Gamer Reality (Poem)

Bring me back to REALITY,

When I seem to drift away,

My subconscious likes to run and float,

I’m begging it to stay,

Keep me from that fictioned world,

In which I always go,

Pinch me once and call me twice,

It really works you know,

Take note of all my strategies,

I’m losing all control,

How can I pass this level,

With a guide I can’t decode?

So bring me back to reality,

By boat or plane or car,

The final boss is staring wild,

My fear; his upper scar,

My resources are dwindling,

All combinations are the same,

4K was once my clarity,

It’s time to switch the game.



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Hiya! My name is Luna and I am the owner of I am currently working in social media and will use my experience to help gamers, bloggers and creative individuals. I write, dabble in editing, enjoy video games, WWE, anime, pop collecting and anything aesthetically beautiful! Always looking for content writers for the website contact me for any inquiries.

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