WWE Payback Preview!

Happy Saturday Novas and Geeks! This Sunday April 30th, 2017 will be the Raw Exclusive PayPerView Payback! This will be the first network special after the incredible Wrestlemania 33 Spectacle and I’m very excited. As a brief recap after Wrestlemania this year we had a Superstar Shakeup between Raw and Smackdown. I think that the trades made improved both shows and I have been watching Raw ANDDDDD Smackdown ever since it took place. One of my favorite trades were Dean Ambrose coming to Raw (Possible Shield Reunion Please 🙂 ). Let’s preview the matches and I will provide my predictions.

Neville vs Austin Aries-  pay4 The Neville vs Austin Aries match will be the rematch for the Cruiserweight Championship. At Wrestlemania you know that Neville (who is a heel character) won the match by unscrupulous means (he raked the eyes of Aries).  I believed Aries would have won that match so I’m going with Aries again. The only thing that could ruin my predctions would be the sudden “Heel” turn of T.J. Perkins. I wouldn’t be surprised if he interferred. For predictions sake I will stay with my prediction of Austin Aries becoming your new Crusierweight Champion!

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss-  pay2 This match will be a title match for the Raw Women’s Championship! Alexa Bliss came from Smackdown and won the number 1 contender’s match to challenge Bayley in her home town of San Jose, CA. I loveeeee Alexa Bliss and I love Bayley so this match should be a really good one. I have to say that I do not want Bayley to lose right now but I just have this feeling that she will (please Sasha don’t betray her yet lol). Alexa is smart, tough and willing to do whatever it takes to win. It’s a wildcard prediction for me but I’m taking Alexa Bliss in this match!

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman-   pay Braun Strowman  demolished Reigns a few weeks ago. Yes we know Reigns had to take some time off for a family tragedy and we know that Braun didn’t really throw him off the stretcher  onto the concrete, but it was still pretty entertaining. I’m going with Roman Reigns winning this match.

Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho-   pay1 This match up between Ex- Best Friends Kevin Owens (Champion) and Chris Jericho. The fallout between the 2 happened after Fastlane when Goldberg defeated Owens to take the Universal Championship. As we all knew, KO turned on Jericho when he didn’t need him to protect his championship anymore. KO took that as a chance to dump his friend and take what Jericho possessed; the United States Championship. This one is tough to call but I’m going with Jericho winning and moving to Smackdown.

The Hardy Boyz vs Sheamus & Cesaro-  pay3 I haven’t found a person in the WWE Universe yet who hasn’t appreciated the Hardy Boyz’ triumphant return to the WWE. I really love the team of Cesaro and Sheamus and then of course the Hardyz. This match is hard to call but I really doubt the Hardyz will lose the titles already. What I predict will happen is that the team of Cesaro and Sheamus will turn “Heel.” If you’ve been watching Raw, after the match between these 2 teams they shook hands in a sportsman like manner. No way that’s happening at Payback! I think it’s just a storyline to turn 1 team heel, in this case I think it will be Cesaro and Sheamus. My winners are still the Hardy Boyz.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt-  pay5 I’m really looking forward to this House of Horrors Match! Yes Randy Orton is on Smackdown, however, Bray Wyatt was moved over to Raw which makes this match possible. The feud between Wyatt and Orton has been entertaining and it culminates with the first ever “House of Horrors Match.”  I do not think this is a title match so I believe Bray will win. If it is a title match then Randy Orton would have to win as the title can’t switch to Raw.

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe-  pay6 The Architect Seth Rollins has been feuding with The Destroyer Samoa Joe after Triple H commissioned the assassin to attack Rollins before Fastlane earlier this year. The Kingslayer has already beaten Triple H and I expect him to lay the Smackdown on Samoa Joe as well. This one is a no brainier for me, never bet against Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins lol.

These are my predictions for the Pay Per View. I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and thank you for reading! What do you think will happen? Do you agree with my predictions? Let’s talk Payback!

-Luna ^-^


**Photo credits to WWE.com.

Art Feature by Artist EF

Happy Friday Novas! I hope that you are having a fantastic week and are ready to enjoy the weekend! This past Wednesday was my birthday and hanging out with my friends and family was a blast. Today I will feature one of my friends artwork that we found on Thursday.

