30 Blog Challenge: WWE Day 5!

Happy Wednesday Novas! I hope everyone has had a great independence day (if applicable) and are now ready for the rest of the week! The 30 Day Blogging challenge challenges bloggers to write a post everyday on the predetermined topic. Each day you answer the question assigned and voila! You’re providing content consistently. If you’re joining in on this journey with me, make sure to comment below so that I can follow along with your answers! Let’s jump into today’s question.

Day 5- Favorite Theme Song

This is a toss up as there have been some great theme songs as well as entrances in the WWE. Hearing the guitar rift or the breaking of glass sends us fans into an uproar because we know who will be coming down the ramp next. Some notable, current entrances are Finn Balor’s song, Tye Dillenger and of course the “Glorious” Bobby Roode. I would have to save that my favorite theme song has to be between Attitude era Legends, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock!

This was the beginning of wrestling for me and my interest. Hearing the great theme songs interrupt Superstars as they were talking made me smile with entusiasm. In case you’re not aware, I have linked the 2 theme songs below!

What’s your favorite theme song? Are you participating in any blogging challenges of any sort? Let’s Talk!

-Luna πŸ™‚



MrKaneEraV2- YouTube

Jason L3gacy- YouTube



2 replies

    • Awesome! Becky Lynch’s theme is pretty cool. I also enjoy Alexa Bliss’ music, it just sounds like a “Goddess” is about to walk in :D. Samoa Joe’s theme (even though I do not like him lol) is awesome too and Brock’s entrance is one of my favorites.

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