WWE Battlegrounds Results!

Happy Monday Novas! Last night was the Smackdown Live special ; Battlegrounds! The Smackdown roster of Superstars battled it out at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia! Right on shcedule we have the recap and results from the matches.

Tag Team Championship Match– The starting match of the PayPerView pitted the rough and tough champions The Usos verus the longest reigning tag team champions, The New Day! The New Day fought using Kofi and Xavier Woods, sidelining the powerhouse, Big E. Woods and Kofi made a great tandem starting off hot with kicks, flips and tricks. The Usos answered back with hard hitting moves and signature high flying tricks. The match started the night off correctly, having the crowd screaming “This Is AWESOME” early. Results: Your new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions are the New Day!

Nakamura Versus Baron Corbin– Next up Nakamura came out (finally uninterrupted in his intro) to face Mr. Money In The Bank, Baron Corbin. Nakamura started the match uninterested in Barons tough exterior, he started throwing punches and kicks off rip. Corbin answered back with extreme speed and power catching Nakamura off guard a few times. This match was pretty entertaining. Results: Nakamura wins by DQ (Corbin low-blowed Nakamura to get disqualified).

United States Championship Match – Champion AJ Styles came out confident against Kevin Owens. After Styles’ insane and unexpected win at the house show in Madison Square Garden, the WWE Universe erupted in cheer for the new champ. This match wasprobably the most anticipated match of the night for me. Styles put up a great fight and Owens studied his opponent well pulling out counters ever so often. The highlight was when Styles went for the Styles Clash, KO reversed the move and flung AJ into the Ref! It was insane! Results: KO is the New United States Champion due to a controversial pinfall, but pinfall none the less!

Women’s 5 Way Elimination Match – The Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi joined the commentators during the women’s 5 way elimination match! I originally thought the Superstars will come out 1 at a time, but I was incorrect. The match started with all 5women going at each other. Tamina dominated early tossing women left and right. Charlotte and Becky Lynch put on masterful displays of technique and precision, wile Lana… well she was yelling at everyone in Russian. The order of elimination was as follows: After trying to save Lana for the bagillionth time, Tamina tapped out to Becky Lynch’s Disarmer, followed shortly by Lana herself. Becky was eliminated soon after leaving Charlotte and Natalya… the 2 women I didn’t want to win. At this point I was rooting for Nattie. Results: Natalya is the number 1 contender to challenge champion Naomi at Summerslam!

Flag Match – John Cena took on Rusev for a flag match. The match was ok at best in my opinion, with all of the action and suspense appearing towards the end of the match. Both flags were half-way up the ramp and Rusev had enough. After putting Cena in a few accolades, the Bulgarian Brute set 2 tables up side by side next to the USA podium. There was blood in his eyes as he was looking for a way to humilate Cena. Results: Cena reversed Rusev’s evil intentions and hit his Attitude Adjustment off of the USA Podium, onto the very tables that Rusev stacked! Cena Wins!

Sami Zayn Vs Mike Kannelis– OK, honestly did not care about this match so I fast foward through it. Results: Sami Zayn lands the Helluva Kick for the win!

Punjabi Prison Match – The WWE Champion Jinder Mahal fought the Viper Randy Orton inside of the Punjabi Prison. At first glance, the structure looked like a bamboo jungle gym lol. I was worried about watching the match (I don’t know how the fans in the building were able to watch). 3 of the 4 doors inside of the cage were locked early, with both Superstars battling with about 30 seconds left on the last door. Then the SIngh Brothers came out from under the ring and pulled Mahal out of the 1st cage. Orton eventually slithered out and put up a great battle knocking out the Singh Borthers and beating Mahal with a Kendo Stick. This battle got bloody and brutal quick. Results: Jinder Mahal retains…. with an assist from The Great Khali!

Those are the results from the event! This prediction for me was the worst! I only predicted maybe 2 things correctly (which I admittedly knew would happen). This time around, I predicted what I wanted to happen, but I wasn’t too suprised (Other than AJ losing the title). What are your thoughts? What do you think this means for Summerslam? Let’s Talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂


Game of Thrones Week 2 Thoughts!

The opening to week 2 of GOT was just as intense as the premier episode, showing Dany’s authority and the opening shows glimpses of the type of ruler Daenyrys intends to be. She is not blind, she is not stupid and she is very brave, as brave as her dragons. The closing to the opening scene tells it all… “Tell him his Queen invites him to Dragonstone… And Bend The Knee!”

