Throwback Tuesday: Snick!

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Do you remember the Saturday night Nickelodeon shows? That’s what this week’s journey down memory lane will focus on Saturday Night Nickelodeon commonly known as Snick!

All That- 0323-all-that-cast-nickelodeon-4 All That was the teen variety sketch comedy show similar to Saturday Night Live. All of the faces of Nickelodeons shows would preform small comedy sketches throughout the night. Many of your favorite shows like Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Bynes Show and even Zoey 101 stemmed from All That providing the talent a platform in order for their spinoff to be successful.

kenan-and-kel-feature-375x500 Kenan & Kel- Kenan and Kel was a teen comedy show and spin off of All That, following the life of best friends Kenan and Kel. Kenan is always coming up with a scheme and Kel goes along willingly on this comedic trip through their lives in Chicago. This show was one of my favorites because I was in LOVEEEEE with Kel. You might remember them from the “Good Burger” Nickelodeon Movie as well.  “AWWWW Here It Goes!”

Are You Afraid of the Dark- are Are you afraid of the dark was a teen horror anthology that creeped me out as a kid I still remember one episode where a kid was swimming and the pool turned to blood. I didn’t want to swim all summer because of that episode lol. Are you afraid of the dark was the original teen horror show before the Goosebumps series started. Each week kids would go to a campfire in the woods and tell creepy stories to scare the other members of their club.

The Secret World of Alex Mack- The Secret World of Alex Mack was a great show that followed a teenage girl’s journey through life after a freak accident. She was drenched in a chemical substance that gave her supernatural powers like telekinesis and turning into a chemical puddle. What would you do if you started down this unpredictable double life road? You’d enjoy every moment!

index Kablam- Kablam was an animated cartoon type sketch show that brings comic book characters Henry and June right off of the page! One of my favorite segments of Kablam was Prometheus and Bob! It followed the advance development of the Alien Prometheus as he tried to teach old cave man Bob essentials such as building a fire or fishing. It was hilarious because bob would always find a way to mess up the experiment and get Prometheus upset.

Animorphs- Animorphs was a teen fantasy show derived from the book series published by Scholastic, that allowed the teens to turn into different animals. Of course the teens had to keep their powers secret or run the risk of the army taking them away. I’ve always wanted to have the power to morph into something else as a kid. That would’ve been awesome!

Those are some of my favorite SNICK shows! What are yours? Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂

Hidden Treasures 5: Reign

Happy Monday friends! Thank you for tuning in to another Hidden Treasures segment where I try and shine the spotlight on a show, movie, book, game or any other item in our gaming and geek world that I feel is being “Overlooked.” Have you ever stopped and wondered, hey why isn’t this show or game getting more hype? It could be because of poor marketing, or just because in today’s world we have ENDLESS means of entertainment that some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Let’s jump into this week’s gem the TV Series Reign.

What would you do if the fate of a country was dependent on your choices and actions? As I have mentioned a few times before I have a great affinity and fascination with historical dramas at the moment. My spiral into this world of Queens, Kings, Vikings and Mercenaries actually began right her with Reign (Thank you Netflix!). Reign is the retelling of the journey of Mary, Queen of Scots as she fights for survival, freedom and her country of Scotland. Mary was crowned Queen of reign-3 Scotland a few days after her birth due to her father James’ untimely death. Even though her mother Marie De Guise was still alive and kicking, in that time the rightful heir would have been the child born to the king, Mary. Because of Scotland’s ongoing battle with their too close for comfort rivals, England, Mary was sent to live out her developmental days with the nuns.

This is where the story gets interesting. Mary is now of age to marry and assume rule of her country. Due to the despairing events at the convent, Mary is sent to her betrothed in France, Francis. Reign is a loose retelling of actual events as documented between Mary and Francis, however, for dramatic effect I doubt the Queen’s Seer Nostradamus had a hand in most of the events that occurred. reign-4 Mary is joined in France by her childhood maidens and friends from Scotland as they begin to get a taste of French Court. With obstacles abound such as assassins, politics and Catherine De Medici, can Mary really hope to solidify her marriage to Francis

“You won’t love me, you won’t let yourself.” – Mary

and save her deteriorating country of Scotland? Watch and find out! the first 3 seasons of Reign is on Netflix and the new season premiered February 10th, 2017 on The CW. Did I mention that Mary is the cousin to Elizabeth I, that should prove interesting with the England/Scotland debacle :).