We were cleaning off my friend Emily’s porch and came across one of her old drawing pads. Both Storm and Spiderman look fantastic don’t you think? By the way it wasn’t a full size journal drawing, maybe like half the size of a normal sheet of paper.

I really like the shading in these 2 pictures. It’s crazy to watch people with natural talents create pieces of art. With Emily she is also very talented in the speed in which she can produce drawings. One of the fastest people I have ever known with pretty god quality in my opinion.

My two favorites are Storm and Naruto in a bowl of Ramen lol. I would leave her Twitter  information butttttt she has not taken my advice as of yet and set one up lol. Her Instagram is @emy_37. I’m just about to create her a portfolio on here until she creates her own lol. By the way she does graphic designs as well. Which are your favorite drawings? Do you draw, paint, etc? My creative outlet is in writing because I can’t even make stick figures look good lol.  Thank you fo reading and have a fantastic weekend!

-Luna (Blasting off againnnnnnnn lol) ❤

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo!

Happy Thursday Novas! This has been a crazy exciting month and it’s not over yet! This past weekend some friends and I attended the C2E2 convention in Chicago Illinois! My friends stay about an hour from Chicago so I spent the majority of last week staying with them (which is why I didn’t post really anything last week). I have taken a few pictures to share with you!

I was planning to go as Lana Kane from Archer, however, I could not find everything that I needed for her outfit. My friend Kira said that I should change to Bumblebee (Teen Titans not Transformers lol) and here are the comparisons lol.


I was able to meet some great Cosplayers at the event and my favorites I have taken pictures of. Let’s start with Bob’s Burgers!

This Beefsquatch Gene and Louise were super awesome! Let’s see what other cosplayers we came across.

Jon Snow and Sansa from Game of Thrones! I think both were really wel done (minus the glasses on Snow lol). You can follow Sansa @TessDinerstein on Twitter #LittleDoveCosplay.

The Star Wars Cosplayers were out in full force last weekend! Kylo Ren and the Storm Trooper were my personal favorites. There was a really good Ren walking around with a wagon carry a homemade BB-8. I couldn’t find her again to take a picture :(.


I am really upset that I couldn’t dress as Lana, especially when I ran across Archer and Katya! He even did the “DANGER ZONEEEEE” yell lol.

Childhood nostalgia was at an all time high! We came across Edward Scissorhands, Jack Skellington, Him, Mojo Jojo, Fluttershy and I FOUND WALDO!!!!!

The convention was really fun and I did enjoy dressing in cosplay. My next convention will be Megacon here in Orlando next month May 26th-28th. I am definitely going as Lana to this convention as I have ordered the items that I was missing from her outfit. To end the day we went by Starbucks looking for the Unicorn Frappachino, but they were out of the sour stuff. It was fine as we bought the Pokemon Go one which is the same except for the sour stuff.


Thank you for reading! Have you ever visited a convention? Have you dressed in Cosplay or would like to dress in cosplay? If so, who would you or have you dressed as? Let’s talk conventions!

Luna 🙂

Funko Pop Friday: Heroes & Villains!

Happy Friday Novas! I hope you are all having a fantastic April and enjoying the Spring! I wanted to start off this post by firstly saying thank you to everyone who reads the blog! Definitely appreciate it and I know that the posts have been a little infrequent, but April is a busy month for me lol. Tomorrow I’m attending the C2E2 Comic Convention in Chicago so I’m not at home and a little strapped for time this week. After my birthday next week we should be back to normal. Anyways… on to this week’s Funko Pop Friday! I haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I’m going to alternate between the Netflix Series of the Week and Funko Pop Friday since both are posted on Fridays! Let’s see who”s on the list today.

BB-8: Why not start things off with our awesome little droid BB-8! He’s super awesome and in The Force Awakens he really made the opening scenes for me in my personal opinion!

It’s a Trap!!!

Heroic Heroines: This one is a shout out to our friends/Agents over at Precinct 1313! We have Batgirl and Wonder Woman!

Play Our Theme Music!!!

