Game of Thrones Season 7 Premier and Thoughts!

Happy Monday Novas! So… you just knew that I had to write a Game of Thrones post (along with the rest of the world I imagine lol). I will try to make my ost a lttle different by not blogging a recap of the episode, but instead I want to talk about some of my favorite scenes, what I think they represent and place some predictions for the next episode! Join in on the conversation in the comments!

Of course we have to start off with that opening. Before the premier, we thought that Winter Is Coming and Has Came with the emergence of the White Walker Army. I would like to formally say that Winter Has Come with the epic way that Arya Stark congratulated the Freys on their Red Wedding victory! The penalty for treason is death and while the Lannister’s Always Pay Their Debts, the North Always Remembers.

The North Remembers

Lyanna Mormont is quickly turning in to my favorite character in the show. She is tough, She is Brave and she takes no sass from ANYONE!!!! She truly is an inheritant of her House Sigil on Bear Island. I’d hate to see her on the battlefield! I think this scene was significant because it shows the strength of the people in the North. They are true to their word and they will go down swinging!

Dany’s homecoming choked me up a bit. I’m glad the producers didn’t ruin t with dialogue and just let the moment resonate with the audience. Dany set foot in her childhood home, tore down the Baratheon’s Banner and gazed upon the true home of the Iron Throne.

Sandor Clegane and his band of fanatics. This scene interested me the most because you can tell that it is a buildup for the Hound. He’s growing a conscious, he’s growing to believe and in turn, I believe he is growing stronger. When he asked why the Lord of Light picked  Berric Dondarrion to keep resurrecting, I thought of a bold response. Clegane seems to only be in the group because of Berric, right? What if Berric’s purpose is to bring the Hound to their side? I don’t know why specifically that this would matter, but Clegane seen the Light… literally! He knows of the undead Army and he knows of the battle ahead. Clegane is the key for something… hopefully we are gifted more clues next week,

Euron Greyjoy vow to return to Cersei with a gift, a magnificent gift. Could it be that he plans to bring Cersei Tyrion? You know that he plans to set sail and my bets are that he’s going to bring her something that she will not stop fighting for; revenge. If not Tyrion, could he bring her Sansa? I have to believe that it is a person that he will return with.Cersei is not dealing with her feelings which makes her even more dangerous. Because of this vulnerability you know that she is going to slowly push Jaime away. What will this mean for Kings Landing?

We’re waiting Euron

I feel that Jame of course, is Cersei’s only restraint. She can’t have that hindrance around, so I wonder if she will turn against her brother first?

Other notable moments were Jorah Mormont reaching out at Sam with his illness and Brandon Stark reaching the Wall. Of course we are all still waiting to see exactly what Sansa plans. Her undermining Jon in front of all of the Lords of the North was a power move and then it seemed as she was trying to become his right hand confidant… Hand of the King. It’s all very fishy, but I don’t belive that she is trying to outright overthrow Jon… yet. And I was very annoyed when she was telling Jon to not be Stupid like Father nad Robb… It’s like you were lucky people were saving you in every season but the 6th season… just saying.  There was a lot going in to the first episode as you would expect.

Favorites in this episode – Arya, Jon, Lyanna, Dany, The Hound, Jaime

I can’t wait until next week!

The opening was Epic and the remainder of the episode was setting up for episode 2. I believe that next week will have even more suspense and action than tonight. What are your thoughts? What were some of your favorite scenes? What do you think will happen next week? Let’s talk Game of Thrones!

-Luna 🙂




Daily Prompt: Savor, Young Love

Happy Sunday Novas! I hope that you are having a fantastic weekend filled with blogs, games, friends, family, comics, books and everything else under the sun! We’re doing another daily challenge and I definitely encourage everyone to join in! Enjoy!

Delilah was a spectacle to behold each day that she decided to come to class. Today was no exception. She had on the ripped, dark blue jean shorts that had gotten her kicked out of the room several times before. Her short cut, black tank top rested just above her belly, exposing the jeweled martini glass ring that settled neatly in her button. “Sorry I’m late” she said. Uh-oh, Ms. Penelope is not impressed, she’s glaring at Delilah through her black, boxed rimmed glasses. Does she even have a prescription? I thought. Ms. Penelope gestures toward the seats and Delilah skips on by.