Watch the Trailer for Season 1 here! Reign Trailer


  • “Let him talk like a King, you won’t be married until I say so.” – Catherine


  • A fairly accurate retelling of Mary Queen of Scots’ teenage years
  • Excellent dramatic and fantasy added elements to keep the viewer entertained
  • A Strong heroine figure
  • Game of Thrones meets The Tudors!


  • You are not particularly fond of historical period pieces
  • You can’t get past the first few episodes (In my opinion starts slow but you need to have the backstory right?)

All in all I really enjoy this series and writing about it makes me want to watch some more! What are some of your favorite historical drama series? What decisions would you make as Queen/King? Let’s talk hidden treasures!

Have a great week!

-Luna 🙂


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Weekly Update!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Man this past week has been crazy busy, so much so that I was unable to complete my Netflix Series of the Week! No worries, I will continue watching and have that series for this coming week along with the Funko Pop Friday post that I literally forgot to write haha. Blogging has become an integral part of my routine right now and I am really thankful that I have decided to start writing and sharing my interests (It’s invigorating 🙂 ). This week the TKO Thursday post may change but currently this is what I have in mind. Let’s get into the weekly posts.

Monday 2/27/17 – Hidden Treasures: Reign ( I’m super excited about this show!) reign

Tuesday 2/28/17 – Throwback Tuesday : SNICK (Saturday Nickelodeon Shows from our past.) snick

Thursday 3/2/17 – Ultimate TKO Thursday: Scorpion vs Master Shredder!

Friday 3/3/17

  • Netflix Series of the Week: Magi the Adventure of Sinbad (Anime)
  • Funko Pop Friday: Video Games
  • Website Relaunch (Where has the time flown???)

Saturday 3/4/17 – WWE Fastlane Preview and Predictions (Will Finn Balor Appear????)

Also during this week I believe my co worker will do the review for the Lego Batman Movie so be on the lookout for that as well! Thank you for tuning in for this week’s upcoming posts! Hope you have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂


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Halo Wars 2 First Impression & Tips!

Hiya Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I have not finished my Netflix Series so I will not have a Netflix Series of the Week Review until next Friday. In lieu of this I have decided to give you some tips for the new Halo Wars 2 video game for Xbox One or Windows 10! Halo Wars 2 is a Real Time Strategy game that was released February 22nd, 2017. I have bought the Xbox One S bundle with the new game and decided to share a few tips and tricks to get started! After I complete the campaign I will do a full review on the game. The first thing I did was complete the Basic and Advanced Tutorials, yet there are elements of the game not covered. I’ve researched and played through a few skirmishes to come up with some tips for starting out! Let’s jump into the basics!

Symbols – imageedit_5_2322949673

  • Lightning = Power
  • Single Person = Population
  • Crates =Supplies

One issue that I ran across was the Population Symbol. I haven’t played the original Halo Wars in a bit and even after completing all of the tutorials, I couldn’t build my vehicles because my population was too low. You upgrade population via the “Armory” research building (War Council for Aliens race). There will be a population symbol that you can click to upgrade your population. You can have unlimited supplies and power however the population or number of units cap is 120 after all upgrades are established. Each infantry unity, vehicle or specialized units such as Spartans or drones will display a chart informing you on exactly how many population slots 1 unit takes.

Moving Units- If you recall a recent post I’ve written about Tutorials, you will know that I don’t really like to play them. Halo Wars 2 is an exception to that rule! Because there are a lot of controls and strategy that goes into the game I highly recommend completing all 3 tutorials to get the best experience out of moving your units (The Blitz Tutorial will only apply to that game mode). You are able to select all units in a single area by clicking the right bumper (RB). You can select all units of a specific category by double clicking A on the desired unit. Simply move your cursor to the spot in which you want to move your units and click X (Btw my controls are for Xbox One, PC controls may differ).

Leader Powers- I love that the leader integration of Leader Powers can affect your gameplay. At the beginning of a game, you are able to select your desired leader (Pay Attention ad each leader has a different skill set). Off the back I chose Professor Anders because she receives a bonus to research and construction (huge plus for my type of gameplay). There are some universal Leader Powers such as healing that allows you to heal your unites while in battle or just standing there. If you think you’re about to lose because your health is low on your active unites, use that Leader Power and shock your enemies (I did lol). Take care as Leader Powers will have a cool down.

Garrison units- Throughout the map that you are on there will be small Garrisons in which you can have a unit camp and watch for enemies. I use the Garrison checkpoints to have an eye on the map and choke points around my bases. Your unites can also attack from these locations so make sure to have long range units (general marines will do the trick).

