under her control.

She walks over to Kyrie and places a mark on the palm of his hand. Now you can never run away again. The little girl that warned him that he could never leave enters the room behind her and sits on the bed.

“What do you have to do with this, child?” he questions.

She giggles and points to the outside of the window.

“Kyrie, we have work to do!” she answers. The laughter intensifies.

There’s that eerie feeling again. Kyrie turns to look out of the window and what he sees scares him. Hundreds of demons falling from the sky and the light of the flames. shining off of the city. Kyrie tries to fight, he tries to scream but he cannot resist. He snarls with his eyes turning crimson red. He fights for the last of his humanity, but he no longer has it. Kyrie leaps out of the window, yelling “It’s time to Play!”

What did you think of the ending? Are you working on any creative wrting projects at the moment? Is this the outcome that you would expect? Let’s talk writing!

-Luna 🙂


Luna’s Rankings: Gears of War!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Last week I started the Luna’s rankings post where I will list my top games in a series or genre and reasons why they were placed in that position. Last week we ranked my top call of duty games and this week we will tackle one of my favorite series:Gears of War! The rankings will be from worst to best so let’s get to it!

Gears of War 2– Gears of War 2 is my least favorite game in the franchise. It’s dunny, I remember the midnight release for this game and how it was amazing… until the first patch. After the first patch (which I didn’t think needed to happen, especially a week after the game releases) playing as Skorge was a hack. Also the smoke grenades, when tagged to an opponent would sometimes glitch you out of the map. But also I didn’t care for the maps that much.

Gears of War Judgement- From my online friends, this was their least favorite game in the series. Personally, I didn’t think the game was bad at all, I just really liked the other games better so this one seems far down the list. I loved the new characters and game modes in judgement as well. The library stage was my favorite.

Gears of War– The original game was super amazing. Since there are only 5 games in the franchise, it may seem like this game is far down the list but it’s no at all. I completely love this game and I have so many memories tied to it. This was one of the first XBOX games I played for 360. Back when I used my brother’s profile and 360 to play. I made so many friends, many of which I still hvae and met in real life. This game is amazing, I can’t stress it enough.

Gears of War 4- This is the current Gears of War game and it’s fantstic! The only reason this game isn’t number 1 in my mind is becuase I’m extremely sad that I can no longer used my Theron Guard. Because of the story, there are no more “Locusts” and therefore the Theron character that I have used across other titles no longer exists. The graphics for this game is awesome and I particularly like the animations with the executions.

Gears of War 3 – Gears 3 is the best game in my mind out of the franchise. This game had everything, game modes, characters, a great story and the online multiplayer was amazing! The feel of the game, the stages, the memories all rank this game number 1 out of the other titles, but I love all of the GOW games (except 2 blahhh).

Those are my rankings! How do you rank the GOW franchise games? what’s your favorite video game franchise? Let’s talk rankings!

Have a great day and Game On!

-Luna 🙂


4 Reasons I love House Stark!

Happy Monday Novas! Since I was unable to watch Game of Thrones last week, I thought I would do a post listing the 4 reasons that I loveeee House Stark! I know, I know, what you’re thinking but like it’s House Flipping Stark! They may be boring to some, but to me they are the best House in Game of Thrones! If you haven’t watched GOT you might want to stop rading as there may be spoilers below! **Spoiler Alert, Spoiler Alert!**

Wolves: The sigil for the house is the Dire Wolf which is a gigantic wolf. Dire wolves are beautiful and dangerous. Sansa and Arya said a great reference at the end of season 7. ” Father said that even if the  leader dies, the pack will survive.” or something like that. The leader Ned died, but the pack (well most of them) still live on.


Yes, the Starks will fight, yes they each have a different opinion on what needs to be done but as Sansa, Arya and Bran proved, no one, not even Littlefinger can tear them apart. They will in the end come together as a pack and destroy their enemies.


Fight: If you notice, all of the Starks are excellent fighters! Jon of course is a master swordsman and as dog fodder Ramsey described him “Probably the best fighter anyone has ever seen.”  jon fight  Arya is skilled in fighting, she took on Brienne in season 7 and has been carving up targets left and right (How many people are left on her list anyway?). Ned was an extroadinary swordsman as Jaime Lannister learned.  Jaime’s own men thought he was in danger to lose the fight and drove a spear into Ned’s leg.

Skills: Each member of the Stark family has an impressive skill that other houses just do not possess. Arya is an assassin and very skilled with weapons, Sansa has the diplomatic skills of a Lannister (which can be a double edge sword),  Jon has the leadership skills and tenacity of the best warrior around, Rob had the same leadership qualities and then there is Bran, the 3 eyed raven. Need I say more?

Honor: You cannot mention House Stark without mention their Honor! Many get mad at the Starks for not bending the rules and doing whatever they can to win, but I admire them for sticking to their morals. It is entirely easy to break the rules to get what you want.  ned  When you stand for something and stick to it no matter what, you should be commended. The Starks do not follow the crowd, their honorable and noble. Yes, it may get them into crazy situations but that’s the price or being honorable. Everyone in the 7 Kingdoms know that a Stark’s word will not be broked and can be trusted. It’s why they are so likeable by the other houses.

Those are my top reasons for loving House Stark! Which House is your favorite in Game of Thrones and why? Let’s talk GOT!

-Luna 🙂