“Hi, Tyler!”

“You know you’re late right?”

Delilah tilts her head to the side and cracks a smirk. “So…” she laughs and punches me in the arm. Even her flirty punches are something that even her flirty punches are something that seem majestic and out of a novel. “She’s already got it out for you.” I gesture to Ms. Penelope who is still peering out of her glasses at my best friend. “She’ll be alright, so what’s for lunch?”

Before I could answer the bell was echoing through the halls and we were out for our hour lunch. Delilah grabs my ice cold hand and interlocks it with hers, as we walk to the cafeteria. She will never know how much I admire her, how much I want her and how much I will actually do for her.

“Hey, Ty… I’m going to get us some drinks. Be right back.”

“Sure thing!”

I can’t take my eyes off of her. Delilah doesn’t walk; she glides across the tile floor with ease. I bite my lip at the thought of having her in my arms. Today’s the day that I will taste what it’s like to be entranced by a siren. I stand up with authority as she returns to the table with our drinks, take her by her curvy waist and pull her into my body. Our eyes meet with intensity, her big hazel eyes cannot shy away from me any longer.


“Shhh don’t say another word.”


My hands slide up to the back of her neck and I pull her into my kiss. I promised myself that when I finally gave in to my desires that I would make the most of it, that I would savor every taste, every sound and every moment that she was in my arms.

Delilah drops the tray of food on the table where we are sitting.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing.”

I grab a carrot stick from the plate and take a bite with the biggest smile. I can still taste Delilah’s sweet, berry lips, even if it was just a dream.



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WWE 30 Day Challenge Days 11-15

Happy Saturday Novas! Today’s blog post will be the missed days of the 30 day blogging challenge. This installment focuses exclusively on WWE! I apologize for not posting these everyday, but I figure I would post 5 at a time, since these are sorter blog posts. Let’s get to the topics!

Favorite NXT Tag Team

The questions are a little hard to answer when you try to gauge if the question refers to “of all time” or just the current rosters. I will just answer the questions based on the current rosters unless the question specifically says “Of All Time.” With that said, Currently I do not have a favorite tag team in NXT. I loved DIY but…. yea that happened.  To be honest, I haven’t watched NXT in a few weeks so I’m not even sure which tag teams are even a thing other than Authors of Pain.

Favorite Title Belt

My favorite title belt by far is the Intercontinental Championship Belt. The IC Belt has always been my favorite because it looks so sleek and pretty.


Favorite NXT Match of All Time

There have been a few really good NXT matches. The Triple Threat between Asuka, Nikki Cross and Ruby Riot was pretty good, NXT Takeover London when Finn Balor came out dressed like Jack the Ripper and the Triple Threat between DIY, AOP and The Revival at NXT Takeover Orlando during Wrestlemania weekend! I can’t decide but NXT has had some amazing matches!

Favorite Main Roster Champion

I will mention my favorite main roster current champion. This is probably going to surprise people but I love Alexa Bliss as champion along with Jinder Mahal. Both are heel characters and in my opinion they play their roles really well. I love really good heels as much if not better than a face character.

Favorite NXT Champion

My current NXT Champion has to be Asuka, even though her character is starting to rub me the wrong way. Asuka is a really great Superstar and I like her… when she’s not being too arrogant on the show.


Those are my picks for this week’s 5 questions! What are your favorites? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


Gaming De-Classified: Wouldn’t it be crazy if…

Greetings and hello my fascinating Novas! I was getting ready to write up a blog post when the best idea popped into my head out of nowhere! I was thinking about some of the lore and plots that we have grown up with in video games. Then my mind decided to go all Scooby Doo giphy.gif   and propose the question: Wouldn’t it be crazy if… we didn’t know the whole story? So now I’m severely interested and talking things over with my friends Erick & Emily about presenting a version of the story that’s likely to have been the case. If you’re not following me yet, don’t worry when I explain the first story you will tie all of the pieces together. So let’s get investigating gang!