C2E2 Shout out: In honor of one of the actors attending C2E2 this weekend (Jason David Frank) I’ve of course had to feature the original Green Ranger! Along with our Green Ranger why not add in Doc. Emmet Brown, he was a hero of sorts lol.

It’s Morphin Time!!! Let’s go…BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Vile Villains: To Start off the Villains I’d like to present to you, Majin Buu! Personally I like Super Buu, but this is my friend Kira’s Buu lol.

If you poke me, will I go “wooooo?” lol

While we are on DBZ might as well feature one of my favorite villains: Frieza! Futher more Perfect Cell is another favorite of mines!



You can’t talk about Villains without featuring the craziest couple around. That’s right Joker and Harley Quinn. Thanks to my friend Decaying Senpai for sending his pops in to be featured!


Woooo! Wooo! To end of this week’s collection is the dirtiest player to ever grace the ring of the WWE. Nature Boy Ric Flair!


Thank you for viewing today’s post! Who are some of the Hero and Villain Pops Collectibles that you have? Who are some of your favorite Heroes and Villains? Let’s talk Funko Pops!

Have a “Stellar” (see what I did there lol) Weekend Novas!

-Luna 🙂

Throwback Tuesday: Dead or Alive 5!

Happy Tuesday Novas! This week’s Throwback Tuesday post will be in regards to one of my favorite fighting games of all time; Dead or Alive 5! Growing up in the 90s I’ve played Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and even games like Super Smash Bros or Tekken, however, Dead or Alive 5 is quite possibly my favorite fighter game so let’s talk about it!

Dead or Alive is the 5th installment in the Dead or Alive franchise which released in 2012. I haven’t actually played any of it’s predecessors, but when my brother purchased his 360… this was one of the games he brought home with him. The game was released on the Xbox 360 along with the PS3 and has been a favorite of mine ever since. I remember my brother’s LAN parties every Friday night out our house. We would have friends and family come over to play all sorts of video games and system. Some nights wee had tournaments and the Dead or Alive Tournament was the best. We would play in teams and me and my best friend at the time played against all of the boys. I always picked Kasumi and she picked Lei Fang, we were unstoppable being crowned the winner a few times lol.

Something that I really liked about the game was the story mode and it’s progression. You are able to follow the journey of each character in the game rather they are the protagonists, antagonists or a character inserted for comic relief (enter in Gen Fu lol). I’ve only played a few story-lines that being Kasumi, Ayane and Hitomi but it was still a great experience.

Characters:  DOA5U_groupD_TeamBattle_01  The characters in the game were awesome! Yes, I’ve only really played with maybe 3 or 4 characters, but I still love playing against the others with their moves. Many different styles were represented from boxing, to ninjitsu to wrestling so the diversity in the game and fighting styles was fun. Kasumi is my all time favorite. She is quick and powerful and her moves are so fluid (very prettyyyy lol). In a tag team battle I would pair her with the even more hard hitting Hitomi who practices in Karate. The combination of quick strikes mixed with strong powerful hits is a great way to excel at the game (many battles were won with this duo lol). I have also used  Ayane  an assassin, Hayabusa another ninja, Lei Fang, and Gen Fu.

Check Out The Trailer below!

In conclusion, DOA5 is probably my favorite fighting game and I love it sooooo much. I love it so much that I was thinking of Cosplaying as Kasumi lol (which may still happen). Have you ever played DOA5? What is your favorite fighting game? Let’s talking fighting video games! Have a great Tuesday and thank you for reading!

-Luna 🙂


Gamers Hard Drive 2!

Happy Monday Novas! I hope that you all have had an fantastic weekend and start to the greatest month of all time: April! Today’s post will focus on the games that I have been playing and progress that I have made so far. You can view the inaugural post of the Gamers Hard Drive by clicking here!

WWE Topps Slam Trading Card App: I have made great progress in the trading app game and have now convinced most of my friends who love WWE to start playing. You pretty much collect sets of the trading cards to receive achievements and coins. You can also trade with other users to obtain missing pieces to your set. I like the prediction packs because each payperview you are able to pick your prediction of the winner. If you are correct you receive extra coins. I’m still not sure why I’m addicted to this game but I am. Currently I have 2200+ cards. If you want to start playing I have multiple duplicates to trade. Add me: Luna26X. Here’s a look at some of the new cards that I have collected!