Upgrades- Don’t forget halowars about the upgrades to not only your bases, but to your units as well. You can upgrade, health, damage, armor and even add a rocket launcher to some ground units. You can upgrade turrets and units as well.Upgrades to individual units, vehicles or the base will be marked with an upwards facing arrow. The description of each upgrade type will be located to the right of the screen as you hover over the options.

Minimap- The Minimap will be your best friend in Halo Wars 2. Due to the amount of units, bases, choke points, supplies, and don’t forget your enemies, this RTS game has a lot to keep up with. Your minimap will show you if enemy units are spotted or attacking. You can also see where your bases are, units are stationed and how many “Undiscovered Bases’ there are on the map. The benefit of knowing which bases are undiscovered is that you can track your enemies movements and defeat them quickly.

Those are my first impressions and tips for Halo Wars 2. I relay enjoy RTS games so I have been playing all night. Have you played Halo Wars or Halo Wars 2? What are your favorite RTS games? Hopefully these tips help you out and let me know if I have missed anything!

Have a great weekend!

-Luna 🙂


Ultimate TKO Thursday: Final Freeze!

Happy Thursday Gamers, Geeks & Friends! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s multi-verse TKO battle where we pit 2 characters from different games, universes, series etc against each other in an all out battle for supremacy! This week we will feature Mr. Freeze from Batman and Subzero from Mortal Kombat. Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee.

In other versions of Ultimate TKO Thursday I would go over stats or abilities. Since I am pitting a comic/movie character against a video game/movie character I will instead provide a brief synopsis of their history/abilities then jump into the battle: Ready?

Mr. Freeze is a DC Villain from the Batman series that was a formidable opponent for the caped crusader. He started as Dr. Victor Fries a scientist employed at Wayne Enterprises (I feel like a lot of villains worked for Wayne Enterprises lol) who (according to your source material) pretty much failed in his mission to save his wife Nora. As a frenzied, mess he vowed to take revenge on those that he believes caused his freak accident and killed his wife. Because of the accidents with his freeze experiments, Dr. Fries has to wear a suit that keeps his body temperature at the sub zero level. This suit consequently also bestows upon Fries added strength and durability.

Subzero is one of the cornerstones of the Mortal Kombat franchise. According to lore the original Subzero named Bi Han met his untimely end by another cornerstone; Scorpion. After his demised the Sub Zero we’ve seen in past titles has been his brother Kuai Liang. Both brothers are a race from Outworld known as Cryomancers and they are able to manipulate ice. Subzero is also trained in the martial arts and can fuse his ice moves with his lightning quick strikes for a deadly combination.

The Battle:

Freeze points his new weapon at the cold assassin. ” I hear that you’re some sort of ice wizard.” Freeze laughs. Sub zero moves his head from left to right and Freeze can hear the crack of the ninjas neck. Subzero’s glare becomes constant as he builds up the energy in his palms. Freeze can feel the temperature change and the see the balls of ice form in Subzero’s hands. sub-1 Freeze starts firing his twin guns at Subzero launching frozen ice chunks and a freeze beam at his opponent. Subzero counters with dodging the ice chunks and launching his own barrage of icicles at the freeze beam detouring its accuracy. “Ah, you’re a clever one aren’t you, no matter.” Freeze says as he starts firing again. This time the ice chunks hit its target. Freeze watches as the particles of a once frozen Subzero decorate the the sky and fall to the ground. “That was anti climatic.” He responds. Freeze uses his immense strength to through a boulder on what is left of Subzero.

Subzero appears behind Freeze using Tombstone Teleport sub-3, that allows him to freeze himself and fall back unto the floor, and freezes the floor below Freeze’s foot using the ground ice attack. The ice clone had distracted his opponent and now he was sliding across the floor. Subzero starts attacking furiously throwing his ice clones, ice burst and hitting Freeze with a Frost Hammer. You would think that this ninja was a part of the NHL! “What is this?” Freeze says as he can start to feel his durability fading, the hits of ice are starting to hurt. “How is this happening?” Freeze says. He manages to maneuver himself onto his belly and starts firing the freeze beam again. imageedit_1_2868695002 Subzero is able to successful dodge all of Freeze’s follow up attacks. The ninja uses Frosty to completely freeze the Dr. in a block of ice. He doesn’t say a word, only drags the ice block to his cooler display case with the rest of his conquests. FATALITY!!!!! imageedit_3_9219357445

What did you think of the battle? Who would win in your version of the TKO Battle? Would you want to be Subzero’s trophy? Let’s talk TKO?