Lore: Bowser is an evil dinosaur that hates Mario and always tries to abduct Princess Peach.

Question: Wouldn’t it be crazy if Bowser only hates Mario because he is MARRIED TO PEACH??????

Investigation: What’s the probability of Peach being married to Bowser.

Exhibit A: Bowser has kids…. The Koopa Kids but I do not recall them having a mother. He also has Bowser Jr.

  • Through the initial investigating phases, I have found a few suspect pictures that I would like to present. I sat down to a very intense interview with our Princess and here’s what she had to say.

Me: Good evening Peach! I’m just following up on a few leads and I would love to ask you some questions if you don’t mind.

Peach: No problem Luna! I’m happy to help anyone who is a friend of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Me: Ok great! Just a few quick questions here. First, how are things going with Mario?

Peach: Everything’s fantastic! Mario is very sweet and helpful and I don’t nkow what I would do without him.

Me: Oh That’s sweet! So, are you guys planning on getting married?

Peach: No, we haven’t talked about it. We’re both pretty busy at the moment.

Me: Oh… I was under the impression that you were engaged?

Peach: No I can’t be…. I mean of course not. What would make you think such a thing?

Me: Engagement ring? Also, why did you stop going by your maiden name, Princess Toadstool? For that matter, why have you changed your appearance and dyed your hair Princess?peach

Peach: This isn’t an engagement ring and I don’t like you prying into my personal life. This interview is OVER!


Exhibit B: Bowser has maddddd money to build contraptions and go after Mario

  • We know that I loveeee reading and watching pieces about royals and nobles. From this study of history I know that often times 2 kingdoms are united by marriage. Bowser is King of the Koopas and Peach is Princess of Mushroom Kingdom what if she was married off to Bowser to unite the Kingdoms?
  • bowser and peach

Exhibit C: The guy flying in the clouds recording everything has a 6 hour gap in his tapes!!!

  • I’ve interviewed a few citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom who prefer to keep their identity secret. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Interview with Kim from Later Levels:

Me: Hey Kim, thank you for sitting down with me. As discussed, I wanted to get your insight on an investigation that I am heading up. Since you are a guru in the video game realm, I thought you’d be the perfect person to help out!


Me :Have you seen any suspicious encounters between Bowser and Princess Peach?

Kim: It’s not the encounters we see that are suspicious – it’s the ones we don’t which are downright dodgy! Think about it: what does poor Mario find every time he goes off to save Peach from one of these so-called ‘kidnappings’? It’s Toad, telling him yet again that the princess is in another castle. If Peach had really been taken by Bowser – who’s meant to be this fierce, fire-breathing beast – why would he keep leaving behind a servant who gives the would-be rescuers clues as to the Peach’s location? Toad should be fried mushroom by now.

So maybe they aren’t real kidnappings after all. Maybe it’s just a cover-up for two star-crossed lovers who don’t want to ruin their reputations. Why on earth would you continue to play tennis and go go-karting with someone who keeps trying to abduct you, huh?


Diversion or Nah?


Me: Who do you think is the real mother of Bowser Jr?

Kim: The word on the Toad Town street is that Bowser revealed to Bowser Jr that Peach was his mum. Some are saying that this was a lie and just a way for the Koopa King to persuade his son to ‘rescue’ his mother from that ‘evil Mario’; but when you consider what I’ve already told told you about these ‘kidnappings’, who knows how many untruths we’re being fed?

Consider also that Bowser Jr looks particularly fetching when wearing pink. I wonder whether he got that trait from his mother’s side of the family…

Me: If Bowser and Peach were married, what would it mean for the Mushroom Kingdom?

Kim: I don’t know why the pair of them continue to try and hide their marriage. Sure, their reputations might take a bit of a knock to begin with – the royal princess falling for a bit-of-rough from the wrong side of the tracks, the power-hungry villain giving up evil in the name of love – but it could be a good thing. It could bring about peace for all mushrooms, you know?