FarmVille: Tropic Escape– FarmVille Tropic Escape is the adaptation on the original FarmVille game with a twist. Now you are running a tropical island resort where you make deliveries, grow fruits and vegetables for meals and complete treasure diving to receive special items for your resort. This game is pretty fun as I make sushi, beverages and souvenirs to sell to my guests at the resort.


Free Cell: Free Cell is the mobile app game that I play when I have a few minutes on break or in between commercials while watching TV. It’s really easy and like solitaire except all cards are displayed for you. The goal is to arrange the cards by suit and in ascending order from the Ace to King. There’s not a way to

Mass Effect: So I have never played Mass Effect and it was pretty much a blasphemous statement to my co-worker. He was appalled as he just finished Andromeda and pretty much said I’m lending you all of the Mass Effect games to try. So here we are! I’m starting with the original Mass Effect game and playing my way up unto Andromeda.

Sky Forge: Is a MMORPG Free to Play game on PS4. My friends wanted me to download the game so we have been playing the last few days. Think of it as ESO mixed with Neverwinter. You basically upgrade your character and skills to play the main story line and quests along the way. Currently I am on the 5th map of missions, but, there’s soooo much to do that I can see myself playing this game long term. I will have a full review of the game later this week!

sky forge pic

That’s pretty much how I have spent my last 2 weeks. Tune in Thursday for the Skyforge Video Game Review with game play clips! Which games are you currently playing? Have you played any of the video games on this list? Let’s talk video games!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Luna 🙂


Playing This Week at GamersUnitedGG!

Happy Easter Novas! This week’s post will be less than normal as I am going a=out of town Wednesday to go the the C2E2 Comic Convention in Chicago. I’m really excited as I am Cosplaying as Lana Kane from Archer! This will be my first event actually going in Cosplay so I expect to have tons of fun with my friends. I will definitely have a post updated after the convention with the pictures of everything we did. Anyway I hope that you have a fantastic week1 Let’s see what’s on the agenda.

Monday 4/17/17Gamers Hard Drive (update on current games I am playing and the progress).

Tuesday 4/18/17Throwback Tuesday: Dead or Alive 5: (In honor of the comic convention!)

Wednesday 4/19/17Creative Writing Pt. 3

Thursday 4/20/17Skyforge Video Game Review!

Friday 4/21/17Funko Pop Friday Super Heroes & Villains!

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s upcoming posts! Are you looking forward to any of the posts this week? What are you planning on writing this week? Let’s talk upcoming plans! Have a fantastic week Novas!

Luna’s blasting off again!!!!! 😀

Shots Fired: First Impressions!

Happy Friday Novas! Today’s post was going to be the Netflix Series of the Week: 13 Reasons Why, however, I was not able to b=get around to it yet. I’ve been binge watching other shows lol. One show that caught my eye is Shots Fired and I’ve been watching on Hulu. This series is playing on Fox and it has 4 episodes already out. I couldn’t stop watching so I will share some of my first impressions with the show.

Shots fired is a drama series that follows 2 main characters: Ashe and Perry as they are sent by the Department of Justice to investigate a controversial shooting. Ashe is the lead investigator who is brash, smart and quite often a loose cannon while Perry is her calm, by the book counter part who is the prosecutor on the case. You can already see where the diversity in the main character’s personalities can lead to some interesting moments. The series intensifies when they touch down in a small town in North Carolina to investigate the shooting of a Caucasian male teenager by an African American police officer.

While the 2 main characters are reviewing the case, many questions and inconsistencies arise. Because the story is set in modern times, other controversial cases involving racism and officer shootings are brought into the light.What I love is that you don’t really know what’s going on and who to believe.Was the officer’s shooting legit? Did he harbor a bias towards the victim? Was the victim aggressive towards the cop prompting the shooting? My mind is blown and after the 4 episodes I have no idea who’s telling the truth and which side everyone is playing for… which makes great TV!