Sam’s development. He’s becoming more brave, defiant and strong willed towards causes he belived in. In episode 1 this started with him building up the courage to go into the forbidden section of the Citdael. In this episode he goes against direct orders of the Arh Maester. I’m super happy to see that Sam is becoming his own man.

Arya is reunited with a boy from her past and from their interaction you can see just how feral she really is. Arya has lost most of her humanity until a great truth is revealed. The actress did an amazing job of showing the voidness in her face and then the child Arya in her eyes. Over the 7 seasons, arya was deprived of her childhood, upon this revealation, you can see that she is transported back to that feeling. “Take care of yourself, try not to get killed.” – Arya to Hot Pie

Sansa and Jon’s relationaship. Her rebellion is quickly enraged and just as swiftly diminished upon Jon’s revelation. There are 2 choices that can be taken from this point, Sansa will remain loyal and serve her brother or Sansa will try and show why she is a better candidate for a ruler. I’m very interested in how this sequence will play out. “Touch my sister… and I’ll kill you myself! “-Jon to Littlefinger.

Lastly, there was a great battle scene that did not skimp on the blod or action. Lines were drawn in the sand, boundaries were crossed and decisions were made that are not easy to come back from. The ending of the episode was just explosive as the beginning of the Season! Did any of your favorites get wounded or killed? You have to watch to find out!

Those are some of my thoughts from this week’s episode! Below are a few points to consider moving forward.

  • Book of Lanister History – Highlighted at the Citadel
  • Lymmerya… Finally! – How will Arya’s wolf come into play?
  • Developing relationships between Grey Wolf and Misandre – “You are my weakness.”
  • The Lords of Westeros are sheep.. Are you a sheep? No You’re a Dragon..be a dragon! – Lady Olena. How will Dany be a Dragon?
  • What’s going on with the characters we did not see this week? The Hound, etc.

Have a great Monday!

-Luna 🙂




A Glitch Worth Noticing

Hello all, I’m Maria, and new to this blog. Nice to meet you all! 😀

To preface tonight’s post–as well as a little bit about myself–I like to expand my horizons, which usually entails means traveling to places I’ve never been, delving into new interests, and furthering my new hobby as a foodie. It also means finding new and intriguing shows and films on Netflix. Which is what I’m about to write about on this now-cooled Sunday evening (I live in Florida, so lately it’s been rainy when it’s not humid and the reverse when it’s not coming down).

And tonight, I am going to introduce and review Glitch.

A few months back, I was introduced to this Netflix Original show by a very good friend of mine, who described it as a show about people “who rise from the dead”. And that is exactly what happens, in a small rural town in Australia.

Now, when someone says a show is about those “who rise from the dead” usually they are referring to those with zombie plot lines, like The Walking Dead and its prequel Fear The Walking Dead. (Which I’ve also enjoyed watching as well. Now if Fear The Walking Dead would end up on Netflix as well, that would be awesome.)  But no, Glitch is definitely different from all of that. And that is what helps to make it much more intriguing. But back to its plot.

In a town called Yoorana, through strange circumstances (which may or may not be linked to a pharmaceutical company), six individuals who are dead find themselves miraculously undead (and in perfect health). A local police officer, Sergeant James Hayes, along with the town doctor, Elishia McKellar, take it upon themselves to figure out what exactly is going on–and this means, especially for James, keeping this a secret from everyone else he knows, especially his overly inquisitive colleague, Vic Eastley.

As the show progresses, you see the six seemingly undead people try to figure out what their identities are, why they died, and especially why they have come back from the dead.

Now, this show originally first came onto the Netflix scene in 2015, and the first season is only six episodes long, but the first ten to fifteen minutes will grip one’s curiosity and    wonder what’s going to happen next. That is what happened when I started watching it, and the season finale left me, as it will with others, with loads more questions than answers.

If I had to rate this show I would give it a 5/5, and while the second season has not even made its way to Netflix yet, you can bet I will be one of the first ones to catch it.



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WWE Battlegrounds Preview & Predictions

Happy Saturday Novas! Today’s post will be my traditional preview and predictions post for the WWE PayPerView event happening SUnday! This weekend, Smackdown Live’s Finest will have their time in the sun to fight at the Battlegrounds event.


Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English (Kickoff)- The Kickoff match on the pre-show is set to be The Perfect 10 vs now lone member of the Vaudevillains. I mentioned in my post a few days ago that I would love to see Tye Dillinger getting more opportunities than what he is currently receiving. Prediction: Tye Dillinger should win this match.


John Cena vs Rusev Flag Match- The Face That Runs The Plac, John Cena will take on the Bulgarian Brute Rusev in a flag match. Both Superstar’s Flags will be suspended in the turn buckles on the opposite side of the rin. The Superstars will fight and the first person to retirve their Country’s flag will be the winner. Prediction: John Cena!


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Baron Corbin – The 2 Superstars have been feuding since Nakamura ended his feud with the show off Dolph Ziggler. Even though the opponents are the different this time around, the feud is the same. Corbin believes that Nakamura is getting all of the shine and spotlight for no reason. He feels that he is the Andre The Giant Memorial Winner and Mr. Money In The Bank so he should have the spotlight. Nakamura and Corbin have been brawling before the match, backstage and during each other’s entrances. Predictions: Nakamura for the win!


Smackdown Tag Champions The Usos Vs The New Day – The tag team champions the Usos will be taking on crowd favorites the New Day for the title. The Usos and New Day have been feuding since the New Day returned back to WWE. The battles ahead went from physical to a rap battle. Predictions: I want the Usos to retain. The New Day have been Tag Champions for the longest time.


Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Lana 5 Way Elimination match (number 1 contender at Summer Slam) – This 5 way elimination match should be entertaining. The match results will detemineChampion Naomi’s opponent at the cross brand Summerslam.  I ecpect the match to be pretty good and I expect people who had alliances to turn on each other for the chance at the title. Predictions: I’m feeling Tamina. I think she will become victorious and get a title opportunity.

Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis – This feud between the Underdog and the star-crossed lover has been building for a while now. I’m not quite sure or interested int he details of the match so let’s skip to my predictions. Prediction: Mike Kanellis will win. You can’t beat the power of love Sami, lol.


United States Champion Aj Styles Vs Kevin Owens – Another title defense will see the champion and phenomenal AJ Styles versus Kevin Owens for the United Stated Title. Styles won the title during a house match in Madison Square Garden. When he returned to Smackdown the follwoing Tuesday, he initiated an open challenege (sound familiar). Cena came out to challenge and Owens stepped in to claim his rematch. Prediction: AJ Styles retain his title.


WWE Champion Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton Punjabi Prison Match- The Punjabi Prison match is going to be a great one. Champion Jinder Mahal will be trapped in 2 prisons with the Viper Randy Orton. This match will solidify the modern day Maharajah’s reign by allowing him to win a match without the help of the Singh Brothers.  I’m very interested in this match! Prediction: Jinder Mahal should retain and this feud can finally be over.

These are my predictions for this weekend’s event! Who do you think wil reign victorious? Which matches are you looking forward to? How do you think the outcome of Battleground will affect Summerslam? Let’s talk WWE!

-Luna 🙂




WWE Slamcrate Unboxing :July

Happy Friday Novas! I’ve finally received my WWE Slamcrate for the month and it’s time for another unboxing post! This month’s theme was “Stables.” Honestly, I had no idea what that meant until I read the booklet that came with the crate. Pretty much, the Stables theme focuses on some of the more iconic groups to hit the WWE! The loot this month was definitely tier 1 for me, so let’s see what we got!


Each crate contains a shirt! I’ve already mentioned in previous unboxings my love for the WWE Shirts as opposed to the normal lootcrate shirts. These shirts are better quality. This month we received an exclusive Sasha Banks Shirt!

Each crate contains a collectible of some kind. This month I have received the 2nd installment of the ring characters, Triple H (last time we received Stone Cold Steve Austin). The new pack also included the connector piece so that we can put together the ring.

You also receive a collectible pin. For the Slamcrates, the pins have been different titles. This month we have received the NWO Title. Also, we have received the Bray Wyatt Socks that I wil never wear because they are sooooo beautiful. To the wall you go Bray! You can’t talk about groups without mentioning the ever popular New Day! They were represented well with the foam finger, unicorn horn!


The poster that was included this month is already up on the wall; The Shield… Need I Say More?????

I have the colectible booklet and the pamphlet letting you know what each item is in the crate. This is one of my favorite boxes so far (my favorite being the Wrestlemania box). If you want to sign up for any loot crate subscription you can use my code to receive $5 off of new crates.