No more warring factions fighting over the realm; divided Toads and Koopas brought together in harmony; an end to ferocious man-eating plants jumping out at you when you want to use the bathroom. And no more wasting tax-payers’ money on these stupid kidnappings!

Me: Lakitu is missing 6 hours of footage from June 18th between 4pm to 10pm. Also, the goombas and Koopas whereabouts are unknown from that block of time. Do you know where they were and why there is 6 hours of footage missing?

Kim: Let me guess: Princess Peach told you that this footage occurred during the time of her last kidnap and that the cameras were damaged during the scuffle when she was taken. How very convenient! Two words for you: date night.

Thank you for your time Kim!

I have a lot of evidence and more questions now. If only, I could find a …

ROYAL CORRESPONDENT TOAD REPORTS: If Bowser and Peach are actually married, there are some pretty far-reaching implications. Peach is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, as we know, but there doesn’t seem to be a King or Queen and Peach seems to be de facto ruler of the Kingdom: she’s not just a member of its royal family, she would appear to be its head. If she’s actually married Bowser, this would make him a high-up member of the family too, and therefore potentially extremely powerful within the Kingdom’s government. We don’t know exactly what the lineage of the Mushroom Royal Family is, but Peach being the Princess and monarch apparent would make Bowser Prince Consort or something like that at the very least! Since we haven’t seen any evidence that there’s a president or prime minister, we can assume that the royal family does actually wield governing power, so Bowser probably has some say in what laws are made.

Mario might well bear the legal status of traitor and war criminal! All this is just assuming Bowser’s the one who married into the royal family, of course. But what if that’s not the case at all? What if Bowser was the actual hereditary member of the monarchy, and Peach is the one who gained her status and title by marrying? Imagine that! The Koopa line would be the true rightful rulers of the kingdom, with Mario little more than a blue-collar everyman mounting a one-man revolution.

-Chris, Overthinker Y


Based on the evidence and witness statements, what do you think? Do you think there’s a possibility that Bowser and Peach are secretly married? Have you seen anything suspicious in the Mushroom Kingdom or Mario franchise that would validate our claims? Let’s talk gaming conspiracies!


-Luna 😀


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Five Sentence Story Prompt: Hidden

Happy Thursday Novas! Today’s post will be my entry into this week’s 5 sentence story prompt. The 5 sentence story prompt is a contest going on where you submit your best 5 sentence stories.The winners get to display their winning award picture. It’s really fun and a great way to get those creative writing wheels turning. This is my 2nd week entering! Feel free to join in on the fun. This week’s prompt is hosted by Mila, Doodling Panda. Check out the official rules by clicking here.

This week’s word: Hidden

The highborn are all too much like glass, offering up their tributes for my father’s favor. They think this smile, my attention, flattery, maidenhood is for them; my life for sale at our Winter Festival. Must I partake in the praise and indulgences rippling through my father’s royal court? “My Lord,” I curtsey, submitting to my duty as Princess, the scent of my freedom no longer fills the air, for this burden I do bear. His feral scent and lips so dry cannot lower my smile, yet I shy away from his gaze; for in my eyes, my true feelings are revealed.

Thank you for reading this week’s prompt. What do you think of the story? Can you tell what I was going for and what was “Hidden?” Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 🙂

The Kingmaker’s Daughter Book Review!

Hiya Novas! It’s time for another book review and this time we are diving into a genre that I have become obsessed with.

Title: The Kingmaker’s Daughter

Author: Phillipa Gregory

Pages: 412 (actual story) 448 (Total Pages)

Series: Book# 4 out of 6 books published about The Cousins’ War

Release Date: August 16th, 2012

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Genre: Historical Fiction


The Kingmaker’s Daughter is the story of Anne Neville ,daughter of Richard Neville who was given the title of Kingmaker, and her life as it revolves around the dangerous game of running a kingdom. It’s a historical fiction account of the events leading up to and beyond the crowning of a new King of England, from the House of York. The story takes place during the Cousins’ War (commonly known as the War of the Roses) and is told exclusively through the eyes of Anne Neville.