-Luna 🙂


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Concealed In Death Book Review!

Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today I am writing my very first book review for the blog. I intend to feature a book review (as long as this one goes well lol) at least once a month. Thank you to all of the amazing book blogs that I follow for inspiring me to do this!

Title: Concealed In Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Publisher & Date: Berkley, Published February 18th, 2014.

Setting: New York City

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Series: In Death, Book 38.

Intrigued by mystery? Addicted to trying to solve a case before the ending is revealed to you? Actively invested in crime drama’s? If this is you, I highly recommend reading “Concealed In Death” by J.D. Robb.

Concealed in Death is a Crime Thriller novel from a series of currently 56 “In Death” books(newest installment released Earlier this month with “Echoes In Death”). The story is told in first person from the viewpoint of Eve Dallas, a detective in upstate New York. While I love the book and writing style, there are a few suggestive and adult situations that will come up while reading, so the book is not suitable for kids. In my opinion the book definitely manages to engulf the reader in the crime scene whether Eve is investigating a lead, speeding through traffic or ease dropping on a conversation not intended for her ears. Right away I’ve gotten a sense of the characters personality without the author blatantly telling me that someone is stern or bull headed. In my opinion this helps the reader fully immerse themselves in the story at hand. concealed
This installation stemming from the “In Death” series, follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she’s faced with an unthinkable situation. Roarke, her billionaire beau is an accomplished professional who uses his business savvy by brokering a sweet deal for an abandoned building. With renovations at the fore front, Roarke oversees as his employees begun the demolition and reconstruction process. Roarke has been eyeing this property for a while so he decides to take the first couple of swings with the sledgehammer to the wall… when BOOM! The walls reveal a secret! A Body! But wait, there’s another one…. and another… final count… 12! What sick creep would “conceal” 12 bodies in an abandoned building? Who are the “Doe’s” that were found and why are they there? That’s what Eve and Roarke intend to find out.

This novel touches on all of your typical core emotions, ranging from shock and panic to passionate exchanges between the main characters. Some of the terminology that appears throughout the text can seem pretty cheesy for my taste, mainly due to the setting taking place in the future, however, the depth of the book is enticing and will grab the reader from page 1!

I have completed this book and found it absolutely entertaining. Growing up I’ve always harbored an  affinity for solving things, whether it was puzzles, riddles or the villain on Scooby Doo. With that in mind, I tend to gravitate towards any mystery/thriller piece of work. The In Death series (currently I have read 2 of them) definitely satisfies my need for solving crimes and the books are pretty quick reads. The great thing about this series is that the books are all standalone. Yes, you have recurring characters and some references from past titles will appear, but you don’t necessarily have to read any of the predecessors to enjoy the book.

Quotes from the book:

“Yeah, probably. Homicide: Our day starts when yours ends. Permanently.” “You should sew that on a pillow.”

“The buying and selling of property- or anything else for that matter- was a business of course. But it was also a game, one he relished playing, one he relished winning. He considered the game of business nearly as satisfying and entertaining as stealing.”

” “What is it?” Nina still holding Roarke’s jacket, pushed against Pete’s other side, nosed in. “Oh Oh my God! Those are-Those are” “Bodies” Roarke finished. “What’s left of them. You’ll have to hold the crew off Pete. It appears I have to tag up my wife.” Roarke took his jacket from Nina’s limp fingers, drew his ‘link out of the pocket. “Eve” he said when her face came on the screen. “It seems I’m in need of a cop.”

You can find this book on Goodreads via the link below:

Thank you for reading my book review! Any tips or feedback is greatly appreciated! Have you read any of the “In Death” series books? What are you favorite Crime/Thriller books? Let’s talk books!

Have a great day!

-Luna 🙂

The Office: AKA-The Greatest Show Ever


If you haven’t already binge-watched ‘The Office’ on Netflix yet, then stop EVERYTHING you are doing and GET TO IT! The Office literally gives you everything you want in a show, the classic and awkward office romance, hilarious practical pranks between coworkers, and a one-of-a-kind boss who has one of the best character development in the history of television series.

Now ‘The Office’ is actually an adaptation to a UK original series called ‘The Office’ created by Ricky Gerbaid. The show is set in Scranton, PA at Dunder-Mifflin, a small paper company countlessly trying to beat out its big competitors like Staples and Office Depot. The series is filmed in a documentary style where the office staff is constantly being filmed…even without their knowing.