Click Here To Sign Up!

Have you signed up for any subscription services? What type of service would you sign up for? Let’s talk Lootcrate!

Enjoy your weekend!

-Luna 🙂

Five Sentence Story Prompt & Welcome!

Happy Friday Novas! Today’s post will be my entry into this week’s 5 sentence story prompt! Before we get to that, I want to give you a bit of an update! I have recently sent out a blogger posting to have other gamers and geeks post on our blog! Our first blogger joining the team will be Janeeyrewrites. Welcome to the team! She will be specializing in creative writing and reviews of films, tv shows and books! I’m super happy to have her onboard and can’t wait for the blog to grow even more! Right, on to this week’s prompt word:


Another ball and I’m expected to tempt and please, yet no one will know each other’s identities. Dresses of Silk flowing across the floor, exotic furs, lace, leathers; his whore. Placed on a pedestal for all to find, ravaged and succulent, tasting the wine. Our eyes finally meet, can she see through my mask? Looking away was an impossible task. 

Thank you for reading! What did you think of this week’s entry? Are you currently participating in any writing prompts or challenges? Would you like to participate in a writing challenge with me? Let’s talk creative writing!

-Luna 🙂

Daily Post: Lollipop

Happy Thursday Novas! I wanted to write about today’s daily prompt word so you will be receiving the daily prompt today and the 5 sentence story tomorrow! Today’s post will be a short poem.

Daily Post Topic: Lollipop

Till my lungs collapse, I’m living this horrid dream,

What once possessed such promise, was nothing more than a gleam,

The prospects and allowances that were once to be,

Transformed and beguiled, a young, pretentious me.

I opened up to life, as a church will open it’s doors,

They admired and beheld, my graciousness once stored,

Giving to the world and never asking for keeps,

Meeting my best friend Arielle, who seemed just as sweet.

We conquered school together, leaving  hearts at every turn,

Arielle located my weakness, making sure I was to burn,

Arielle came into my life, like a whirlwind of friend,

The sweetest smile you’d ever seen; the deadliest of weapons,

She sucked all of the life, out of a grateful soul,

Her body wrapped in poison; “I’m your friend” she told,

Silently my spirit drained, a most decrepit health,

Making me her lollipop, my friends, my heart, my wealth,

Blindly I allowed her to take what she would pursue,

Take care with whom you allow in your life; an unrecognizable you.


via Daily Prompt: Lollipop



WWE 30 Day Challenge Days 16-20

Happy Thursday Novas! We are continuing with the 30 day blogging challenge and today we will be answering questions 16-20. This weekend will be an overload of WWE content as I have received my WWE Slamcrate this morning (the unboxing post will be up tomorrow) and my traditional predictions and preview post for the WWE PayPerView event on Sunday will go up on Saturday! Let’s jump into the questions!

Day 16- Most Underrated WWE Wrestler

tyeI would say the most underrated wrestler at the moment will be Tye Dillinger. Don’t get me wrong, many will know the Superstar from NXT as he was a crowd favorite, but as of right now WWE does not seem to be doing much with the Perfect 10.  I would love to see him have a developing story line and be featured more.

Day 17- Most Overrated WWE Wrestler

The answer to this question is pretty funny. A few months ago, I would have said that AJ Styles was overrated because I didn’t like him that much. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great brock Superstar but I didn’t like his character. Now, I’m going to say both Samoa Joe and Brock Lesner! Joe is really annoying coming in as “The Destroyer” and Brock, let’s face it… we don’t see him enough for him to be this hyped up.

Day 18- Favorite WWE Entrance

Currently, I love Seth Rollin’s entrance, Brock Lesner, Kevin Owens and The Hardy Boyz! Oh yeah, can’t forget Naomi, her entrance is really good. Of all time The Shield’s entrance is definitely up there along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock! Their entrances were iconic and unforgettable.

Day 19- Favorite WWE Merch

Merchandise for WWE is a great way to support your favorite Superstars! Currently, I’m looking to get Roman Reigns new shirt with the Superman punch on the front. My favorite pieces of merchandise currently owned are the WWE United States Championship Belt, Seth Rollins Shirt and Finn Balor Shirt. Oh yeah, my Alexa Bliss wrist cuffs as well. I’m looking to get the Wrist cuffs for Reigns and I wouldn’t mine getting Heath Slater’s “I Got Kids, I Need This Job” shirt because it’s hilarious. CsSfuQuUAAEgS7w

Day 20- Favorite Current Smackdown Female Wrestler

Hands down Naomi! Since she has revamped her character I have been feeling the glow!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s installments of the 30 day challenge! Next week I will have days 21-25 posted! What are your answers to the questions? Are you watching Battlegrounds this weekend? Let’s Talk WWE!