  • A great story line with plenty of drama and suspense
  • The acting is so believable that I feel a cringe watching some of the more intense scenes
  • As far as I’ve seen, it’s not predictable


  • The language is a little vulgar in regards to race on all sides
  • There’s not too many happy moments. Piles and piles of crazy news pops up
  • If you’re trying to get away from modern news and social settings

So far the series is really good and I definitely recommend it for my crime loving Novas. I love that it rings true to real life and although the characters are investigating a National Tragedy, you still obtain a glimpse of their personal lives and struggles as well. Take a look at the trailer and check out the 10 part series if you like it!

Thank you for reading today’s post and I will try to have the 13 Reasons Why Netflix series watched and reviewed for next Friday! Have you seen Shots Fired? Which new shows are you currently watching? Let’s talk new series! Have a fantastic weekend Novas!

-Luna 😀

March Loot Crate Unboxing!

Happy Thursday Novas! This is a delayed post because I did not have time to upload the pictures, but this is Lootcrate Unboxing for March’s: Future Tech Theme! Because I am subscribed to Lootcrate’s emails (because I have the WWE SlamCrate’s every other month) I frequently receive awesome email offers. On St. Patrick’s Day there was an email for 50% off of the regular Lootcrate and Lootcrate DX… SIGN ME UP!!!! So I did the 3 month Subscription which came out to like $30 bucks. By the end of the month my crate arrived! This is what I’ve received:


Primal Rage T-Shirt:  20170330_204517 Every Lootcrate box will contain T -Shirt. For this month’s theme we received a shirt from the Overwatch Character Winston! I do not play Overwatch often but from what I have played Winston was one of my favorite characters. Definitely rated 5 out of 5 for this shirt. Side Note: In the WWE Slamcrate’s the T-Shirt material is a little better and sturdier then the light mesh material the standard crates come with.

Logan/ Wolverine Figure:  20170330_204535 Each Lootcrate box will also contain some type of collectible figure, whether it be a Funko Pop or Die Cast! This month’s figure was an awesome Logan figure (1 of 3) that is going to sit perfectly on my Pop display! Definitely 5 out of 5 with this figure.

Jurassic World Warning Sign:  20170330_204628 Every wanted the Electric Fence Sign that is displayed in Jurassic World? Welp, this item was included in this month’s crate.Not bad actually, but I would have wanted this in Highschool to tell people to stay out of my room :D. I actually gave this to my brother who LOVESSSSSS Jurassic Park and he put it up on his door lol. I would rate the warining sign 3 out 5.

Predator Bottle Opener: 20170330_204556 There were 2 variants available for the Predator Bottle Opener that you were able to receive. I’ve received the standard version which looks better in my opinion so I’m excited. Since I don’t really drink beer or anything, I’m not sure when I would use the bottle opener but I love the Predator so I was happy regardless. I would rate the bottle opener 4 out of  because I loveeeee the Predator lol.

Pin:  20170330_204615 You also tend to receive Pins in the Lootcrates. This month’s pin was a smiley face with a primal claw coming through the center. It says it unlocks something so I will put the code in and see what it does. I’m back lol. so the pin unlocked a game called “Party on Your Forehead” which is a mobile game. I’ll download it and if it’s any good I’ll do a review on it next week!

The last thing to mention about the Lootcrates are the cool boxes in which your items are delivered. With this being my first standard Lootcrate, I was surprised to see the Dinosaur contained inside.  20170330_204648  All in all I was happy with thecontents in this month’s lootcrate. As with the Slam Crate my shameless self promotion will be plugged in here ahhaha. If you want to try out a subscription use my code to get 10% off!

Click Here To Sign Up!

Thank you for checking out my Lootcrate Unboxing! For the month of April I will have 2 unboxings; 1 for the WWE SlamCrate and 1 for the traditional Lootcrate. Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂

Creative Writing Pt. 2- The Curse

Happy Wednesday my brilliant Nova Super Stars! Thank you for tuning in to week 2 of my Creative Writing Challenge where me and my friend send pictures to each other and have to connect 4 pictures to 1 story. This idea was brought about by 2 other fellow bloggers who send pictures to each other as well! Thank you Woven Eclipse and Acacia Aurora! Check out Part 1 of the series by clicking here! Let’s get back into the story, as we left off with Kyrie pointing his Go Pro camera inside the house and going in!