Throughout all nine seasons, we follow the typical office romance of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. Their love starts off as harmless flirtation between friends and gradually blossoms into marriage, kids, and a white picket fence, which we know today as COUPLE GOALS. From the start of the show, we catch Jim and Pam laughing together at the Receptionist desk (this is where we find Jim most of the show). We pretty much get to see love at first sight with these two even though Pam is technically engaged to a warehouse worker named Roy at the beginning. As the show progresses to the 3rd season, Pam eventually calls off her engagement with Roy and finally ends up marrying Jim Halpert before the season finale.office2

Not only is there office romance but some of the best office pranks I have ever seen. It even gave me a few ideas to try… The pranks always involve the likeable Jim Halpert and the eccentric Dwight Schrute, who is one of the most loyal staff members at the branch . Jim constantly raises the bar with his pranks from sticking all of Dwight’s items in Jello, tricking Dwight into believing that the CIA recruited him for a top secret mission, and my personal favorite, when Jim conditions Dwight to expect an Altoid mint every time he hears a computer chime. Each prank is more laughable then the first and makes you wonder what Jim will do next!office3

Last, but not least, we have Michael Scott, the Regional Manager of Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton. Honestly I HATED Michael at first but throughout the seasons I started to really love the development of his character. His management style may make you want to cringe from how awkwardly weird it can be like his inappropriate catchphrase “That’s what she said”. At the same time, you are amazed at the fact that his branch is always constantly number one in sales regardless of whatever crazy thing Michael puts the staff through like his home-made orientation videos, improv routines, and unprofessional office meetings. One of the best things about this show is that we see Michael eventually evolve into a decent and lovable man, which I was actually SURPRISED to see!michael-scott-the-office

To conclude, ‘The Office’ is literally the best show out there…in my personal opinion. I love the humor, the realness of the issues that the characters go through, and all of the awkward Michael Scott moments. I have yet to watch another show that compares with ‘The Office’ and I watch a lot of Netflix! I promise you will not be disappointed with the show and what it has to offer! Thanks for reading…-Megan Wilcox



Throwback Tuesday: Handheld Gaming

Happy Tuesday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! I was really excited about this week’s post for Throwback Tuesday we will be taking that nostalgic journey back to Handheld Gaming! Let’s get right to the trip down memory lane. Sidenote: I have some surprise entries for Handheld gaming that may not immediately come to mind. We will start with a well know handheld classic.

Gameboy Color: game_boy_color Gameboy Color was an awesome handheld system that released on October 21, 1998. What were you doing in 1998? Myself, I was in maybe 7th grade jamming out to Backstreet Boys and 98 degrees! some of the games we played were Rampage: World Tour, Pokemon Red and Blue, Super Mario Deluxe and Tetris!

Sega Game Gear: The Sega Game Gear was awesome and came out October 6th, 1990. this handheld was the game-gear combatant of Nintendo’s well know original Gameboy! Some of the Game Gear games were Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble, Batter Up and Double Dragon! Funny story- My brother and I were blessed to have the Game Gears presented to us as an early birthday present (we are both born in April). Our first game was the Batter Up Baseball game that we took EVERYWHERE! This is where it gets interesting. We wanted to have new rollerblades to go skating with and our grandmother gave us the ultimatum; Gamer Gear or Skates. We really took the skates lol. What kid can you tell me today would make the same choice? We had a blast with the rollerblades though going to parks, birthday parties and all.

Giga Pet/Tamagotchi : When you first giga clicked on this post, did you think that the Giga Pets would make a cameo? Many of us have forgotten that this tiny virtual, handheld was essentially a video game. The Giga Pet was released in 1997 as a competitor for the Tamagotchi. The premise was to take care of your little monsters/pets by feeding them, playing with them and even scooping up their messes (a more censored way to say it lol). I remember playing with my Giga Pet all of the time. I couldn’t get a real pet so this was the next best thing. These were the pride and joy of my middle school days. If I recall you were able to have “Play Dates” with your friend’s pets by tapping them together (or am I imaging that lol).

Tom & Jerry Handheld: This tom-and-jerry was one of my favorite handheld games back when the Tom & Jerry Movie was released in 1992. This handheld was so fun where you would jump over potholes and collect cookies. There were other handheld video games like this, but I personally had the Tom & Jerry version.

GameBoy: Last but not least gameboy-classic I couldn’t end the post without featuring the OG Gameboy Classics AKA The Brick! The classic was released on April 21st, 1989. What can I say, playing games like Dr. Mario and the original Tetris on the brick was awesome. Just think if someone wanted to mug you all you had to do was bop them over the head with that thing “FLAWLESS VICTORY!”