The Kingmaker’s Daughter is the griping tale of the daughters of the man known as the Kingmaker, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick: the most powerful magnate in 15th century England. Without a son and heir, he uses his daughters, Anne and Isabel, as pawns in his political games. When Anne is left widowed, her mother in sanctuary, and her sister married to the enemy, she manages her own escape and makes a choice that will set her on a collission course with the overwhelming power of the royal family.

The events in this book and the story in general, take place during the events of The White Queen (you can read that review here) and the reign of York King Edward IV. The book is written as a journal of Anne’s where you will read the events of her life as if told through her pen.

My thoughts:

I feel like the book is a very quick and easy read. Since it takes on the tone of a journal, you’re not reading a full page looking for transitions to the next topic or battle. It is very balanced due to the journal style of writing)so there is immediate conflict and questions presented. As you continue reading, the answers to the questions posed earlier on, start to reveal themselves and you crave to learn more about the events unfolding. I love that there’s action and I felt as though I were reliving the life through Anne’s eyes. There’s plenty of suspense and moment where you are left with a sense of loss.

Quotes From The Book:

  • “Do you eat the food?” he asks quietly. I shake my head. “I never eat the food from…” I tell him in a whisper. “Not since George warned me.” “Neither do I,” he says with a sigh. “Not anymore.”
  • They are a terribly handsome family. Nobody can deny that they are as beautiful as if they had the bluest blood in their veins… And they are seated at our table as if they were young people of royal blood and had a right to be with us, the daughters of a countess.

When I write Video game or Netflix Reviews, I include an area at the end of the review for my top reasons to “Play” or try the series and “Skip” for reasons you may not like it. I will use that method with the book reviews as well.


  • A different point of view on the story of Edward IV
  • A quick and exciting paced read


  • Not a fan of historical drama


Goodreads – 3.9 out of 5

Barnes & Noble  4.1 out of 5

Personal Review  4 out of 5

I know there’s not many negatives in this review, but my bias is taking over. I think it’s a great read and I found that I was questioning the “Accepted” versions of history. When I watched The White Queen, I had 1 picture of Anne in my head, but reading this book presents another (I still don’t like her, but I was able to find understanding in her actions). The book makes you think about the actions in regards to each person’s individual scenario.

Thank you for reading the book review of The KingMaker’s Daughter! Have you read any of Phillipa Gregory’s books or any historical fictions novels? What’s your favorite time period to read/wrte about? Let’s talk!

-Luna 🙂

WWE 30 Day Challenge Day 10!

Happy Monday Novas! Today is my “Friday” at work as I am off Tuesdays and Wednesdays ( yup these days off suck lol). I’m at work stalking the clock so that I can go home, but at least I was able to finish The Kingmaker’s Daughter book today! It was amazing and I can’t wait to start reading the comic Snot Girl (gross I know) when I get it our o my car later lol. Anyways, today’s post will be short!

Favorite Main Roster Tag Team

So here’s the thing. Enzo and Cass are no more and they were pretty entertaining. I’m not a fan of New Day never really was). I could go with the Hardy Boyz but I wouldn’ say they are my favorite. I guess I will have to go with The Usos or Sheamus and Cesaro!

The Usos have been favorites of mine for a few years now. I liked them better before the heel turn but they’re still entertaining to watch.

Look at the difference lol

Sheamus and Cesaro are amazing as tag partners. They grew from hating each other to being a truly dominant force in the tag team division. And they managed to make Sheamus likeable lol. Didn’t see that coming!

What are your favorite main roster tag teams? Are there any tag teams that you would like to see form? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂



WWE Great Balls of Fire Results!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the Great Balls of Fire ppv for the Raw brand. Let’s jump into the results of the night!