Enjoy your Thursday!






Video Game Crossovers!

Happy Wednesday Novas! I was reading a facebook post (I think) and the subject was video game merges. This is such an interesting topic to talk about that I wanted to have the conversation with you all! With the new details released about Kingdom Hearts 3, you know the Toy Story inclusion, I wanted to pose the question and see which video games you would like to see collaborate together! Licensing aside (because you know that’s why some of our dream mash-ups have not happened) what 2 or even 3 games would you love to merge?

Known Crossovers:

The known crossovers of games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers or even Killer Instinct merges characters from different games together and makes them a playable part of the game. Mario and Sonic was a pretty big crossover for me because it combined 2 of my childhood favorites, into 1 world where Sega meets Nintendo! Crossover games can give the gamer a boost of knowledge from games that they might not have experienced before. In the original Super Smash Brothers game, I was unaware that Zelda was a Princess and integral part of the series (don’t laugh, I’ve never played Zelda lol).

Fighting games are known for adding characters to their already vast selection. Remember when Marvel vs Capcom first debuted? Finally we could start merging the iconic Heroes and Villains from 2 different realms together (the same goes for Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe). Killer instinct went a step further and started adding on guest characters for other video game types all together (note General Raam from Gears of War and that frog guy from Battletoads). So why not take things a step further and express the games that you would like to see a crossover from?

My Crossover Games: 

So Fable is a RPG game where you make decisions and usher your character through the story. How awesome would it be if when you went to battle the bosses, that a Pokemon Battle ensued? Maybe the Pokemon you can select are based on your abilities and traits (because you can customize your skills in new versions of Fable). If you decide to build a mage with a focus on ice, you could choose Pokemon like Squirtle, Ninetales, Dewgong, Articuno etc. That would be awesome! Maybe the Pokemon can follow you around as well.  imageedit_3_9446357760

Another game I would love to see is a simple combined fighting game. Let’s put Killer Instinct, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Dragoball Z, Naruto, Mortal Kombat, etc all together in a brawl! I want large 5 person teams of fighters going at it! Think about it, the story can cross realms. Maybe have the gamer create a character and then you would need to cross through realms and fight the best of the best or even try to win a tournament.

What are some Video Game Crossovers you would like to see happen? Let’s talk Video Games!

-Luna 🙂




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5 Sentence Story Celebration Post!

Happy Tuesday Novas! Thank you for reading today’s update post! We’ve won Week 4’s Five Sentence Story Prompt for the word HIDDEN, so I’ve decided to do a quick celebratory post. Want to read my winning post? Click Here!  Thank you again to the team that is hosting these weekly prompts and I encourage everyone to give them a follow!

  1. Diganta Misra from Plastic Souls
  2. Sparsha Mishra from ImaginateWeb 
  3. Riya from AestheticGraphy
  4. Mila from DoodlingPanda

This week’s prompt word is ADMIRE. Join in on the fun and write your 5 sentences and submit them by the end of the week! This week, the prompt’s being hosted by Riya! Voting starts Saturday! For official rules and to enter, click here!

What does your room look like? As a gamer, I figure I would provide some pictures showing what my room currently looks like.


I have my TV, Xbox One, PS4 and DVR

I loveeeee collecting posters and cool items to put on my wall.


Here we have my Scooby Doo items, an Alexa Bliss article from one of the previous WWE Slamcrate Unboxings (will have a new WWE Unboxing up this week) ,My Kevin Durant Picture, Build a Bear and Keyboard. The picture to the top right is my Once Upon A Time Poster and snapshots with co-workers and then I have my Autographed WWE United States Title (Signed by Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania!), Kylo Ren poster, Harley Quinn print and Stone Cold Steve Austin poster.

Thank you again for following and reading with the blog! Feel free to follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook Page or email us for any collaboration requests! Want to be a guest blogger? Fill out the contact form below!  Accepting all Gaming and Geek Topics!

What does your room/gaming setup look like? Let’s talk! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

-Luna 🙂