There are plenty other notable handhelds like the Gameboy Advance and PSP. What are some of your favorite handheld games? Do you remember the ones in my list? Let’s talk throwback handheld games!


-Luna 🙂

Hidden Treasures 5: Sleepy Hollow T.V. Series

Happy Monday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Today’s post will be the weekly Hidden Treasures post where I try and shine the spotlight on a movie, show or video game that I would regard as an “Overlooked” item. You can view all of our past Hidden Treasure entries by clicking here.  This week I want to give the space to one of my favorite current T.V. Shows; Sleepy Hollow! Sleepy Hollow is an American, historical drama series that follows characters Abby Mills and Ichabod Crane. slee

Forget what you know about Sleepy Hollow from the Headless Horseman to the Movie starring Johnny Depp, this show takes a slightly different approach to the original lore. Sleepy Hollow is a town in Massachusetts that has a small population. The new Detective in the town is Abby Mills and she is working with her partner and mentor August Corbin. One night when called to a disturbance at a nearby ranch, Abby sees something that she hasn’t experienced since her childhood, a supernatural event. images This spirals a string of events culminating with the discovery of a man named Ichabod Crane. What would you do if you woke up 150 years later? This is what Ichabod Crane has to cope with as he wakes up in the modern era. While waiting in the cell, Crane overhears Abby detailing the events that happened at the ranch. Astonished by what he is hearing, Crane lends his information over to the detectives and begins to team up with Abby to track down the culprit.

What I love about this series is that it melds together different tales and takes it stage in modern day America. Crane, who is from the 1700s wakes up in a world filled with technologies that he cannot fathom. The first season really drew me in with the banter he would have with Lieutenant Mills, an African American woman in the role of an officer.

Abbie Mills:
Mr. Crane, I’m Lieutenant Abbie Mills.

Ichabod Crane:
A female lieutenant. In whose army?

Abbie Mills:
You’re not gonna break character, huh?

Ichabod Crane:
You’ve been emancipated, I take it?

Abbie Mills:
Excuse me?

Ichabod Crane:
From enslavement.

Abbie Mills:
Okay. I’ll play along here. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester County Police Department. Do you see this gun? I’m authorized to use it. On you.

Ichabod Crane:
If you’re insinuating I endorse slavery, I’m offended.

Abbie Mills:
Wait, back up. You’re offended?

Ichabod Crane:
I’ll have you know I was a proponent of the Abolitionist Act before the New York Assembly.

Abbie Mills:
Congratulations. Slavery has been abolished 150 years. It’s a whole new day in America.

I also love watching the growing relationships between the characters in the show. Due to the experiences each person shares, their bonds deepen and make for really good TV outside of the main story-line. I really believe that if more people gave the series a chance, they would like it. It’s witty, filled with drama, and contains pretty good action scenes. My top reasons to “Play” this series is listed below.


  • Provides a different historical retelling of some of our nation’s events.
  • Drama, Mystery, Action and Comedy are represented well throughout the series.
  • Currently on it’s 4th season so you will have plenty of episodes to keep you entertained.

Check out the Trailer here: Click Here For Sleepy Hollow Trailer.

All in all you can find the complete season on Hulu if you decide to give it a go. Have you watched Sleepy Hollow? Which shows do you watch that you think are being Overlooked? Let’s talk Hidden Treasures! Have a great week everyone!

-Luna 🙂

Weekly Blog Update!

Happy Sunday Gamers, Geeks and Friends! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s update on the upcoming posts! I have decided to add in a nice book review as I have been inspired to read more from blogging and from excellent book blogs such as Drew @ TheTattooed Book Geek, The Brunette Bookworm Blog, Reads & Reels and  IgnitedMoth! <— Check out these awesome book blogs BTW!

Monday 2/20/17

  • Hidden Treasures 5: Sleepy Hollow T.V. Series sleepy-hollow-kids-fox

Tuesday 2/21/17

  • Throwback Tuesday: Handheld Video Game Systems & Tech

Wednesday 2/22/17

  • Concealed in Death Book Review!

Thursday 2/23/17

  • Ultimate TKO Thursday: Final Freeze (Mr Freeze vs Subzero)

Friday 2/24/17

  • Netflix Series of the Week; Magi The Adventure of Sinbad (Anime)
  • Funko Pop Video Games!

Side note: Thank you to everyone who reads our blog posts! Definitely appreciate the support and chatter had between fellow bloggers. Have a fantastic week!

-Luna 🙂