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins– The opening match was Seth Rollins taking on Bray Wyatt. Bray and Seth had a pretty good battle up until the end where the ref was pulling Rollins off of Wyatt and Bray poked Seth in the eyes. Yup that was the ending and my husband lost to a ref on payroll and an eater of worlds who pulls a 3 Stooges lol. Results: Bray Wyatt Wins. gbof

Big Cass vs Enzo Amore – The feud between former tag team partners Big Cass and Enzo went to the ring. It was not a good match as all that happened was that Cass showed his dominance. It did, however, solidify Cass as a Heel and I think he will make a great opponent for monster amoung men Bruan Strowman. Results: Cass won of course.

Tag Team Ironman Match– The 1st tag team ironman match was good. It was 30 minutes of fighting to see who could win the mosts points by pinfall, submission or count out. The 1st pinfall came 16 seconds in when Sheamus and Cesaro tricked the Matt Hardy into thinking Cesaro was the legal man. That landed him a Brogue Kick straight to the face. It looked grim for the Hardyz as they were down 3-1 with about 10 minutes to go. Results: Sheamus and Cesaro retain with a count of 4-3 (they ran for the last 13 seconds lol).

Womens Championship– Alexa Bliss took on the Boss Sasha Banks. This was the best match to me so far in the event as the women weren’t holding any punches. Can I take a moment to say that Alexa Bliss is a great heel. She is one of the best heels in the WWE at the moment, just by the way she taunts people and the way she wrestles. Anyway on to the results. Results: Alexa Bliss retains by getting herself counted out (she didn’t want to get back in the ring with the Boos)… But wait… There’s More! Sasha didn’t let Alexa walk out scotch free with her title. The Boss chased her down and the end result was Alexa getting the Double knees from the announcers desk at the top of the ramp. 

Intercontinental Championship Match – The Miz took on Dean Ambrose fr the gazillionth time. I’m not faking as if I really paid attention to this match becuase I didn’t. It’s played out. Results: The Miz won which is what I wanted so that someone else can have a shot at the IC belt now maybe Finn Balor!).


Ambulance Match– Probably my favorite match of the night. Braun Strowman took on Roman Reigns and they were not holding anything back. After destroying each other Braun won the match by moving out the way when reigns tried to Spear him into the ambulance. This is where it gets good. Reigns breaks out of the ambulance, beats up Strowman and drives away. Then the best thing happened, Roman looked like he started a Heel turn… Roman backed the ambulance into a trailer and left Braun in the crushed ambulance. Is this the heel turn that everyone wants? We shall see. Results: Technically Braun won.

Universal Championship Match- The main event was between Brock and Samoa Joe. I was upset at the outcome because now the Universal Title is going back in retirement. Results: Brock won. Sheesh I don’t like Joe but at least we would have seen the title more. This is the FIRST defense since Wrestlemania in April! Are you kidding me????   brock

That was the PPV event. I’m not going to lie, it was a little lackluster to me. Hopefully Raw will be better tonight. Did you watch the event? What were your favorite matches? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂

WWE 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 9!

Happy Sunday Novas! Today is the Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View event for WWE! I can’t wait to watch the action unfold. We are marching on to day #9 of the 30 Day WWE Blogging Challenge. Today’s topic is a “No Brainer” for me so let’s get to it!

Fav WWE Faction of All Time.

Ummm…. THE SHIELD!!!!! shield 2  The Shield was a WWE faction that consisted of my husband Seth Rolllins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. The Shield took the WWE Universe by storm when they showed up out of nowhere (from NXT) and started attacking Superstars. Many thought they were hired guns by CM Punk who was champion at the time. The Shield was different, they entered the ring from the crowds, dressed in all black and called themselves the Hounds of Justice.

Side Note: I wasn’t watching during the time that The Shield was introduced and competing as a faction, but I do remember my brother nad his friends wearing black going to Wing House to watch the events lol.

The Shield dominated the scene for about 2 years and they held the Tag Team titles, battled the Wyatt Family, took on Evolution, held the United States title and shortly after their unfortunate end, shield3   all become World Champion (in the same night at one point lol). These 3 Superstars are sitting at the top of the pack and their reign as  a dominant group is thanks to their individual talents!

the shield

What is your favorite faction or group? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


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