“This is nothing.” Kyrie says as he walks around the strange, abandoned manor. His feet are releasing the echoes of peanuts smashing and chips being crushed throughout each corridor of the house. As he walks down the first hallway to the right of the front door, his curiosity is peaked. Kyrie keeps his camera in front of him, filming every second of his search. The sweet melody of a chime is lingering around the corner. “What is that?” Kyrie says. His legs began to turn to noodles and his head pounds, the chiming is getting louder. Kyrie’s brushing against the wall trying to stay erect. One foot after the other, he will not be detoured from finding the source of the haunting chime. He uses his energy to film what is happening, catching the wood floors, the old chandelier on the ceiling and the rats running across the floor. Kyrie starts to slow down as he’s finding it hard to walk. Using the camera he knocks the cobwebs out of his way and proceeds to follow the sound of the chime. Kyrie gets to the end of the hall, where the sound is at it’s highest, he peers into the room to the left with a look of horror. “It, it can’t be.” Are the last words he could utter before gravity was too much, Kyrie collapses between the hall and the room where he had drug himself to find.

The crimsoned, blood moonlight is shining on Kyrie’s face. He awakes to a nauseous feeling in his stomach. “What Happened” Kyrie says. The last thing he remembers is seeing the older women that had told him about Bancroft Manor laying across the piano in the room, dead! “Where did she go? Did I imagine the whole thing?”. Kyrie sneezes and his body flies up off of the floor before plummeting again. Startled he looks at his hands and then stands up. Kyrie tries to sneeze again but nothing happens. “The Camera!” Kyrie remembers. He searches around the room trying to find his Go Pro, assured that all would be explained if he watches the tape. But something’s wrong, he can’t find the Go Pro. “I know it’s in here, I pointed it right at the piano.” he says snapping his finger trying to remember what happened before he collapsed. The snapping of his fingers sounded as if they were echoing back down the corridor. 1 snap, 2 snaps, 3 snaps and shock! Kyrie’s no longer able to snap, something is obstructing his fingers from moving. It’s an object, almost as if… “The Go Pro?” Kyrie looks at his hands to see his camera firmly in his grip.

“This is crazy, right?” Kyrie says. His instincts are urging him to leave so he heads to the front door. As he receeds back down the hall the path is lit with the blood moon’s light shining in from the windows of the kitchen and what looks to be a bathroom. Kyrie reaches the door, twists the old brass knob and pulls at the door. The creek of the door opening is all the weirdness Kyrie could take for the day. “I don’t care if I lose the bet.” he says and takes a step towards the door. As he’s walking out he feels a burning sensation all over his body. Sparks of red and green are enthralling his area. The interactions are too much and Kyrie reverses to get back into the house. The sparks stop. “You can’t do that.” a voice calls out to Kyrie. He knows no one else is in the house and chooses to ignore the advice. Kyrie braces himself and sprints towards the door. The pain of the shocks are almost too much to bear, but he can see that  he’s almost free.

Kyrie breaks through the barrier, bruised and burnt. He hunches over to catch his breath and notices the brown wooden floor illuminated by the moon’s light. “This looks like blood.” Kyriee notices. “No!” he says. Kyrie looks up to see the same vestibule area that he had just ran away from. He turns behind him to see the door and the outside world. What did he just run through? “How am I still in the house?” Kyrie thinks. “I told you, you can’t do that.” the voice says again. Kyrie’s blood is boiling now, is someone trying to play a trick on him? Well he’s had enough. “I can’t do WHAT!!!!” he screams turning his head, awaiting the response. The haunting silence would have been enough to drive a person mad. It would have been enough to have a fleet of ships surrender before ever approaching the shore. But it would not stop Kyrie. His senses are heightened as he waits for the response. It seems like an eternity, alas the voice calls out “You can never leave.”

What do you think is happening or will happen next? How would you feel if you were Kyrie? Let’s talk Creative Writing! Tune in next week for part 3 of this 4 part series.

-Luna 😀